Tuesday 23 February 2021

Monster March 5 - Introduction



It is my great pleasure to announce that I am going to run Monster March challenge once again! This time, it is 5-year anniversary and I hope you will enjoy the challenge, regardless if you are a new participant or the returning one!

If this is the first time you would consider taking part in the challenge (and I certainly hope you are interested!) or just for the reminder, a short description what is Monster March all about.

It is simply a painting challenge run for everyone willing to participate over the period of a month. It started 5 years ago and with the theme to assemble/model and paint something big. It does not really matter what is the model for, if it is for a fantasy, sci-fi or any other system. The challenge is here to help you with progress on that big project you may have always wanted to do but often found it a bit daunting and overwhelming. 

In the past years the participants chose an amazing selection of models from a very wide cross-section of systems and manufacturers, with a great choice of painting styles etc. Here are the links to the challenges from the previous years if you would like to have a look what the participants submitted (and for some, to refresh the memories too!):

Monster March 1 - 2017

Monster March 2 - 2018

Monster March 3 - 2019

Monster March 4 - 2020

I hope you are interested in participating! Read on to learn how to join!

How can I join?

There are a few ways you can join. Please choose the one that you like the most!

- Email - you can contact me at swordmasterofhoeth@gmail.com

- KoW Forum - I created a special topic at the forum too: Monster March 5 at KoW Forum

- Twitter - I can be reached at Twitter at @SwordOfHoeth

- Facebook - and you can also find me on FB at "Pawel Mieczowski - Swordmaster"

I will be checking each of them regularly for the photo updates of your projects!

What miniature/model can I paint?

As mentioned before, the challenge started years ago as a motivation to paint a fantasy monster. However, all are welcome! In fact, if you are free to choose anything you like to paint and use the challenge as a motivation to continue. 

I always find it very inspiring to see how creative the participants are and in the past I even tried myself to paint something bigger than usual :)

What is more, it does not have to be a new model or project. Very often the participants picked something they have started some time ago and decided to come back to. In short, the choice is yours!

Weekly Challenge

To help to keep the motivation high and to share the progress with others, I will be providing updates every week on this blog. My plan is to collect the photos during the week and then post the update on Sunday. 

Please note that you may join at any time so if you missed the beginning of the challenge, there is no deadline! Feel free to join whenever you want!

If you happen to start a new model or project, you may want to follow the plan outlined below. However, it is really up to you how you organize your painting schedule. I am mentioning it simply because it helped me to be the most efficient and it seems that it also worked for some other participants too!

1. Start and the presentation of the participants and their projects - I am going to collect some information on the participants and their projects until Sunday, 28th February. If you have your own blog or website where you are going to write about your project, please let me know and I am going to include the link in the updates!

2. Assembling and preparing the model - the first week of the challenge is often dedicated to assembling and preparing your model for painting. I will post updates on this stage on 7th March.

3. Painting stage 1 - It was often the first time when the participants started painting! I will write about the progress on that part on 14th March.

4. Painting stage 2 - in the past, the participants were going now into more details with their models. This part is going to be updated on 21st March.

5. Painting stage 3 - this was often quite exciting part of the challenge as some participants were able to get near the completion of their projects. This stage is going to be updated on 28th March.

6. Final update - I will be collecting photos of your final updates until 4th April when I am going to post the summary of the challenge!

As you can see it is really simple! I hope you will join this challenge and I cannot wait what fantastic entries the participants are going to have this year!

See you soon in Monster March 5!


  1. I am definitely in again this year! I have an old school Forest Dragon that needs to be restored. I'll send you an email over the next couple of days :-)

    1. Hi Marc! Fantastic! Old school Forest Dragon - that is a really cool model!

  2. Yep, count me in. I'm having a revival of Warhammer fantasy 5th edition at the moment, so I'll be adding a hydra to my goblin force. Updates will be on the blog http://berserkerbladeblog.blogspot.com/

    1. Welcome back Ed! Another cool model, can't wait to see it!

  3. I'm in again this year. Having no fantasy monsters in my miniature collection, I'll continue my Adeptus Titanicus theme and paint up a Forge World Psi-Titan. Updates will be on https://262krieg.blogspot.com/.

    Thanks for running the challenge again this year!

    1. Thanks a lot for coming back! Great to have you again! Forge World Psi-Titan is definitely going to fit the theme too!

  4. I haven't blogged a lot lately, but I'm still painting and I've got a Dark Elf General on a dragon that I'd like to pledge. If I'm productive enough, I've got an old metal Stegadon that needs some attention too!

    Updates will be on the blog: https://tabletopapocalypse.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Blazmo! Great news! It is awesome to have you participating again. Dark Elf General on a Dragon, yet another fantastic model choice! I am sure that the stegadon will be feature too! Cheers!