Saturday 17 October 2020

Game 148 - Order of the Brothermark - 2020/10/17


In the second game of Rage of Isolation 2 I played against Michael, the organizer of the event. Michael stepped in for this round as a Bye-buster as one of the players had to withdraw from the tournament.

What is more, Michael decided to use the player's army anyway, which is a challenge in itself, especially when it is a completely new army Michael has never played with before.

I have not had a chance to play against this particular faction under 3rd edition yet either, so it was already very exciting! I was really curious how Order of the Brothermark would look like after the split of the Brotherhood into two, separate army lists.

One would obviously expect some knights to be present but at the same time there were a few, quite tempting options that were not available in the previous version.

Here are the details of the army Michael was commanding this round:

Order of the the Brothermark - Army List

Ogre Palace Guard Horde (OPG), Large Infantry - 235
Ogre Palace Guard Horde (OPG), Large Infantry - 235

Order of the Abyssal Hunt Regiment (AH), Cavalry, Sir Jesse's Boots of Striding, Aegis Fragment - 245
Men-at-Arms Spearmen Regiment (S1), Infantry - 125
Men-at-Arms Spearmen Regiment (S2), Infantry - 125

Villain Skirmishers Troop (S3), Cavalry - 95
Villain Skirmishers Troop (S4), Cavalry - 95

Villain Siege Artillery (SA1), War Engine - 90
Villain Siege Artillery (SA2), War Engine - 90

Exemplar Hunter (H), Hero (Cavalry) - 125
Priest (P), Hero (Infantry), Heal (3) - 75
High Paladin on Dragon (PoD), Hero (Titan), Aegis Fragment - 315

Sunday 11 October 2020

Game 147 - Forces of Nature - 2020/10/11


It's been a much longer break since I last posted a battle report. It was not due to lack of battles to write about as I participated in another local online tournament, played on Universal Battle 2 platform. 

This tournament was organized by Michael and was called Rage of Isolation 2. If you would like to check the full player's pack, here is the link:

Rage of Isolation 2 - Player's Pack

This time we played at 1850 points and as in the previous event, pre-designed maps were randomly chosen for each round. It made sure all participant played on the same battle field. We used online clocks as well, in order to limit the time of the battle and make the experience as close to any regular event. 

There were additional objectives too. Each player had to choose one each game and once the objective was selected, it was not available for the following rounds of the tournament. The objectives were selected in secret so players did not know during the game what is their opponents goal for extra points.

However, the most intriguing changes in comparison to the previous events were about the army selection. First, if you chose a faction that you have never used in the tournaments in the last 2 years - you got extra points. Second, factions were assigned to 5 tiers and depending on which you chose, you could either get bonus points as well, or get some deduced!

The aim was to provide a strong incentive to play with something one has never played before and use armies that may not be as powerful as these that are played with most often. 

I must admit that I almost did not take part in this tournament due to rapidly shrinking amount of spare time for hobby. And because of that I didn't quite thought about what else would I like to use instead of my Elves. In the end, I decided to go with the same army I have always played with, despite the heavy handicap it would mean in the event. 

There are two main reasons I decided to do so. First, it was easier to scale down my existing army and play with what I know. Second, and more importantly, I would have a great opportunity to test my army against armies I have never played before! That was too tempting to overlook so I hoped my opponents would forgive me using the same army as always.