Sunday 3 July 2016

Bases for Kings of War army - Part 2


Some time ago I wrote an article about the approach to basing my army for Kings of War. Here is the link to it: 

Back then I had to make a decision what to do next. First, how to proceed with painting of the "Frozen" ground and how to spice it up further. Fortunately, greenstuffworld helped again! I contacted them directly asking if they plan to release any new textured pins and they asked me what would I like to have. I mentioned that some kind of ancient Greek mosaic type would have been fantastic, as I was thinking about creating "Ancient ruins" theme. 

To my great surprise and joy they actually made such a textured pin and as soon as it was available I immediately ordered it with some more sculpting material. Thanks a lot guys, that is simply amazing to know that the company listens to the customers and creates products based on their suggestions! 

Saturday 2 July 2016

KoW Game 22 - Kingdoms of Men & Forces of Basilea Allies - 2016/07/02


I had a great pleasure to play against Mr. Devean and his Samurai Tengu themed army that was composed mainly out of Kingdom of Men list but included Forces of Basilea allies too. He suggested we play a very long time ago and I would like to apologize that I kept him waiting for so long. However, he is a very patient person that also aided him greatly in the game! 

I am looking forward to the day when his army will be fully assembled and painted as the work he has done on some miniatures is very nice already! But he informed me that he hasn't received all the orders yet so it may take some time to finish this project. In the meantime we have Universal Battle

In addition to the fact that the army has a very nice theme of Japanese Samurai force with some mythological creatures present, it also was composed in a way that made the allied contingent adding some flavor as well as a dangerous force on the battle field.

Samurai Tengu - Army List

40 Pole-Arms Block, Horde, Fire Oil - 170
- 5 Mounted Scouts, Troop - 100
- 5 Mounted Scouts, Troop - 100
- Hero, Mounted, Crystal Pendant of Retribution - 115

40 Arquebusiers, Horde, Brew of Keen-eyeness - 270
- Army Standard Bearer, Mounted, Boomistck - 95

20 Berserkers, Regiment - 140
- Wizard, Mounted, Bane Chant (2), Lighting Bolt (3), Inspiring Talisman - 100

20 Berserkers, Regiment - 140
- Wizard, Bane Chant (2), Lighting Bolt (3), Scarletmaw’s Fenulian Amulet - 75

10 Knights, Regiment, Maccwar’s Potion of the Caterpillar - 215

Forces of Basilea Allies

6 Elohi, Horde - 300
- Ur-Elohi, Hero - 180