Sunday 28 February 2021

Monster March 5 - Part 1



It is time! Monster March painting challenge of the year 2021 is officially on! I am really happy to do it again, 5th year in a row! It has been a great source of inspiration and motivation for me, I discovered fantastic blogs of great painters in the process and met (even if only virtually) some fantastic hobbyists from many places in the world!

I hope this year it will be as inspiring and as motivating to you, both, as a participant and as a spectator as it has always been to me.

Please remember, there is always a great time to join! And while the theme suggests to bring some big model you have always wanted to paint, it is really about painting any model you want!

As always, the first post is about the participants and their chosen models so let's have a look who decided to join the challenge and what model did they choose this year!


I had a great pleasure meeting Ben at one of the events, then to have a few games on the online tournaments as well. Ben is also one of the members of a fantastic Direct Misfire podcasts crew.  But above all, I got to know Ben as a hobbyist, with some really cool ideas for the models! So I was very happy to learn that Ben is participating with a model I have never seen before: Boromite Broodmother for the game " Beyond the Gates of Antares". The model is ready to paint!

I really like the Goblin for scale :)


Blazmo had a bit of a break in blogging so it is awesome to see he is using the Monster March challenge to get back to writing about his hobby too! His model of choice is Warhammer Dark Elf Dragon!

Fantastic choice indeed! I also highly recommend visiting Blazmo's blog here:

Tabletop Apocalypse - Blog


If you are Warhammer 40K fan, you should definitely check DAM's blog! He has a lot of fantastic posts on assembling and painting models for this system. He participated in previous Monster March challenges and he is going to continue with the Adeptus Titanicus theme. This time, DAM is going to paint Forge World Psi-Titan!

And you should definitely check his blog here:

262nd Death Korps of Krieg - Blog

Eddie Bar

Eddie told me that Monster March came at the perfect time for him. He is eagerly awaiting the arrival of a brand new model of the Mantic Rat Daemon, an excellent choice for the Monster March!

Eddie has his own website, where you can read about his hobbies:

The Wizard's Bookshelf

You can also follow Eddie on Twitter: Eddie Bar

Ed O'Malley

Ed is a veteran of the Monster March painting challenges and it is great to have him participating again! Ed told me he is currently reviving some of the Warhammer 5ed models and decided to paint a Hydra for his Goblin army!

I believe Ed is going to post some updates on his blog, which I recommend visiting anyway!

Berserkerblade - Blog

You may also follow Ed on his twitter here: Carnage_x_scissors

Marc van Holst

Marc decided to bring one of the classic models to the challenge, old school metal Forest Dragon. I am sure many of you would recognize it!

I am already looking forward to see what colour scheme Marc is going to choose for this great model!


I believe it is the first time Sean is participating in the Monster March, so many thanks to Sean for joining in! Sean also decided to look at some classical models and he picked "Middlehammer" treemen. Would that be the mighty Durthu? :)

Can't wait to see Sean's model and once again, thanks a lot for jointing the merry team of Monster March painters!


WoofBird is also a new participant who have just learned about the challenge! Excellent! I am more than happy to add more participants and you can join at any time you like! WoofBird chose a really good model for this challenge, a Mantic Chimera for North Alliance army for Kings of War!

He is going to keep track on the progress on his blog as well! Link here:

The Goblin Hole - Blog


Yan is a player from Melbourne and I had a great pleasure to play against his armies several times. As all the battles were played in the virtual reality, I do hope we will have the opportunity to play with real models one day. I saw the models Yan painted, however, and I am really happy that he is joining the challenge this year! Yan chose an amazing model for his Forces of Nature army, Ultra Forge Tree Women! 

Can't wait to see her painted by Yan! She will make a fantastic centre piece for his army for sure!


I really enjoyed participating in the challenge in the previous two years. Earlier, it was already great to host the challenge and doing so myself simply adds more fun to it! 

This year, however, I am going to use it to paint a regiment of Palace Guard for my Kings of War army. I think I am finally ready to paint some old school Phoenix Guard metal models I bought ages ago and which waited for their time all these years!

Please welcome all the participants! I am sure you will see some magnificent models and painting throughout the duration of the challenge! 

Feel free to join at any time, it is never too late!

See you next week!


  1. Here we go! Looks like a great bunch of monsters this year!

    1. Hi Ed,

      Indeed! Great selection already and from what I have received in the first week so far it is going to look even better!

  2. It is on like Donkey Kong! I just went to email my entry and saw that you have already posted it [breathes sigh of relief]. I can't wait to find out what colour scheme I am going to use as well ;-) Completely undecided so far!

    1. Hi Marc! My pleasure! :)

      It seems that the journey of discovery is part of the project too! I am sure it will be great!

      I am looking forward to some update pictures!


  3. Hey mate. I checked your blog to see if the challenge was up again this year and then when I checked again the following weekend I'd already missed the announcement and the first post!
    I'm going to (try to) paint my pack of Shieldwolf Krumvaal Lower Yetis
    There is of course an excllent chaance I'll get distracted and end up painting almost anything else in my collection over the course of the month instead and/or as well - but I'll have something suitable up by the end! :)
    As always, my stuff is over on

    1. No problem at all, Azazel! There is always a good time to join!

      Some nice models over there at Shieldwolf:

      And no worries if you get distracted! I am sure whatever you are going to paint is going to look great! I am checking your blog regularly :)

      Great to have you on board!

  4. Best of luck all! Is week one almost over already? where does the time go...

    1. HI DAM,

      I have just checked your blog post and you made awesome progress already! And yes, it is great to do so as the time flies!

      Thanks a lot for this fantastic contribution!