Sunday 26 March 2023

Monster March - Part 4



Welcome to the part 4 of the Monster March 7 painting challenge! We have only one week left and this is the moment where many participants enter the final stages of their projects. More and more of them reach the finish line already. Some even continue with additional projects, taking a full advantage of the momentum they have built until now. 

Some others can already see the end of the project, with a lot of time and effort put into them. The progress made is awesome and it helps to keep up the pace. 

However, regardless of where you are in your respective project, keep up fantastic work! What is more, you can still join the challenge, if only to begin something you haven't started yet or pick up the old project that needs some finishing touches!

Let's see what are the specific updates for each participant in the last week.


Albert has already completed the regiment of knights he pledged for the challenge. However, he decided to keep on going with stretch goals. I am very glad he did as it gives us all an opportunity to admire more of his wonderfully painted miniatures!

Completed regiment of Knights!

A scholar and a healer to accompany the army.

Horse Archers to support the Knights.

I hope that by the end of the month Albert would also share some army photos too! The examples of the regiments he has painted so far clearly show that the full force will be a splendid sight on the battle field!


It was another very productive week for Azazel, both in terms of painting the models and writing excellent blog posts for each one of them!

Bigfoot & Batabomination


Dinin Do’Urden, Drow Drider

All excellent choices for the Monster March theme! Many more photos and fantastic blog posts on them can be found by following these links:

Zombicide 2nd Edition Abominations: Bigfoot & Batabomination

Zombicide Black Plague: Abominarat

D&D Monster Manual 76: The Legend of Drizzt – Dinin Do’Urden, Drow Drider

Keep up the great work, Azazel!



Ben has four large models to paint, so he decided to focus on two at the time. The Hippos are almost ready. The other two has just been started but I am sure Ben will make the most out of the final week. 

They look awesome and I am sure that once completed, this version of Stampede will be one of the focal points of the entire army!



 Billy did a fantastic job with his great looking Mammoth. His last week was a great progress. So great, in fact, the he has completed his project already!


I love this model! If I were the pick the favourite element, I would say the angry eyes are just awesome!



Chris is doing a few projects in parallel. This includes Kings of War Slow Grow challenge and some Mantic Armada ships. It is thus absolutely fantastic that he finds time on the Shadowhulk to participate in Monster March too!

Parts ready to assemble.

Head to torso connection.

Almost ready for painting!

This is great, Chris! I am sure many are already inspired by the fantastic conversion you have created. Well done!



DAM has been working on some other elements of the model, mainly its scenic base. It requires a lot of time and effort so well done for accomplishing this stage!


As always, many more photos are available on excellent blog post:

262nd Death Korps of Krieg - #MonsterMarch7 - Week 3

With Horus Heresy era Lion El'Johnson almost finished, I wonder if DAM is planning to paint his 40k version that has just been announced shortly after this one. Or if he is going to keep the model for Monster March 8 next year? :)

David M (aka Skeleris)

David has been working on a few models in parallel, as is his usual style. This is the progress he has made so far.



 Well done Dave! Keep up the great work!


Ed has pledged to paint a model of Greater Earth Elemental to act as a Living Legend hero for his army. Lat week Ed made a great progress and finished his project too! Here are the photos that perfectly illustrate the steps from start to finish.


Well done Ed! I am sure he will be smashing enemies left and right in no time!


Eddie is attending some tournaments at the moment, so it makes perfect sens to display his entire Ratkin army now!


That's a really cool looking army Eddie! Well done!


Kristoffer has been methodically working on his Shrine. This model requires special attention to details and Kristoffer does a great job here. Check out his own description of the progress illustrated by the photos below.

After the base coat I felt that the next step should be the strange pools of liquid on the model. I suppose they could be lava as in the box art, but as the whole thing is magically floating and what not I suppose it could be anything, so I decided to make them blue and glowing. I did this mainly with a turquoise oil paint complemented by a stronger phtalo turquoise and soft mixing white, and also by just rubbing of the paint to get back the white behind. I then dry-brushed with the same paint to make a dim OSL around the letters and pools. Working with oils like this is a back-and-forth process where they really shine as a tool.

The result isn’t perfect by any means but pretty cool in my opinion, and I’m really happy with it.

After this I paused the Shrine for a few days to let it dry. In the last picture I’ve started to do the effect on the altar/anvil. This time with acrylics. It looks just painted on at this stage (which it is, of course…) but I hope that some OSL around will make it work, but before I do that, I need the highlights to be done on the other parts, so that’s the next step. On the picture I’ve done edge-highlighting on the brown/red parts and I’m going to highlight and shade the grey parts next. 
Blue glow - front

Blue glow - side


Blue pools from above.

Current status

I was very intrigued by the use of oil paints along acrylic ones. I have never done that myself so many thanks to Kristoffer for sharing his experiences in that matter as well.


Luca's 3d printed model is becoming more and more colourful! I love the smooth transitions and the choice of palette! 

Keep up the great work, Luca!


Mikes is almost finished with the gorgeous model of a dragon. It looks fantastic already and I must say I am not sure if it really needs any final touches :)


Thanks a lot for all the updates until now, Mikes. All the best in your real life challenge and I hope you will quickly recover to join us on KoW Forum again!



 Paul's Mutant Rat Fiend looks more and more scary and intimidating! It is clear that Paul did amazing job in achieving this effect already!


Well done indeed, Paul! 


Sachiel's dragon is also almost finished and looks absolutely fantastic already!

As with every week update, the progress is documented with an amazing blog post that has a great story and many more photos of the model. Check it out!

The Die is Cast: Monster March 7 - part 4; Detailing

Well done Sachiel! I cannot wait for the update in the final week of the challenge!  


Snapfit has just completed his project as well. A proper monster in the form of Mega-Rhinox. Just look at the size of it, especially when you consider how big the "passengers" are!

Many more photos and details on the project are on Snapfit's personal blog. Please, make sure to pay him a visit!

Mega-Rhinox #MonsterMarch7

Well done, Snapfit! Another great idea and a completed project!


Vince has made an excellent progress on his custom made Goblin Blaster as well!

Looks really good indeed! Well done, Vince! As always, there is a blog post Vince adds to record the progress and share more details regarding the project. Here is the link:

MonsterMarch, week 2&3

Many thanks for all the photos and updates! As always, excellent progress and very inspiring updates. I cannot wait to see what are going to be the final ones. 

See you next weekend!