Sunday 29 March 2020

Monster March 4 - Part 5


Welcome to another weekly update to the progress the participants of Monster March 4 painting challenge. It is already week 4 and we have only two more days left of the month. 

I am going to post a final update on 1st of April featuring all the participants. 

This time, however, it is going to be regular weekly update. Some of the participants have already finished their respective projects. Well done!

For others, the last week was the one when they managed to accomplish their goals. Congratulations!

What I found amazing in particular is that we still had people coming and asking to join the fun! At the same time, those who have already finished their projects, embarked on stretch goals and painted some more! 

It is truly amazing and I am really happy that people kept coming pretty much every week!

Let's see then what do we have this week!

Chris - Troll for Vanguard Warband

Chris is our local player from Canberra, who is very well known for his passion for classic, old school metal models for his mainly Undead collection. He decided to use the opportunity Monster March provides to paint a Troll for his Vanguard warband and here is the result:

Some really cool, metal models!
I also recommend visiting the blog Chris has to talk about all his Vampiric interests :)

Mikes - Mantic Forest Shambler

Mikes contacted me via Kings of War Forum (highly recommended for all you KoW enthusiasts!) and he has joined with his project of painting Forest Shamblers. He has already finished two models and he hopes he is going to get third one done for complete regiment soon!

Really nice looking Mantic Shambler!

Really good job Mikes! Keep it up and you will have not only a regiment but also a horde done soon! 

Christo - Slasher

Despite many other distractions, Christo did very well in returning to his project and finished painting brand new Mantic Goblin Slasher.

Mantic Goblin Slasher - really cool looking model!

Well done Christo! It is one cool model for sure!

Craig - Abyssal Archfiend

Craig joins the group of participants who have completed their goal. He told me he was experimenting a lot, in particular with contrast paints. I know what you mean! However, this painting challenge is a perfect time for experimenting!

Well done Craig! 

DAM - Legio Ignatum Warlord Titan

DAM has almost finished his Titan last week and left some basing to do. The magnificent Titan is now battle ready, together with the whole array of weapons to choose from!

Warlord Titan is now battle ready!

Check out more details on the dedicated blog post DAM has recently published on his blog:

Ed O'Malley - Adeptus Custodes Dreadnought

Ed has already finished his Dreadnought but is one of the participants who continued with the next project. He was not able to update his blog yet but he sent me his photos anyway:

Contemptor Achillus

Well done, Ed! Two Dreadnoughts in one month, awesome!

Edzig - Tree Herder

Edzig is one of my longest sparring partners first for the games in Warhammer, and now in Kings of War. If you read any of my battle reports, he is one of the UK Master players and he is currently running a Forces of Nature army with a lot of Forest Shamblers. He decided that there is still plenty of time to begin and finish painting his Tree Herder!

Mantic Tree Herder

Welcome on board Ed!

Marc - Tyranid Brood Lord

Marc has also finished his cool model of Tyranid Blood Lord for Space Hulk. Excellent achievement, especially considering that he has only recently joined the challenge!

Space Hulk!

Really well done Marc!

You can check more photos on Marc's blog here:

Remy - Goblin Wartoad Rider

Remy has recently joined the challenge. Despite the fact his initial message to me did not go through, he was persistent and fortunately, we had different methods of communication. He painted really great looking Goblin Wartoad Rider!

Awesome model!

Great looking model, Remy! Once again, thanks for not giving up and joining the challenge! 

Please, check Remy's fantastic blog. May be of particular interest to all those of you who like green color in particular :)

Collecting Green - Monster March

P.S. I was informed that the link I presented is actually Remy's friend, Erik! Remy often publishes there but Erik is the owner of the Collecting Green blog. My apologies, Erik and I am glad you discovered my blog thanks to Remy :)

Sam - Mindstealer Sphiranx

Although Sam started the project just recently, the first out three Sphiranxes is already finished! Here are some photos I copied from her twitter:

Pharaoh Cat!

There is a short video showing the model in 360 degrees on Sam's twitter account:

Sav Gaglio - Daemon Prince

Sav has just finished his Daemon Prince too! Check it out!

Classic Daemon Prince!

Well done Sav, especially with that difficult white body to paint! 

Vince - Phoenix

Vince has been making a steady progress with this wonderful model and he has just finished this model too!

Mantic Pheonix - infantry model for scale comparison.

Well done Vince! Really good job and congratulations on finishing the model! Please check his blog for more pictures!

Swordmaster - Dracon Lord(s)

I was nicely surprised I was able to finish first model quite quickly so I kept the momentum going. It was a great decision as I have just finished the second one! 

Dracon Lord number 2

I experimented with red cloak this time. Believe it or not, but I have never painted red cloak before! I also decided to go with some more red on the lance banner as well as reigns. I am still not sure if I should have gone with red cloak only and paint banner and reins in purples but that's always difficult to tell.

In general, I am quite happy as I got the high contrast I wanted achieve. However, I noticed that my Vallejo Fantasy Color of Blood Red is quite shiny. I tried to add some washes to tone it down but it didn't quit work. I noticed I prefer the matt colors that give some smooth covering and surprisingly, that is not necessarily achievable with the same brand. 

I will most likely try to obtain some other red color, either from Vallejo Model Colors or other brand in the future.

However, I am super happy I finished these two models and now I have a difficult decision to make - what's next? :)

Many thanks to all the participants for the updates. I will post one more time to summarise the Monster March 4 challenge on Wednesday, 1st April.



  1. Brilliant work all round! I knew you would be able to paint an excellent red cloak.

    1. Hi Ed! Thanks! I am glad you like it!

      Also, sincere apologies to Sav for uploading the picture from the previous week instead. It has now been corrected!

  2. Great work showcased out there. Nicely done! I'll have one more post up Tuesday on to show off the completed Warlord Titan, base and all this time. The base is done, but I'm going to take this project right to the end to be sure I get looking fierce.

    1. Thanks DAM! The Titan already looks fantastic and I am sure many of us will be coming back to your excellent posts for some more inspiration. :)

  3. So many awesome project completed! Bravo everyone; same time next year?

    1. Totally agree Marc! And you know what? After such a fantastic attendance this year, there is no doubt, there will be Monster March 5 next year! :)