Sunday 19 April 2020

Game 141 - Trident Realm - 2020/04/19


In the second game I have played after a break I had another great opportunity to learn from the Master himself! Jeff is always happy to play even though his gaming schedule seems to be super busy! 

By the way, if you have not listened to one of the most recent Counter Charge podcasts, here is the link to the episode where you can listen to the Master himself. I highly recommend it!

As you have probably noticed from my previous battle reports, Jeff is constantly experimenting with new versions of his army lists, even if he is playing with the force from a single faction for a period of time. 

Thus you can always count on some variations, even if Jeff has some principles he usually follow in the way he designs his armies (go and check the podcast to learn more about it!). This time, Jeff returned to Trident Realm of Neretica and here are some details of the list he took (we played at 2000 points per side):

Trident Realm - Army List

Naiad Wyrmrider Horde (WR1), Large Cavalry - 220
Naiad Wyrmrider Horde (WR2), Large Cavalry - 220
Depth Horror Horde (DH1), Large Infantry - 185
Depth Horror Horde (DH2), Large Infantry - 185
Depth Horror Horde (DH3), Large Infantry - 185

Knucker (K1), Monster - 150
Knucker (K1), Monster - 150

Naiad Wyrmrider Centurion (WRC), Hero (Large Cavalry) - 160
Naiad Wyrmrider Centurion (WRC), Hero (Large Cavalry) - 160
Depth Horror Eternal (DHE), Hero (Large Infantry) - 115
Depth Horror Eternal (DHE), Hero (Large Infantry) - 115
Depth Horror Eternal (DHE), Hero (Large Infantry) - 115

Monday 13 April 2020

Game 140 - Night Stalkers - 2020/04/13


It has been a while since I played a game of Kings of War and wrote a battle report. In fact, the last game I played was in January!

Such things are never planned to happen and yet ... 

Fortunately, I managed to get two games recently and I hope I will be able to get back to regular plays and battle reports. 

I was really nicely surprised that Mr Erasmus Burger (on FB or DarkBlack on Kings of War Forum) reached out to me and offered a game of Kings of War! Erasmus has recently completed his first game in the frame of Call to Arms tournament and I highly recommend his battle report that you can find here:

Thanks to Universal Battle 2 we could play our game across time and space! Erasmus brought his trusty Night Stalkers army called "Tentacle Street Sneakery Club"! 

Although I have been using Good Army Lists to build my armies for some time, Erasmus reminded me that I may also want to register for new Mantic Easy Army by sending me his beautifully formatted army list. Here is 2000 point version of his force:

Night Stalkers - Army List

Scarecrow Horde (S2), Infantry - 130
Doppelganger Regiment (D) - 145
Butcher Horde (B1), Large Infantry - 205
Butcher Horde (B2), Large Infantry - 205
Scarecrow Regiment (S3), Infantry - 80

Shadowhound Regiment* (S1), Infantry - 190
Soulflayer Regiment* (S4), Large Cavalry - 165

Terror (T), Titan - 250
Shadow-hulk (Sh), Titan - 225

Void Lurker (VL), Hero (Titan) - 270
Dread-fiend (DF), Hero (Large Cavalry) - 135

Wednesday 1 April 2020

Monster March 4 - Final


We have finally arrived to the end of March and because of that, Monster March 4 challenge is officially over! 

I am really happy I could host it 4th year in a row and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the participants for joining the painting challenge this year!

There were some amazing ideas, projects and models that you pledged this year. I am always amazed by the creativity people show, both in their ideas for models, and execution of their chosen projects. It is a privilege to host a painting challenge like this!

I am also very glad that people kept coming during the entire month! That was the idea from the beginning, whenever you start is less important than the fact that you do! 

In the final post about this year painting challenge I am going to list all the participants. Please, do not worry if you have not finished your project during this month. There is a lot going on in real life and the painting challenge aims to help you dealing with other issues by providing enjoyable distraction. I just hope all is good on your side!

First, the links to each post and update for the Monster March 4:

And now, all the participants of this year challenge!