Friday 24 February 2023

Monster march 7 - Introduction



It is my pleasure to invite you to the seventh season of the Monster March painting challenge! As in all previous years, the goal is to pick a modelling and painting project to be completed over the course of a month of March. While the main theme is to focus on anything that is BIG, it is really about using the opportunity to model and paint whatever you may wish to do at this time. Previous years proved that it can be very motivating to participate in such challenge, as mutual support of other hobbyists kept everyone going. I highly recommend you check the outcomes of the projects submitted in the previous years. Here are the links:

Monster March 1 - 2017

Monster March 2 - 2018

Monster March 3 - 2019

Monster March 4 - 2020

Monster March 5 - 2021

Monster March 6 - 2022

If you would like to join (and I hope you do!), then please, continue reading to learn about the details.