Monday 29 December 2014

Game 64 - Monsters of Chaos - 2013/04/10

Outcasts vs. Monsters of Chaos

With the recent release of Warrior of Chaos army book a lot of players were eager to test their new ideas and check new options available for them. Wardancer aka Eastern Barbarian also wanted to do so and I was more than happy to line up a thin blue line of High Elven warriors to test his new army.

Always unorthodox with his approach and great Swedish Comp fan, he came up with an idea of a Monster of Chaos army. I don't remember all the details (hopefully Wardancer will help me out later on) but that was his 2500 list:

Monsters of Chaos - Army List

Daemon Prince, Level 4, Chaos Armor, Enchanted Shield, Soul Feeder, Chaos Familiar (?) - Lore of Nurgle
BSB on Juggernout

3 x Hounds of Chaos
2 x 6 Trolls
3 Trolls
2 x 3 Dragon Ogres
Chaos Giant

Sunday 28 December 2014

Dark Riders can do it better - Fast Cavalry Tactics

Fast Cavalry Tactics

Some time ago I read an excellent article on about Dark Riders written by KillerK. Fast cavalry is one of my favorite units so I really liked the subject. I decided to link it in my blog so that I will always have access to it! But in the meantime I contacted the author, KillerK, and asked him if he allowed me to re-edit his article as a separate entry on the blog. I was very happy to find out he agreed and I finally had time to do so. It is a great piece of advice for any fast cavalry users, so don't worry if you are not playing Dark Elves. Enjoy!

Sunday 21 December 2014

Game 63 - Beastmen - 2013/04/02

Game 3 - Beastmen of Chaos

In the last game of the tournament I faced Jonathan and his Beastie Boyz. I have always a great respect for BoC players. They have a very interesting army to play with but the one that is not that easy to lead. It has a unique character but due to some stupidity during design process their most characterful beasts are way too expensive.

But Swedish Comp has sometimes this effect on players that they are encouraged to bring some unusual units to the table. When I spotted two huge miniatures among others in Jonathan's army I thought it might indeed be the case. Below is the Beastmen army list as I remember it:

Beastmen - Army List

Shaman Lord, level 3, General, Herdstone - Lore of the Beasts
Shaman Lord, level 3, Hagtree Fetish - Lore of the Wild
BSB, Beasts Banner
Shaman, level 1 - Lore of the Beasts
Shaman, level 1 - Lore of the Beasts

40 Gors, Full Command
24 Bestigors, Full Command
25 Ungors, Full Command
5 Ungor Riders
5 Ungor Riders
Tuskgor Chariot
Razorgor Chariot
5 Harpies
5 Harpies
Chaos Spawn

Sunday 14 December 2014

Game 62 - Empire - 2013/03/28

Game 2 - Empire

In a second game of a tournament I faced the army that remains my nemesis. Empire. When I saw a big unit of knights, demigryphs and 2 hellblasters I knew I up to another tough challenge. However, I firmly believed that I learned a thing or two from my defeats and that I might actually put up some good fight.

Josh, my opponent, brought the following list (as always, please, forgive me the lack of details about magic items)

Empire - Army List

Archlector on Altar
level 2, Lore of Light

2 x 10 Crossbowmen
2 x 25 Infantry
(I think halberdiers but possibly swordsmen too)
10 Knights, Great Weapons
4 Demigryphs
5 Outriders
2 x Cannon
2 x Hellblaster

Tuesday 9 December 2014

Game 61 - High Elves - 2013/03/25


On 9th February I had a great pleasure to attend a one-day tournament organized by Queensland Northern Knights. I have never had a chance to attend a tournament outside of Canberra so I decided it is time to do so. :)

Queensland Northern Knights Joust 9.0

One of the things I noticed about warhammer community in Australia is that people here like to organize tournaments in many different ways. Hence you are spoiled for choice due to the variety. There are short and there are long events, you can field armies from 1500 up to 3000 points. Sometimes there is comp, sometimes not etc. Sometimes there are scenarios, sometimes people play battle line. If you ask me it is the way to go as it explores different dimensions of the game rather than forcing players to play the same thing over and over again.

The Knights decided to test Swedish Comp for their local tournament. Each player had to calculate it and send it to TO's with their army list. The only condition was that the army cannot go below 9.0 points (hence 9.0 in the title!).

I must admit I am a little skeptical about this system, although I like the fact it does not ban anything. I do believe, however, that in order to form an opinion and see if something works for me or not I need to try it out instead of neglecting it straight away. Besides, I was curious what kind of armies people will come up with.

The Knights also decided that comp score is not going to be taken into account for the overall score. The only time it was used was to draw opponents for the first game. We were basically paired with the player with as close comp score to our own as possible.

Before the tournament the organizers did their best to secure as much themed terrain as possible. With great help from other players the tables were prepared perfectly and I can tell you right now they were the best tables I played on during any event I attended. Ever! :) 

The tables were set and I could admire great job done. I also met Ele and we immediately started to set up our armies on the elven table. I guess TO's had no choice but to let us play there! As it turned out we had two the most fluffy armies of the tournament and indeed we were drawn as opponents in the first turn

Game 1 - High Elves

There were many reasons why this game was great before it even started. First, I had a chance to play against Ele in real life. I have a feeling he didn't believe me long time ago when I said it might happen. :) Second, having painted armies set up on this fantastic table was a reward in itself. No matter the result. That is what really counts! Last but not least, a chance to have a re-match against cool opponent is always great!

I asked Ele a few days ago if he could write a little story as a prologue for the report from our game. He kindly agreed to do so but also made a condition that I should try and write something too. Well, let's see how it goes, Ele's story first :)

Elessehta and his party left the camp at a brisk trot. While in Elthin Arvan, he thought he’d take the opportunity to try some hunting. Hunting in Yvresse is fraught with danger, getting lost in the mist is the least of the dangers, within the mists prowl fearsome beasts which often come down from the Annuli Mountains. Hunting within the woods of Bretonnia sounded much simpler, even fun.
It was a lovely day, the sun was high and shone through the leaves as they entered a clearing with a strangely elfin tower. Asur like monuments could be seen scattered around the clearing. Ele didn’t remember reading about Asur settlements in this area in his history studies, perhaps it was a mage’s tower or something. It seemed abandoned, but Ele instructed the troops who had accompanied him to spread out and look around, while he and his companions moved towards the tower. Vanyion expressed a great deal of interest in the tower, if it was indeed a mage’s tower, there could be ancient artefacts left behind!
The hunting party moved into the clearing, the other troops, glad to be out of a human city for even a short time followed at their own pace. It was the shore riders, who had ranged ahead like normal, who first spotted movement in the trees on the other side. Not knowing what to expect in a human forest, Ele indicated to Ohta’relen to blow the horn warning the troops of danger. Decades of experience allowed the units to form in minutes, the Knights of the Storm God crowded around Ele and his noble friends, expecting danger.

Bob was lying on the grass in the shade of huge banner he planted nearby. One of the few advantages of being a battle standard bearer was that you didn't have to worry about lack of shade. And shade he needed as this island-continent they arrived to some time ago was very sunny. Bob also wanted to use a little moment of peace when Archie was busy with something else and didn't bother him at all. Elven mage was extremely enthusiastic about his new skills. Well, maybe not that new but he kind of re-discovered them. And Archie was happy as thanks to them he attracted attention of all the elves whose attention he required.

Little golden trinkets always caught the eye of elven maidens. Glittering robes were for elven ladies. Elven lords, thinking themselves art experts, ordered statues of weird creatures, all in gold. Like the last one who was delighted to have Strigoi Ghoul King who looked as if he was still alive, in his collection. If the fool only knew the truth. Elven nobility expressed their gratitude. Each in their own way. Archie just loved that. At least the hounds, who seem to run around the campus were not as messy as normal dogs. And when you stepped in the poo you didn't have to change your shoes.

But the moment of peace, as always, was about to come to an end. Bob spotted a scout approaching him with the most recent report. Apparently elven ruins they have just discovered attracted the attention of another elven war host. And for the greater good of Ulthuan they could not be allowed to find out what exactly caused this ancient city to fall.

Yvresii. Well, Bob had nothing against them, he even like them for their naive sense of honor and respect for their own traditions. He would have preferred, however, to slap one of those proud lords who claimed they knew everything about warfare just because they had a few skirmishes in the vicinity of their small kingdoms. Ah well, maybe next time. Hopefully, the Yvresii can be persuaded to abandon the area without bloodshed. Otherwise it is not going to be another war game.

Yvresii High Elves - Army List

Ele likes to run cavalry bus and a huge sea guard unit and this time it was not different. However, his army was not the same as I faced some time ago. Here are the details:

Elessehta Silverbough, on a Barded Elven Steed, Dragon Armour, Shield, Star Lance, Vambraces of Defense.
Vanyion of Tor Illyria, on an Elven Steed, level 3, Fencer's Blades, Silver Wand, Obsidian Amulet. - Lore of the Beasts
Evelo Ohta'relen, on a Barded Elven Steed, Great Weapon, Dragon Armour, Shield, Battle Standard, Helm of Fortune, Guardian Phoenix.
Gariath Stormrider, on a Barded Elven Steed, Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Shield, Dragonhelm, Dawnstone, Gem of Courage.

35x Sea Guard, Full Command, Shields, Gleaming Pennant.
10x Archers, Musician.

5x Shore Riders, Spears.
5x Shore Riders, Spears.
5x Silver Helms, Musician, Shields.
5x Dragon Princes, Musician.
8x Dragon Princes, Musician, Standard, Banner of Ellyrion.

1x Eagle Claw.

Thursday 4 December 2014

End Times Khaine - Review - Introduction


This year Christmas came early for me. A very good friend of mine, a painting buddy and a fellow blogger, Lead Farmer, decided to be a Santa Claus this year. I don't know how but I guess he must have used his secret contacts to secure a copy of End Times: Khaine for me, part 3 of the ongoing campaign in the warhammer world. It is an amazing thing in itself as online copies in many countries were sold in something like 15 minutes and some of the providers didn't even get access to the books either. 

Lead Farmer, however, succeeded and you should have seen my face when he showed up in his personal version of reindeer sledge in front of my home and with customary "Ho! Ho! Ho!" presented a fresh, hardback copy of ET: Khaine! It is sufficient to say I was smiling as any kid would when given the gift they dreamed of :)

Many thanks, my friend, that was a fantastic thing to do and I greatly appreciate it! And here is a poor quality photo as an evidence :)

End Times: Khaine - The cover

I must admit I was both excited and concerned about what I am going to find out in the book. Excited, because let's face it, it is always great when a story line moves on and new things are added. It is always great to see the game itself is not stagnant. But I was concerned because I didn't wait for the books to come and started reading all these rumors on various forums. And the magnitude of change as well as the direction they seem to take were not exactly what I expected. There is nothing wrong in being surprised and that is part of making people excited but I wonder where these changes are going to lead us and what kind of game Warhammer is going to change into in the following months. I will come back to that topic later!

ET: Khaine follows the same pattern as previous parts in ET series, meaning it contains two books, one entirely dedicated to background and the other about the rules.

Book I - Background, Book II - The Rules

I have finished reading Book I so far and I intend to continue the review with this one. However, there is a lot to cover so I will do so in separate parts soon. I will follow with the review of the new rules as well.

What I find strange with the release of this part of End Times is that there are absolutely no new models with it and we got only one week release. Part one and two have some amazing new models and their releases were spread over three weeks. I am not sure what that means but I find it surprising for the company that claims their main goal is to create, produce and sell models. 

See you soon! :)