Saturday 23 April 2022

Game 162 - Forces of Nature - 2022/04/23



Welcome to my most recent battle report! It took me some time to organize a game (again!) but fortunately, I was able to do so. It was played on a freshly updated Universal Battle 2 platform. This time I had a great pleasure to play against Ed and his Forces of Nature army.

It's been a while since our last game so I was really happy to catch up and play again. Ed has been running variations of the Forces of Nature army for some time, including the formation. However, this time he did not use this particular option. The army list offers nice variety and provides a lot of options to choose from. 

Here is the army Ed chose for our game:

Centaurs & Elementals - Army List

Earth Elementals Horde (EE1), Large Infantry - 220
Fire Elementals Horde (FE), Large Infantry - 220

Earth Elementals Regiment (EE2), Large Infantry - 130
Centaur Bray Striders Regiment (CBS), Cavalry, Frenzied Otter - 165
Centaur Bray Striders Regiment (CBS), Cavalry, Frenzied Otter - 165

Hunters of the Wild Troop (HotW), Large Infantry - 90
Hunters of the Wild Troop (HotW), Large Infantry - 90

Beast of Nature (BoN), Monster, Wings, 7 Attacks - 205
Greater Fire Elemental (GFE), Monster - 175
Greater Air Elemental (GAE), Monster - 180

Druid (D), Hero (Infantry), Conjurer's Staff, Bane Chant(2), Surge (4), Heal (2) - 105
Gladewalker Druid (GW), Hero (Infantry), Tome of Darkness, Ring of Harmony [1], Heal (4) - 135
Unicorn (U), Hero (Cavalry), Lightning Bolt (5) - 120

Sunday 10 April 2022

Monster March 6 - Final!



I need to start with apologies for a delay in posting the final update. Some real life interference pushed my planned update from the previous weekend. I hoped to catch up during the week but work related things said "no". And the fact that my computer has just decided to die, did not help. 

However, I hope you will enjoy this post regardless! It was another fantastic experience for me personally, as I am always amazed and inspired by all the contributions the participants submitted.

To begin with, I always learn about new models I did not even know exist! Then there are some very creative ways the participants approach their respective projects in terms of modelling and/or painting. 

And of course, it is a great pleasure to meet new participants and welcome back the returning ones, who contributed in the previous years. 

So, let's have a look at the final update, where I am going to show the works of all the participants with their most recent update after the whole month!