Sunday 21 August 2016

Hobby Update - 2016/08/21


Wargaming for me is not only about battles and following battle reports. It is also about painting miniatures and modelling too. Unfortunately, I have not given that part of the hobby enough attention on this blog (and in general). 

I tried to change that a few times but it seems like a not steady or constant focus but the period of times when I get something done followed by long periods of doing nothing. However, one of the things blogs are for is keeping that motivation at a level that allows you to get things done. I was in particular impressed by this series of articles:

It would be absolutely fantastic to do something similar. An update once a week covering what I have done during the last seven days hobby-wise. I hope I will be able to follow the example and do something each week. I just needed a slightly different name and came up with the simple Hobby Update to take into account things that may not necessarily fall into the category of painting or modelling but would definitely aid me in my hobby. I hope you will enjoy these articles too!

1. Drakons

I started working on the regiment of Drakons quite a long time ago. I created a prototype and was happy with it, then testes some color schemes and I thought I got there. Unfortunately, I left it behind and have returned to the project only recently. Now I have three drakons ready and I put some paint on the remaining two. They are still not finished (armor and saddles in particular were not touched) but I am quite happy with the progress!

Drakons - almost ready!

There is still quite some work to do. The riders, for example, are not yet finished (need a bit of new scale armor) not to mention - painted. However, I managed to do some work on the bases for this regiment.

2. KoW Bases 

I wrote about KoW bases in my previous two posts:

I wanted to continue with this approach but at the same time I also wanted to improve the procedure to create the bases. This time, I created the Mosaic piece first, broke it into pieces and placed them into freshly created Frozen layer. In this way, I hope, the mosaic will stick better and will look more like part of ancient ruins. The bases are now drying out and I will see soon if the modified procedure works any better.
Bases before added layers.
Bases after - next step - painting!

Once dry and solid they will be ready for some painting! And as soon as the drakons are finished I may put them onto the bases to be used in battles, with or without the riders! :)

3. Reference sheets

This is something different. It is one of the things that may help you during your games and it has been done before many times. In fact, I spotted some very nice reference sheet done by Mr. Puggimer of Until Somebodyl Lses an Eye blog fame. Here is the link to his reference sheet:

I was wondering if I can make something similar but a bit more colorful and came up with two reference sheets of my own. One for the Special Rules and the other for some of the important paragraphs of the core Rules I tend to forget. 

Reference Sheet - Rules

Reference Sheet - Special Rules

You can download the PDF versions of the above files here:

It was really easy to create these files with some generic background. I intend to print them on a single A4 paper and keep them handy during the games!
4. New toys!

I have enough of the miniatures to paint but I was looking for something that would help me in my games. First of all I had my eyes on "Target-Lock" Laser Line for some time and I finally remembered to place an order! I was also wondering about damage counters for my units and decided to go with D20's for now. It may not be the most fancy option but it was relatively quick and I will use them until I come up with an idea I like. 
Not much but made me happy!

Example of use - remove the model - add the dice.

I am pretty happy with the things I managed to do for the hobby this week! Let's hope it is a good start and I will be able to add more regularly!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Those Drakons look super cool!

  2. Looking good! Glad you've decided to do a regular hobby update.

    1. Thanks! I definitely hope it will be "regular" :) My second hobby update is on with a bit of a progress from last week. I hope you will like it too!