Monday 29 August 2016

Hobby Update - 2016/08/29


As I expected, getting regular updates on the hobby front is not that easy. :) Time tends to fly quickly and not every evening can be dedicated to the hobby. It does sound like a lame excuse but fortunately I did something last week, so it is not too bad! 

I do wonder, however, how other people organize their time. Do you have a strict plan? Do you focus on one thing at a time? For me, between writing battle reports and reading them I found the amount of time left is running out fast. Hence, I tend to do the hobby (if at all) when I am not writing. If you have any suggestions how to be able to do everything at the same time I am all ears! :)

1. Drakons

I continued with the drakons of course. But this time I wanted to catch up with some progress on the riders. I had them assembled but since I combined Cold One Knights legs with Dragon Princes torsos, some green stuff action was required.

I basically wanted to cover mesh armor with scales so that the same type of armor is on every miniature. I have not taken the pictures of that element yet because it still requires some polishing. I just hope after painting it will look acceptable. :)

I also had a look how drakons fit onto their bases. I have seen that problem on the pictures of other players, they either position only two models on the outer edges or do it vertically, by mounting the fliers on rods. I haven't made my decision yet. Two drakons for a regiment look good but I wanted to have them all there. I am just concerned that if I place them on some kind of rods they will be significantly higher than the rest of the models. But who knows, it may actually create a very nice visual effect! In addition, such arrangements may help in games where units need to be positioned base to base.

2. Bases

I also continued with my experiments for bases. As described earlier, I used super sculpey first to create ancient Greek mosaic and then broke it into pieces. Next, I created frozen layer on all bases and pressed broken but already cured pieces into place. Two layers are still visibly separated but I think the effect is better. 

I also added some sand here and there and a few spots are covered with static grass. In terms of painting I used lighter colors to finish each layer so that the contrast is better. I like the effect in general, I think it will look nice with all the units and I am finally getting to the point where bases will unify the look of the army further. 

Quick snapshot of the finished bases for Drakon Riders regiment.

I corrected the bases for Silver Breeze unit so that they look similar too. I really like these rolling pins and I have noticed that the provider keeps adding more and more patterns! 

Hopefully I will have a new unit to add too!

A small step in terms of progress but I am glad I made it as it keeps things going forward. One small step at a time :)



  1. Looking good Swordmaster, keep it up!

    Time organisation is very tricky at time. I currently have 8 battle reports currently awaiting write up, I really need to get started on them.

    1. Cheers! I am glad you like it!

      Time management is always tricky! :) But I will keep trying to find a way that is more efficient. Simply to be able to finish these projects I keep postponing forever!

      Ha! 8 battle reports! That would be 2 months of work for me at least. The good thing is that you know you have a lot of material for your blog updates. :)

  2. Those bases look fantastic on them, I like the blue.

    1. Hi Joe! Thanks a lot! The progress is slow but I think I finally achieved the look I wanted. Now to finish painting the unit and then move onto another one so that I can crate more bases :)