Sunday 21 March 2021

Monster March 5 - Part 4


We are now more than half way through the painting challenge this month! It is usually the time where the models have the main colours done and the focus is on details to complete the project. 

Some of the participants have already completed theirs and are moving to stretch goals! Well done! Some, like myself, are slower painters. And that's perfectly fine too! There is still time to complete your project. In fact, if you have not joined the challenge yet, you can always do it!

Let's see then what was the progress last week!


Azazel has already completed his first project, the model is now a happy among his new friends!

You can check a dedicate blog post to this merry band of adventurers here:

Azazel's Bitz Box - D&D Monster Manual 54

But Azazel would not be himself if he did not continue with another project (or projects!) and as a result, we have this wonderful Varghulf:

More photos and dedicated blog post are here:

Azazel's Bitz Box - Citadel Varghulf Courtier


Ben moved to some more detailed painting and special effects on his model for the game "Beyond the Gates of Antares". The models looks awesome already!

Size comparison with other models from the game system.

Awesome progress, Ben! Keep up the great work! :)


Blazmo did a fantastic job with his first project, Dark Elf Dragon. He immediately moved to his second project, a metal model of a Stegadon for Warhammer Fantasy Battle. And guess what? He finished that project too!

Well done indeed! More photos are on Blazmo's blog and I encourage you to pay him a visit!

Tabletop Aocalypse - Week 3 - Lizardmen


DAM's titan looks awesome already and last week he focused on painting weapons. I must say that the red power fist (sorry, don't know the correct name for it!) looks particularly awesome!

More pictures and the usual, very detailed description of this phase of the project are on DAM's blog:

262nd Death Korps of Krieg - Week 3 progress

Eddie Bar

You can tell how much Eddie is enjoying painting his model by the frequency of the updates he posts on his Twitter channel. :)

It looks like his painting desk is infested by quite a number of rats these days! You should check it here: Eddie's Twitter

Ed O'Malley

Like Blazmo, Ed smashed his first project, Dark Elf Hydra, in no time. It did not stop him from painting even more cool models that fit perfectly with the Monster March theme: Golgfag's Ogres!

Check out Ed's blog post on the last week progress!

Berserkerblade - Golgfag's Ogres


Last week, Gav presented the results an interesting technique of painting leopard-like fur. This week he started adding some contrasting layers of the upper body of the model. 

The models looks even more mysterious now, as it should! Great effect, Gav! Can't wait to see the final effect!

Marc van Holst

Marc continues working on his classical model of the Wood Elf Dragon. Every time I look at this beautiful and unique model, I keep wondering why it is not yet added to my own collection! :) 

Great progress Marc! Here is the link to Marc's blog where he shares updates on some of his other great projects too:

Old School Gaming - Hobby Diary Part 3

I would also like to take the opportunity and thank Marc for advertising Monster March 5 and spreading the news about the challenge! Thanks to him, no other than Gav Thorpe learned about it and joined us last week :)

Thanks a lot Marc, I greatly appreciate it!


Mikes continues with his Stormwind project and he sent us a photo where you can also see very handy tool he is using to hold the models:

As you can see, first model from the rear ranks seems to be ready and two more are being painted. I am sure Mikes is getting excited about finishing his project! He has done more than he still needs to do! :)


Morofang was busy with making sure the blue coat is evenly added to all the feathers and started working on the base of it too!

Excellent! Great to see the progress on the model, Well done! :)


After converting a Giant Eagle into a Giant Raven, Nav focused using Banshees as Harpies for his Herd army that is themed after mythological "De Dannan".

Great inspiration and ideas, Nav! Keep up the great work!


Sceleris was busy with painting his cleverly converted model. Here are some photos he submitted to the Kings of War Forum.

Great job, Sceleris! I rally like the addition of the skeleton warrior do the base, awesome idea!


WoofBird had to delay his project due to illness. I rally hope it was something minor and temporary and that you are back to full strength and health!

WoofBird continues with his fantastic project and added some nice conversion to his model:


Vince has just joined the ranks of those who completed their challenge and are now moving to the new hobby project!

Well done, Vince! 

If you would like to see what Vince is working on now, check up his blog post:

Vince on all things Kings of War - Monster March - finished!


Unfortunately, I have not painted anything new since the last update. However, it is because I am preparing quite a special blog post that should be ready soon. Watch this space! 

Many thanks for all your updates! It is great to see the progress and even some of the projects being already completed. There is still a lot of time to continue with your respective projects. In fact, it is never too late to join. The main goal is to keep painting!

Also, if you have not sent the last week update of the progress of your project, don't worry! Send it in and I am going to update the topic. :)

Thanks and see you next week!


  1. I don't know if I can claim too much credit, but it sure is nice when people who play a part in creating this hobby drop in to share it with us.

    Now, practical question,: do we only have one post left? When is the due date for the final update? I'm starting to get nervous lol :-)

    1. Hi Marc!

      You absolutely should! :)

      Although there are 10 days left until the end of March, I plan to post the final update on 4th April. It means there are going to be two more posts about the progress participants make. With the post on 4th April wrapping up the challenge for this year.

      Hopefully it would make you less nervous :)

  2. So much great content! Congrats to all.

  3. Such a feast of monsters. Great work to everyone on this project!