Monday 21 September 2015

KoW Game 2 - Empire of Dust - 2015/09/21


I have finally had a chance for another game in KoW. It happened that it was a re-match against Loriel and his Empire of Dust. Both of us are trying to find our ways in the new system, hence new armies in comparison to what we had last time.

Cursed Kings - Army List

40 Revenants, Horde, Cascet of the Damned - 210
- Idol of Shobik, Monster - 350

6 Enslaved Giants Archers, Horde - 245
- Cursed High Priest, Hero, Surge (10), Heal (4) - 135
- Soul Snare, War Engine, Lightning Bolt (5), Heal (3) - 110
- Bone Giant - 190

6 Enslaved Giants Archers, Horde - 245
- Cursed High Priest, Hero, Surge (10), Heal (4) - 135
- Monolith - 80
- Bone Giant - 190

3 Swarms, Regiment - 65
3 Swarms, Regiment - 65
3 Scavengers, Regiment - 90

Thursday 17 September 2015

Game 145 - High Elves - 2015/09/16


On the very day 9th Age Beta rules were released I had a great pleasure to play against Eltharis. We haven't met before but he was very helpful during my game against Marchosias and his Dark Elves. Eltharis wanted to test 9th Age rules as well and I was looking for an opponent. Luckily I had some free time so we set up a game. We still used the Alpha version of the rules but we agreed upon using new deployment rules and secondary objectives that were explained in respective sneak peak. I will explain all the details later because I assume that not all the readers may be familiar with these rules yet. It will also serve as a context for some explanation why certain decision where made.

Eltharis wanted to test his Elves of Light army that was led by the Archmage on Ancient Dragon! (please, note this army was still using 8th edition High Elves army book for points values for all entries)

Friday 11 September 2015

Game 144 - Dark Elves - 2015/09/10


I have a great pleasure to play against Marchosias of fame and his Dark Elves (Marchosias also started a blog together with Rowena about alternative models for WHFB here:
Armies of Unsupported Age).


Bob the Battle Standard Bearer was taking another report from one of the Reavers who had just returned from another patrol. They were standing in front of a small command tent.

"I tell you they saw us, they want us to see them and they led us closer to their camp so we could inspect their camp", said the scout not even trying masking his surprise. "They look like Druchii but at the same time they don't. It is really strange because you could feel the same wild and savage aura our Asrai cousins have around them". He added.

"Why did they let you leave then? That's not like Druchii at all." asked Bob trying to understand the situation.

"They wanted us to deliver the message of course. Not quite sure what it was though. Their Sorceress, however, waved to us and showed us some kind of a book, with a huge letter "H" engraved on the cover. If I didn't see that myself I would not have believed that at all!" the Reaver was not sure if he should be more amused or worried.

Then Larry stormed out form the tent with a parchment that showed a picture of some ancient tome and grabbed the army of the scout.

"Was it that book?!" he almost shouted and looked intensely at the warrior face "Was it?!?"

"Yes, looks similar but ..." the scout had not time to finish as Larry was already moving away and shouting orders. Outcasts were marching to meet their new foe at once!

Thursday 3 September 2015

Game 143 - Wood Elves - 2015/09/02


After the untimely death of 8th edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battle many players decided to continue with fan based rules they could develop together. One of such initiatives is 9th Age and you can find the link to the rules as well as web site where people are discussing the development process as well as possible changes here:

9th Age - Website