Sunday 9 April 2023

Monster March 7 - Final!



The 7th Monster March is over! Many thanks to all the participants! Once again, you made it an absolute pleasure for me to host this small painting challenge. Once again, you provided so many great examples of cool modelling and painting. Plenty of inspiration for each other and those, who simply watched and cheered up for you!

In the final update I am going to post the last entries from each participant. For those who completed their projects, congratulations and well done! For those who haven't yet, keep going! While MonsterMarch7 is over, one of the goals was to begin and continue with your hobby projects anyway! 

Ok, let's check the final updates!


Adrian decided to tackle three projects in parallel. Each one of them worthy of the Monster March theme: Greater Elemental, Steel Behemoth and a Giant. He chose some really interesting models and the last photos were from the assembly stage:

Steel Behemoth

Greater Elemental


Keep up the great work, Adrian! Many thanks for participation and awesome ideas to represent these models for Kings of War armies!


Albert started with the regiment of knights for his Kings of War army. He kept the steady and fast pace, without compromising the quality. That allowed him to complete his initial project ahead of time. Luckily for us, he continued and painted even more models for his great looking force!

Barton the Bold with his Horse Archers

Nimwig the Black Dragon

All models painted for Monster March 7

Principality of Moragavia army so far.

Thank you very much for your contributions, Albert! Each entry looks amazing on its own, and even better as an army! Many thanks for being a constant inspiration too. I hope to see your army to continue growing. :)


Once again Azazel proved that he is a painting and modelling machine! As in the previous years, he has completed several projects during a single month. And if that was not enough, each one of them had a dedicated blog post! What a Legend!

Here are the photos of his last contributions to Monster March:

Citadel Chaos Warhounds

And the link to the blog post with many more photos of the Warhounds (and not only!):

Realm of Chaos - Citadel Chaos Warhounds

Thank you very much for your contributions and the inspiration, Azazel! 



Ben did a fantastic job on his version of a Stampede for the Kings of War army.  He is still working on the remaining models but these two are done!


Check out a Herringbone pattern fabric on this Hippo's hat! Awesome!

Thanks a lot Ben! Always a pleasure to have you and what an amazing idea for the Stampede! With brilliant execution too. I hope there will be a chance to see them in real life :)


Billy used the timing perfectly to paint a wonderful model of a Mammoth as his MonsterMarch project. Not only it is a great model on its own, but is going to make a fantastic centerpiece for Billy's army! Here is the photo of a completed model:

Well done Billy! I am looking forward to spotting your Mammoth on the photos from the upcoming KoW tournaments. :)

Boss Salvage

Boss decided to build and paint not one but three monsters for the MonsterMarch! These are: Bog Beast as a Tree Herder, Angron as Overmaster on Ancient Winged Half Breed and Myconid King as Forest Warden. Here are the photos of the models in the assembly stage:

Keep up the great work, Boss! These are excellent models and I love the direction in which they are going with your original modifications. :)

Chris H.

Chris introduced me to the models from Reapers Miniatures range that I didn't know about earlier (I mean, models, not the range :)). This is one of the great things about running Monster March, I discover new miniatures! These are Zombie Ogres!

Thanks for joining this year, Chris, and I hope to see you again next year!

Chris K.

Chris is usually involved in a few projects in parallel, one of them being a Mantic Slow Grow challenge. I am thus very happy he still found some time to join in and present an incredible model for his Shadowhulk for the Nightstalkers army!

Thanks a lot for joining and all the best in the Slow Grow! I hope there will be a chance to see your army in real life at some stage too. :)


Christo is another player I had a pleasure to meet and play against in person. He is also involved in multiple projects and he chose two monsters for Monster March for his KoW armies. Zombie Dragon and Orc Lord on Winged Slasher. 

I am sure both beasts will be flying around the KoW battlefields soon! 


DAM chose a fantastic model of Horus Heresy era Dark Angles Primarch, Lion El'Johnson. He documented the progress with his excellent weekly blog posts and finished his project just in time. 

More photos and details regarding the final stage of the project, are on DAM's blog:

262nd Death Korps of Krieg - MonsterMarch7 - to DONE!

If you are a fan of 40k Dark Angles, you will be pleased to know that DAM continues with this theme and has some really cool model on his bench lined up for April!

Thanks a lot for joining us again, DAM! It was an absolute pleasure to have you and I am sure many readers have learned a lot from your excellent blog post!

David aka Sceleris

David is a painting machine and was completing many projects at his dazzling speed as usual. These are the photos of what I managed to catch recently :)

That is all truly amazing David! Thanks a lot of the inspiration and showing that one can create fantastic models quickly too! The skill I would love to learn one day :)


Ed pledged to assemble a model of Mantic Greater Earth Elemental to act as a Living legend Hero, Craggoth and Kholearm.

Well done Ed! I can't wait to see the model on the KoW battle fields!

Ed O.

Ed started with two projects for his Tyranid swarm: Carnifex and Venomthropes. Then promptly moved to a super heavy tank Falchion!

That's a great achievement Ed! Congratulations and thanks a lot for joining again! I hope to see you next year too. :)


Eddie focused his efforts on an entire army for Kings of War! For me, rather slow painter, painting so many models in a single month is a dream!

Congratulations Eddie! I am sure you are having a lot of fun with this army! 


My good, old friend Kola honored me at last! It is even more important considering how crazy his life is. It is great to see he can still pick up paint brushes from time to time. He started working on a great model of a Venomcrawler. And here is the most recent progress:

Keep up the great work, Kola! :)


Kristoffer worked diligently on his War Shrine and he finished the project as planned, congratulations! I love his meticulous approach and the comments he always sends to accompany the photos. One can easily see each step. I think that all the post combined would be a great tutorial, Kristoffer! You should definitely post it somewhere :)

Here Kristoffer's comments on the last step:

Since last week I’ve primarily worked on highlighting and blending the grey parts. Here I worked for an entire session trying to wet blend the grey, but never really got it to work. I had a progression of greys with a drop of drying retarder in each pool of paint, but I think it didn’t do any good but just messed up the consistency and I just couldn’t get it to work. The next day I started over with a more feathering-like approach and no retarder and it worked much better.

Then it was on to edge highlighting. Very straight forward. And finally, the OSL – which I did with oils again and before gluing the Riftforger in place. I choose to do it with oils mostly because you can easily remove the paint with some solvent and start over would it come out bad. I found no reason to do so, but still, it’s a safety net.

Cleaned up a few mistakes with base colors and glued some flock on the base and it’s all done!   


The War Shrine looks amazing, Kristoffer! I am sure it looks even better together with the rest of the army. Thanks a lot for joining and sharing all these fantastic tips on how to paint it!


Luca's 3d printed dragon looks more and more awesome with every update! Well done Luca! I love the colors you chose a lot and the model shapes up to look fantastic indeed! 

Keep up the momentum, Luca! You are almost there :) And many thanks for joining again this year. I am looking forward to seeing you next year too!


Marc is a big fan of the 2nd edition Warhammer 40k painting style and continues this tradition with many projects of his own. It was thus fantastic when he joined Monster March again to paint another of his great looking, old school Tyranids.

Check out Marc's blog post dedicated to this model here:

Old School Gaming - Monster March - to DONE

Many thanks for joining again this year, Marc! You make me nostalgic every time you bring some "new" 2nd edition models. I believe I still have a few 2nd edition Eldar still waiting to be painted, so who knows, I may embark on that pathway some day too!

Matt Gee

Matt pledged one of the best looking models from the recent range of Mantic sculpts - North Alliance Chimera.

It is a beautiful model and I am sure Matt is having a lot of fun with it! 


Mikes used the opportunity that Monster March provides and continued with the project he started earlier. He chose his Dragon for Kings of War Elven army and was doing really great with the progress that he has almost finished. Real life, however, interfered and Mikes had to hit pause for the last week.

I wish Mike all the best and hope he will come back to us soon! Many thanks for your excellent contributions to this year painting challenge. Keep up the great work!


Nav did not joke when he said he plans to paint entire Roman army. He is really that fast and here is the proof to show what he can achieve in one month:

Well done, indeed! Thanks a lot for the inspiration, Nav! It must be very satisfactory to paint so many models and have the army ready for the games!

Paul A.

Paul chose a wonderful model as his contribution to the painting challenge and completed the project just in time! Here is Radukar the Beast in full glory:

More photos can be found on Paul's blog:

A Butterfly's Hobby Tally - Radukar the Beast for #MonsterMarch

Thanks a lot for joining us this year, Paul! I hope we will see you again next year! 


Paul K.

Paul did very well in March as well. He chose a model of Mutant Rat-Fiend for the Ratkin army and he finished the project well in time!

Well done Paul! I am sure the newly painted Mutant Rat-Fiend is going to terrorize your opponents and bring you many victories on the battle field!



Sachiel regularly posted on the progress of his project - D&D Red Dragon. His excellent blog posts had it all, narrative, a lot of photos and the details on the painting progress. He has done an excellent job and completed painting this wonderful model!

You absolutely have to check the final post Sachiel prepared for his Monster March project:

The Die is Cast!: Monster March - part 5; Final Reveal

Thanks a lot for participating, Sachiel! It was an absolute pleasure hosting you and I hope you will be back next year!


Scott B.

Scott picked a very intersting model of a Goreblight for his Undead army and finished his project too!


Excellent execution, Scott! It is not easy to paint the model that is a walking corpse to look so "realistic" :) Well done indeed and many thanks for joining the challenge this year!


Simon got himself a new Griffon to be used as many options in his multiple armies for Kings of War.


Something tells me it is already causing trouble for any opponents that get lucky to play against Simon (as he is a fantastic player!).


Although he completed his first model for Monster March (Mega Rhinox!), snapfit did not stop! He used the momentum to carry on and complete a second project, this time Orc Stone Golem.

Many more photos on snapfit's personal blog here:

Da Green Horde - Orc Stone Golem (Rogue Idol Alternative) #MonsterMarch7

Well done, snapfit! It is awesome that you finished two projects in a single month. Thanks a lot for taking part in the painting challenge and sharing your blog posts too! 



Vince had a great idea for the models to represent his Goblin Blasters and completed two of them for Monster March!  


As usual, there is a dedicated post on Vince blog:

Vince on all things Kings of War - Monster March 2023 finished! 

Well done, Vince! That is a great achievement. Thanks a lot for continuous support and participating this year again!



I thought I would be able to finish, what seems to be the opposite of the theme of Monster March, i.e., the unit of High Elf Spearmen for the game of Warmaster.  I almost did it! Unfortunately, I still have command stripe to paint to do so. 


 Hopefully, I will be able to catch up in April. :)


And with this I would like to officially close Monster March 7! Once again, many thanks to all participants for all your contributions. It was my pleasure and honor to host you again this year. And as I have said many times already, I would love to see you coming back next year!




  1. Thanks for hosting again this year Swordmaster!! I love the diversity of projects that this challenge seems to draw out every year; so cool :-)

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  3. Yes, so much great stuff put together and painted out there. keep on keepin' on!

  4. Thanks for hosting mate. Sorry I didn't manage to finish the Falchion, but hopefully I'll get it done this month.

  5. Thank you for hosting and the kind words about my sub-par wordsmithing/painting.
    It's been a pleasure to work on and finally get the Dragon finished off, so I'll definitely be taking part again next year.

  6. Great to see so many great projects and KoW armies! Big thanks to SM for hosting another awesome Monster March challenge!

  7. Fantastic work all around! Thanks for hosting the challenge again, had a lot of fun participating! Wouldn't have been able to finish that many projects without your challenge.

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