Wednesday 26 July 2017

Edge of the Abyss - First Impressions


I have just received my copy of Edge of the Abyss - a Summer Campaign in the world of Mantica for the game of Kings of War. 

It was greatly anticipated as it is the very first global campaign for Kings of War and I personally hope it will attract a lot of attention from the players all over the world.

One of the advantages of being on a sick leave is that you may have a bit of time to read. I was glad then I got the book I was waiting for now and I started reading it immediately. 

I decided to use the short periods of time I could sit and write to provide a bit of first impressions on what I have read. 

Although quite a lot is already known there are also parts that I was not aware of and would like to mention. I don't plan to give exact details though. I don't want to spoil all of it before you read the book by yourself! :)

Sunday 9 July 2017

Hobby Update - 2017/07/09


It seems that the unexpected hobby break is much longer than I hoped for. 

With no new games yet scheduled (entirely my own fault :( ) I decided it may be a good idea to write a short post about a few things that did happen in the meantime. And to let you know I will do my best to get back to the regular posting about Kings of War!

I am also entertaining an idea of more recent short posts as I have seen that on other blogs and websites where the authors simply briefly discuss a topic. It sounds like a good idea to keep the blog updated and put some thoughts in writing. And with a busy schedule it may be a better way of staying in touch with the hobby!