Sunday 28 February 2021

Monster March 5 - Part 1



It is time! Monster March painting challenge of the year 2021 is officially on! I am really happy to do it again, 5th year in a row! It has been a great source of inspiration and motivation for me, I discovered fantastic blogs of great painters in the process and met (even if only virtually) some fantastic hobbyists from many places in the world!

I hope this year it will be as inspiring and as motivating to you, both, as a participant and as a spectator as it has always been to me.

Please remember, there is always a great time to join! And while the theme suggests to bring some big model you have always wanted to paint, it is really about painting any model you want!

As always, the first post is about the participants and their chosen models so let's have a look who decided to join the challenge and what model did they choose this year!

Tuesday 23 February 2021

Monster March 5 - Introduction



It is my great pleasure to announce that I am going to run Monster March challenge once again! This time, it is 5-year anniversary and I hope you will enjoy the challenge, regardless if you are a new participant or the returning one!

If this is the first time you would consider taking part in the challenge (and I certainly hope you are interested!) or just for the reminder, a short description what is Monster March all about.

It is simply a painting challenge run for everyone willing to participate over the period of a month. It started 5 years ago and with the theme to assemble/model and paint something big. It does not really matter what is the model for, if it is for a fantasy, sci-fi or any other system. The challenge is here to help you with progress on that big project you may have always wanted to do but often found it a bit daunting and overwhelming. 

In the past years the participants chose an amazing selection of models from a very wide cross-section of systems and manufacturers, with a great choice of painting styles etc. Here are the links to the challenges from the previous years if you would like to have a look what the participants submitted (and for some, to refresh the memories too!):

Monster March 1 - 2017

Monster March 2 - 2018

Monster March 3 - 2019

Monster March 4 - 2020

I hope you are interested in participating! Read on to learn how to join!

Sunday 14 February 2021

Stormwind Cavalry


I have recently finished modelling and painting a regiment of Stormwind cavalry for my Kings of War army. It took me several months, even though half of the models required re-painting rather than building from scratch. It was this type of a project where you progress in stages, working on it for some time, moving to other activities and then coming back to it again. 

It was quite an interesting experience for me, however, and I learned a few things on the way. Hence, I wanted to share a few more details about various challenges I encountered while creating and painting this regiment. I hope it can be useful for others. 

It feels really great to complete the project like that. Satisfaction it brought also fuelled my motivation further. So, instead of needing a break, I actually started another regiment! It may take some time as well but I know it is worthy the effort!