Sunday 19 March 2023

Monster March 7 - Part 3



Welcome to the 3rd part of the Monster March 7 challenge. We passed the half way through already but there is still significant amount of time left to complete your project. Or to begin a new one for some! 

Please, remember that you can still join at any stage! In the meantime, check out last week updates to keep motivated and inspired!


Albert has already completed all of the knights he intended to paint for his regiment. The scenic base is all prepared for painting and I am sure he will waste no time in doing so. I am really impressed by the fact he can paint such beautiful models so fast!

All Knights are ready!

Scenic base to be painted soon.

I hope that Albert will keep the momentum going and will smoothly move towards another project. Perhaps a second regiment? :)


In my previous update I have already hinted on Azazel's models he painted for the last week. He finished two and each of them received their respective blog posts.

Reaper Bones “Eye Beast”

Lankyman & Black Dog

The first of the models is "Eye-Beast" from Reaper Bones. While the second is a pair of best friends "Lankyman & Black Dog". Please, check Azazel's excellent blog posts on them:

Reaper Bones 77043: Eye Beast

Zombicide 2nd Edition Abominations: Lankyman & Black Dog

Thanks a lot for great posts and awesome models Azazel! I can't wait to see what do you keep in store for us in this week. :)


Ben's fantastic models are getting some more details painted. Since each one of them is quite big, that requires some time and effort. I am sure, however, it is all worth it and it is part of the fun too!

Keep up the great work Ben!


Billy made some great progress on his Mammoth. It looks like all the base colours are on and it is going to be the time to work on the details!

Mammoth looks fantastic already, Billy! It seems like a really great looking model so I am sure it is a pleasure to be painting it. :)


One of the great things about Primarch models is that they come with amazing scenic bases. These require a lot of attention, however, so as DAM put it, it seems like a separate model on its own. He focused on that element in the last week and the effect is awesome!

Please, visit DAM's blog for many more details and photos regarding this stage of his project:

262nd Death Korps of Krieg - Monster March - Week 2

Great progress as always DAM! Keep up the pace, you are almost there! 


David (aka Sceleris)

David mentioned at the beginning of the challenge that he is going to work on several projects in parallel. Last week he painted this merry band of monsters:

 I am assuming these are to be Grotesques, insane creations of their Abyssal Dwarves overlords.



Eddie is also working on many elements of his armies and it seems that he is particularly enjoying painting chariots for his Ratkin at the moment.


They look fantastic Eddie! Great idea and awesome execution! 

Ed O.

Ed continued with a Tyranid theme and painted three Venomthropes last week.

He then proceeded to a different type of a monster, more of a mechanical type:

This super heavy tank is called Falchion. One of the type that I was not aware of, so many thanks to Ed for bringing it to the challenge!


Findol's Gorebeast looks really scary now! Well done on making it look so intimidating!

Well done indeed, Findol! This is a great effect on that model!


Kristoffer makes a very steady progress on his Shrine and as always, provides an excellent description of the process. I am sure many readers would find it very useful:

First, I did the base with an oil wash as I’ve done with the rest of the units. It’s quite heavy on blue and I might decide later to go back and drybrush it with a lighter grey on top. I’ll have to compare it to the others and see.

Then the plan was to paint over the primer with a contrast paint mix that I’ve saved in its own pot since before and used on all the armors for the other units (about 1/5 Cygor Brown and 4/5 Gryphhound Orange). I also realized that I wanted another color to distinguish the floor part and did that in pure Cygor Brown. Before the contrast though I did some raised parts with metal paint for it to shine through and I painted the pools white in preparation to try to make it bright and glowy with another color in the coming week. Finally, I cleaned it up and painted the rims and points etc with one of my absolute favorite colors: Pancer Aces: Light Rubber by Vallejo. A paint that has great coverage and is quite a warm grey.

So that’s where it’s at. :)

Oil Wash on Base

White & Metal

Ugly Mid-Point

Base painted

Fantastic job so far, Kristoffer! I am sure that once ready, the Shrine is going to be an excellent centerpiece of the army!

 Paul K.

There are many ways of painting the same model and people look for inspiration everywhere. Paul's was the naked mole rat and I think it was an excellent choice for his Mutant Rat Fiend!

Well done Paul! I am sure this model will make your opponents really afraid of any close encounters :)


If you like Dragons then you should definitely check Sachiel's blog! Not only he paints a fantastic model in a great way but he writes awesome blog posts about it! 

There are many more photos and details on his blog:

The Die is Cast!: Monster March 7 - part 3; Base-coating Progress

Keep up the great work Sachiel! The Dragon looks amazing already!

Many thanks to all who posted their progress photos last week. Well done everyone! 

For the rest of the participants, don't worry if you didn't manage to paint much last week. Just restart the project from this week and see how much you can do this time! There are still 2 weeks left and one can do a lot in such amount of time :)

Thank you and see you next week!


  1. More great work from the field of participants. Thank you for keeping up with us all, Swordmaster!

  2. More great stuff - some very impressive updates this week! :)