Saturday 22 April 2023

Mortem et Gloriam - Game 59 - 2023/04/21



After more than 2 years since my last game of Mortem et Gloriam, I have finally managed to play one! Let's hope it heralds the come back to regular battles.

Rob was my first opponent in 2023. For this battle I asked him to bring his veteran Mid-Republican Romans. Rob has just recently won a tournament with it, so I knew I am in trouble! But I also knew that he is going to help me to get back to speed after a break. And it is great to have a historical opponent too. 

We played Maximus at 10,000 points per side. This is the snapshot of the army Rob brought:

Sunday 9 April 2023

Monster March 7 - Final!



The 7th Monster March is over! Many thanks to all the participants! Once again, you made it an absolute pleasure for me to host this small painting challenge. Once again, you provided so many great examples of cool modelling and painting. Plenty of inspiration for each other and those, who simply watched and cheered up for you!

In the final update I am going to post the last entries from each participant. For those who completed their projects, congratulations and well done! For those who haven't yet, keep going! While MonsterMarch7 is over, one of the goals was to begin and continue with your hobby projects anyway! 

Ok, let's check the final updates!