Sunday 5 March 2023

Monster March 7 - Part 1



Many thanks to all who responded to my first post and pledged some project to the Monster March 7 challenge! It is great to see that you are happy to join this year. I must say that the participants always choose very interesting models to paint. It is no different this time!

Let's go through the list of the participants and see what kind of models each one of them pledged.


Adrian is a member of Kings of War Australia FB group and it seems that Monster March came at the right time for him. He has not one but three "Monsters" on his painting desk ready: Greater Earth Elemental, Steel Behemoth and a Giant!

Greater Earth Elemental

Steel Behemoth


Each one of them is an excellent choice to paint for the Monster March challenge but if Adrian will paint all three, even better! Well done Adrian!


Albert contacted me through Kings of War Fanatics FB group. He plans to paint the Order of Brotherhood regiment. He uses models from the Oathmark range and often swaps bits from different boxes to create a desired effect. Here has already made some progress since the beginning of March:

Order of Brotherhood

Keep up the fantastic pace, Albert! The first two knights look very good indeed!


Azazel is a veteran painter, who participated in previous years in the Monster March challenges. He has an excellent blog where he writes in details about his amazing projects. He has so many of them and with such a fantastic variety of models, that you should absolutely pay him a visit!

Azazel's Bitz Box

I can't wait to see what models Azazel is going to paint this year!


Bensome is also a returning participant and one of the famous Direct Misfire Kings of War podcast crew. He chose to build and paint Stampede for his KoW Herd army.

The models come from Mierce Miniatures range and I am sure Ben will make them look awesome! Another inspiring example of the use of unique models for your army!


If you are a fan of the Counter Charge Kings of War Podcast, then you will know Billy already! His choice of a model is also perfect for this challenge as he decided to paint a Mammoth! 

I can't wait to see which model in particular Billy picked for his project!


Boss is an excellent battle report writer so if you are into Kings of War and like a fantastic story from a real game of KoW, you must check his blog!


For the painting challenge, he chose Bog Beast from Mierce Miniatures range to represent his Tree herder for the herd KoW army.

Ollbogah, Beast of Cill Chonn Bog



Chris plans to paint some Zombie Ogres from the Reapers Miniatures range. I haven't seen those myself yet so I am happy he chose such models for the Monster March challenge.

 If things go well he may also paint some still alive Ogres too! :)


Chris K.

Chris is taking part in the KoW Australia Slow Grow challenge that is all about building an army with Mantic models.  However, participating in one does not prevent you from joining another at the same time! this is exactly what Chris did and he plans to paint his Shadowhulk for both!




Christo is currently busy with two army projects for Kings of War. Luckily he has excellent monsters for both, a Zombie Dragon and an Orc Lord on Winged Slasher!

Undead Dragon

Orc Lord on Winged Slasher

Both fantastic choices Christo! 


DAM is another of the returning participants and an excellent blog writer! He has contributed in the previous years with amazing post on his projects about Warhammer 40k Titans. this year, he has debated participating with yet another excellent model to represent the towering war engines. However, he is going to go with a bit of a different project this time. Namely, a model for Dark Angles primarch, Lion El'Johnson! 

Lion El'Johnson

Here is the link to DAM's amazing blog:

262nd Death Korps of Krieg



David is working on his army for Kings of War - Abyssal Dwarfs. They are known for either employing monsters directly or creating their own. Here are some examples of the projects David pledged to the challenge:


Great choices David!


Back in the day when played Kings of War quite often, Ed was one of my regular opponents. I could admire his great looking armies too as he often participated in the events in the UK. It is thus fantastic to have Ed participating this year with a model of Great Earth Elemental to represent a Living legend: Craggoth and Kholearm!

Another version of Greater earth Elemental


Eddie took the definition of "Monster" with a twist and decided to put his efforts in quantity as well. He is currently building a Basilean army for Kings of War. It has a lot of mounted units for which Eddie uses Ancient Greek cavalry models.

New army in the making.

That's a lot of horses to paint! I am sure you can handle it Eddie! :)


Kristoffer participated last year with his two sons. He enjoyed the challenge a lot and I am very happy to say that he decided to pledge some models again! This time he is going to paint a Riftforged Shrine for his Riftforged Orc army:

Riftforged Orcs

Orc Riftforger


I really like the model and while I know Kristoffer said it will be a challenge for him to tackle all the magic flames, I am sure he will do great!


Luca is also back for another challenge this year! It is great to see that some participants are happy to do it again. Especially that it seems that there are some real life interference that limit the spare time for hobby for Luca significantly.

He plans to paint a 3d printed Dragon from Titan Forge.


Mantic has released quite a few nice monsters in the recent times and their Chimera is definitely one of them. I am thus not surprised that Matt chose it as his new project. 



Mikes is a regular contributor on the KoW Forum. He paints Elves and his growing collection is an inspiration to many on the forum. I am happy he decided to join us and use the challenge as a way to complete the project he has started some time ago, Elf Kindred Lord on Dragon!

While he progressed through the project, he took the WiP photos and we agreed that I should post only some of these each week. In this way, he can contribute to the updates continuously. 

Assembled model ready to paint.


Nav is also a frequent contributor to the KoW Forum. Like Eddie, he chose an ambitious project of painting an entire army. This time, he also chose to use Roman legion miniatures and has 170 of them to paint! 

The horde of grey :)

I have full confidence that Nav is going to deliver as he has done so many times already! Go Nav!


Paul A.

Paul is joining the challenge with a very cool model of Radukar the Beast from Games Workshop:

Radukar, the Beast

Very interesting model I have not seen before yet. Paul plans to document the progress of this project on his blog:

A Butterfly's Hobby Tally

He also posts on Instagram: xarfaiengel

I am looking forward to seeing more photos of Radukar already!

Paul K.

Paul was encouraged by Kristoffer to give the Monster March a try. Paul kindly agreed as he has a fantastic model of Mutant Rat Fiend to paint for his KoW army.

Another excellent choice! Thanks for joining the challenge Paul!


No other models fits the description of a Monster in the way a Dragon does. Sachiel chose exactly that as his Monster march contribution. A great looking model of a Red Dragon from D&D Collector's Series.

He posted many more photos of this model and the progress he has made so far on his blog in a fantastic article as an introduction to the Monster March challenge:

The Die is Cast

Excellent start, Sachiel! Keep up the great work!   



Sceleris usually posts the photos of his models on KoW Forum and is a very efficient painter too! he mentioned he may have a few models that are sufficiently monstery so I expect some photos of finished projects posted soon! :)



Scott (aka Findol on the KoW Forum) is busy painting a model to represent a Goreblight for his KoW army. 



Great start for sure, Scott!



Snapfit plans to paint two models during the  month of March, a Warbeast and Rogue Idols for his Ogres. I have not seen the models he chose for the projects yet but judging by their cool names, these are going to look great for sure!

Snapfit also has his own blog where he is going to report on the progress:

Da Green Horde



Vince is returning to participate int this year Monster March as well. He plans to complete his project with a blast, quite literally! His model this year is a Goblin Blaster for KoW army :)However, he chose a different, 3d printed model from Titan Forge Miniatures:


Amazing choice indeed! As always, Vince is posting about the progress on his blog:

Vince on all things Kings of War 



2022 was not a great year for me hobby-wise so I hope to change that in 2023. Learnign from the experience in the previous year, I decided to try and get back to hobby gradually. So I needed a project where I could see the results relatively quickly, to keep the momentum going.

It happened that I rekindled my interest in the game of Warmaster. My High Elf army needs repairs badly. So to keep me going I joined a Slow Grow initiative on Warmaster Down Under FB. It's a bit ironic that for Monster March I continnue with 10mm scale :) But I always encouraged people to join with anything they want to paint and I intend to do so this time myself! I painted first unit of HE Spearmen to test an improved colour scheme and I am now into a second unit.

HE Spearmen - Column Formation

HE Spearmen - Row Formation

I hope that this time I will be able to restart hobbying properly and continue doing it regularly. I am already inspired by all these great entries to the challenge this year!

Please, remember that you can join the Monster March at any time so don't hesitate to do so!

Thank you and see you next week!




  1. Amazing to see so many hobbyists joining this challenge! I'm currently working on the base of my ogre warbeast, hopefully I'll be able to show it soon!

  2. Great to see so many entrants this year - can't wait to see how they all progress!

  3. A great field of participants indeed. Best of luck to all and a hearty thanks to Swordmaster for hosting again this year!

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  5. I will be joining the challenge this year! I am going to be working on a 2nd Edition Tyranid Hive Tyrant; kicking it old school :-)

  6. Incredible how many different projects there are! Really looking forward to seeing what everyone gets up to during this MonsterMarch!

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