Sunday 7 March 2021

Monster March 5 - Part 2



Welcome to the update after the first week of Monster March 5 painting challenge! It is awesome to see the strong start for many. What is more, it seems that the group of the participants grew as well as more and more people decided to join!

Please remember that is never too late to do so! And even though the main theme is about Monsters, feel free to join with any project you like!

All right, lets see how the situation looks like after week 1!


Azazel is a very prolific painter and I highly recommend that you visit his blog. He has some really cool projects there, spanning a very wide range of models. It is thus fantastic that he decided to participate in Monster March again! This time, he decided to paint Shieldwolf Kurmvaal Lower Yetis.

I am sure you would be able to see some more progress and updates on his blog soon!

Azazel's Bitz Box - Blog


Ben did a great job, especially considering he had some really important commitments this week. As the model is quite big, there was a lot of work to do with basic colours. This is an important stage to do right so that when you start focusing on details, things look really great! Well done Ben!


Blazmo is going strong with his Dark Elf Dragon too! I really like the contrasting warm and cold colours that he had already applied. 

Blazmo dedicated a blog post to the update on his progress. There are more photos there too!

Tabletop Apocalypse - Dark Elf Dragon Week 1

Boss Salvage

It seems that Monster March comes at a perfect time for Boss as he is painting a few Monsters in parallel!


I find DAM's methodical approach and detailed explanations of the way he prepares and paints his models excellent tutorials for anyone who may be interested in assembling and painting similar models. He started strong as well!

 Please check DAM's blog post about his progress last week, it is really helpful!

262nd Death Korps of Krieg - week 1

Eddie Bar

Eddie is probably still waiting for the delivery of the main monster but it does not mean he is not busy with painting some other monsters in the meantime! Just check these Grotesques for a Kings of War army!

Ed O'Malley

It looks like I made a wrong assumption as to which Hydra model Ed is going to paint. My apologies! However, I must say the one he chose is even bigger and meaner! 

I hope you noticed that one unexpected rider on the top too! Please check Ed's own blog with a dedicated post on the last week progress:

Berserkerblade - Dark Elf Hydra Week 1


Findol is one of the participants who have a few projects running in parallel. Awesome! And some really cool models there too!

Drake with SpireStalker

Forest Shamblers

Marc van Holst

Marc did a proper preparation work on the model and his plan is to paint the model in sub-assemblies. It means he is not going to put all the parts together just yet. In this way he can access each area of the model much easier.

Last time I forgot to add the link to Marc's blog, sorry Marc! Here is the link to the post where he talks about a few of his projects, the Dragon being one of them!

Old School Gaming - Blog


Mikes had a dilemma as to what to paint. On one hand, he has a few monsters that would be great choices for the challenge. On the other, he really wanted to finish his Stormwind cavalry for Kings of War army. Knowing how much effort and dedication he puts into his projects, I suggested to keep going with the cavalry. I know all too well that any break in painting regiments is dangerous!

Models before painting.


Morofang reached out via KOW Forum and this is also where he posted some updates on his project. He chose a beautiful model of Pashentiuu from Raging Heroes.

This is a 3D printed model too! I really like it a lot and can't wait to see the painted one!


Sean is painting another of the classic Treemen models but although it is not Durthu I thought he is going to work on, the model is also great and brings back some memories for sure!


Vince participated in the Monster March in the previous two years so it is great to see he is back for more! This time Vince decided to make use of some parts in his bitz box and is built a Goreblight model for his Undead army for Kings of War!

You can also check VInce's blog post on the challenge progress here:

Vince on all things Kings of War - Week 1


Yan is using the opportunity to complete painting of the model he started earlier. He did some work on this amazing piece some time ago so he had a bit of a head start. It is definitely a good idea, after all, you want to finish one project before you jump to another, right? :)


As you can see I started with the base. I just need to paint a few leaves and add some static grass. I did the same with my Stormwind cavalry and I find it very useful. When I complete a batch of models I can start placing them on the base already. I found out that it helps me to keep the momentum going!

Many thanks to all for your photos and updates! It is fantastic to see the progress of your projects, some really great models there! It is also great to see the number of the participants growing!

Keep up the great work and see you next week!


  1. Wow, great progress across the board here. A very interesting set of models too this year.

    1. Thanks DAM! Indeed, an excellent selection of models!

  2. Great looking stuff already here. Really motivating to see such progress already!

    1. Absolutely! It is awesome how the motivation increases just by looking at all these fanstastic projects!

  3. Looking good already and great to see so many participants.

    1. So true, Ed! I must admit I was initially a bit worried if I was not too late to announce that I am running Monster March again. I am very happy that so many people decided to participate :)

  4. Oh man, so many awesome projects this year! I mentioned the challenge (with a link to your blog) on the Age of Sigmar and 40K MeWe groups, so you may get a few people joining up from there.

    1. That's awesome, thanks a lot Marc! I hope they will find it interesting and the number of the participants will continue to grow!