Monday 29 August 2016

Hobby Update - 2016/08/29


As I expected, getting regular updates on the hobby front is not that easy. :) Time tends to fly quickly and not every evening can be dedicated to the hobby. It does sound like a lame excuse but fortunately I did something last week, so it is not too bad! 

I do wonder, however, how other people organize their time. Do you have a strict plan? Do you focus on one thing at a time? For me, between writing battle reports and reading them I found the amount of time left is running out fast. Hence, I tend to do the hobby (if at all) when I am not writing. If you have any suggestions how to be able to do everything at the same time I am all ears! :)

Sunday 21 August 2016

Hobby Update - 2016/08/21


Wargaming for me is not only about battles and following battle reports. It is also about painting miniatures and modelling too. Unfortunately, I have not given that part of the hobby enough attention on this blog (and in general). 

I tried to change that a few times but it seems like a not steady or constant focus but the period of times when I get something done followed by long periods of doing nothing. However, one of the things blogs are for is keeping that motivation at a level that allows you to get things done. I was in particular impressed by this series of articles:

It would be absolutely fantastic to do something similar. An update once a week covering what I have done during the last seven days hobby-wise. I hope I will be able to follow the example and do something each week. I just needed a slightly different name and came up with the simple Hobby Update to take into account things that may not necessarily fall into the category of painting or modelling but would definitely aid me in my hobby. I hope you will enjoy these articles too!

Sunday 14 August 2016

KoW Game 24 - Kingdoms of Men - 2016/08/14


I had another opportunity to play against my friend, Michael, who used his Basileans last time. We played over Universal Battle again, although knowing what Michael is assembling and planning to get for his KoM army, I can't wait and see it in real life!

I noticed that armies of Men in various systems often are portrayed as average. On the surface they don't seem to have any particular strength or eye catching center piece. Somehow, however, I always found them a very difficult enemy to defeat. It may be due to their numbers or maybe simply to the fact that in order to make the best out of these forces one has to play very well! 

At the same time I was always jealous about the fact that they have such a huge range of choices available, also in terms of models. That's why I was curious what Michael was going to choose for his army and here are the details of his list:

Kingdoms of Men - Army List

20 Foot Guard, Regiment - 135
- 5 Mounted Scouts, Troop - 100
- 5 Mounted Scouts, Troop - 100
- General on Winged Beast, Hero - 190
20 Foot Guard, Regiment - 135
- Wizard, Bane Chant (2), Lighting Bolt (3), Scarletmaw’s Fenulian Amulet - 90
40 Berserkers, Horde, Chant of Hate - 255
- Wizard, Bane Chant (2), Lighting Bolt (3) - 65

40 Arquebusiers, Horde, Brew of Keen-eyeness - 270
- Beast of War, Light Balista - 220

10 Knights, Regiment, Maccwar’s Potion of the Caterpillar - 215
10 Knights, Regiment, Brew of Strength - 225

Wednesday 3 August 2016

KoW Game 23 - The Brotherhood - 2016/08/03


My very good friend Michael is currently building his unique force of the Brotherhood. He has quite a few units already and he is proceeding with the painting. However, he was obviously curious about the army in terms of battle field prowess. From my part I wanted to test some minor changes to my own army list and since we haven't played against each other for some time it was a great opportunity to do so! 

This time we played on Universal Battle again but I hope there will be an opportunity to meet this  army in reality as it is always a great pleasure to play against great looking forces. 

The Brotherhood - Army List

10 Order of the Brotherhood, Regiment, Brew of Strength - 235
- 5 Villein Reconnoiterers, Troop - 100
- 5 Villein Reconnoiterers, Troop - 100
- Villein Siege Artillery, War Engine - 80

10 Order of the Brotherhood, Regiment, Crepognon’s Scrying Gem of Zellak - 235
- 5 Villein Reconnoiterers, Troop - 100
- Forsaken Beast, Monster - 125
10 Order of Redemption*, Regiment, Maccwar’s Potion of the Caterpillar - 280

 6 Order of Forsaken, Horde, Blessing of the Gods - 290
- Forsaken Beast, Monster - 125
- Devoted on Horse, Hero, Heal (4), Lightning Bolt (3) - 115
- Exemplar Forsaken, Hero, Brew of Haste - 215