Sunday 28 July 2019

Mortem et Gloriam - Game 37 - 2019/07/28


Once again, there was an unplanned break in battle reporting for which I sincerely apologise. I hope I will be able to make up for it because I played six more games after this one, four of which were at the local tournament, WinterCon 2019.

It is good I took a lot of photos from this battle, as we played a rematch with Paul who brought slightly altered army of his Bosporan Kingdom with trusted (hopefully!) Sarmatian allies. I managed to recreated the turns but there may be a few inaccuracies here and there, for which I apologise in advance. I do hope, however, that this report will be equally entertaining as the game was definitely very interesting for both of us. 

One of the reasons is that both our armies seem to represent different approach to warfare. Paul's force was mostly mounted, with some infantry to add to the flexibility. It had a significant numerical superiority as well. But it was also led by instinctive commanders and the troops were mostly formed. It could potentially provide some challenges in getting the units where they are the most needed at the right time. 

On the other hand, at least from my point of view, my smaller force should be easier to manoeuvre at the cost of smaller frontage and constant danger of being outflanked. 

Here are the details of the army Paul used as well as I could recall after some time we played. There may have been differences in the skills of each TuG, for instance, I initially thought that Paul had Greek Mercenaries but that would not fit into the army. Unless he downgraded some superior cavalry to average. However, from the point of view of the type the army list is accurate nonetheless.

Bosporan Kingdom - Army List