Sunday 1 March 2020

Monster March 4 - Part 1


Welcome to Monster March 4 first post! It is with great pleasure that I would like to introduce you all the participants in this year painting challenge. There are some veterans joining the ranks again and there are some new painters too!

I can tell you that all participants chose some really great models. You will see by yourself soon but I just wanted to say that thanks to Monster March challenge I learned about models I didn't know anything about it. This is yet another benefit of participating in painting challenges. You get inspired by other people's choices, ideas and models.

Before I start introducing the participants, I would like to add that you can join the challenge at any time! Please let me know whenever you are ready!

And now, please meet the participants of Monster March 4 - 2020!

Bennett - Reaper Bones Dragon

Bennett is participating in Monster March challenge for the very first time and chose the Dragon from Reaper Bones! This model is a gift for Bennett's sister in law, perfect reason to paint such a beautiful model!

Reaper Bones - the Dragon!

Bennett also told me about the blog he writes about D&D so if you are interested in such topic, here is the link:

Boss Salvage - Murguba

I believe Boss participated in the very first Monster March so it is great to see him back! He decided to choose quite a unique (at least for me!) Monster:

This intriguing monster is the design from Reclusive Phoenix Entertainment and Boss plans to use this model for his Kings of War Trident Realm army!

Christo - Slasher

Christo is a one of the fantastic players I had a great pleasure to play against during local tournaments (and not only!). It is awesome that he decided to participate as I know he has a lot of projects to work on. He decided to choose new Goblin Slasher for this challenge:

Goblin Slasher
Great to see another model dedicated for Kings of War army!

Craig - Abyssal Archfiend

Like Christo, Craig is also a local player and participant and I can't tell you how happy I am that they take part in this challenge. It would be fantastic if more Canberrans would like to join so I hope they would pave the way for the future participants.

Craig got a very interesting model during the most recent event and he intends to use it as the Abyssal Archfiend:

The Abyssal Archfiend - Front

Abyssal Archfiend - Back

As you can see, Craig has already started painting his model. He tells me he is going to use contrast paints for this project. I am really curious about the overall effect as I know contrast paints are becoming more popular.

Cylde - Eldar Void Dragon Phoenix

Cylde also participated in Monster March in the past and this time he is going to paint an Eldar Void Dragon Phoenix. I have a soft spot for Eldar models in general, as I used to have a small army in 2nd edition of Warhammer 40k. I am already looking forward to the first pictures!

Eldar Void Dragon Phoenix

In the meantime you should definitely visit his blog where he post about his beautifully painted models. 

DAM - Legio Ignatum Warlord Titan

Last year DAM painted a great looking model of a Warlord Titan. This year he is coming back with yet another Warlord Titan, but this time in Legio Ingnatum livery:

Legio Ignatum

You should also visit his blog here:

Ed O'Malley - Adeptus Custodes Dreadnought

I am really happy to see quite a number of great painters who keep returning every year and Ed is one of them! He has just finished his Squandry painting challenge and he is now ready to add Adeptus Custodes Dreadnought to the squad he has just finished painting. 

Adeptus Custodes Dreadnought

Judging by the great looking squad, Ed will paint his Dreagnought to a very high standard. You can check his squad, first post about Monster March challenge and many more on his blog:

Sav Gaglio - Daemon Prince

Sav pledged a classic model of Daemon Prince this time and I must say it is an excellent choice! It brings some memories of old days for sure!

Daemon Prince of Chaos

Swordmaster - Drakon Lord(s)

First two years I was only hosting but after last year, when I painted some Forest Shamblers and Wardens for my Kings of War army, I decided to participate again! And I think I have some nice models to do so!

Prince on Griffon

This is another classic model and I use two of them to represent my Drakon Lords. Both are at some early stages of painting and I believe I should be able to finish at least one of them!

It is great to see a variety of models chosen for this challenge and I already feel motivated to do some painting! As always, I can't wait to see the progress! 

See you next week!


  1. Great to see so many people joining in. It's gonna be a good one this year!

    1. Absolutely! I am really happy to see the level of commitment, very motivational! :)

  2. Going to try join in this year, will put in a Juan Diaz metal Demon Prince for my Iron Warriors.

    Just need to finish up the final Squaduary post.

    1. That's great news Rory! Especially that you are stepping right from Squandry! It is awesome to have you on board!

  3. Hi Swordmaster,
    It seems I'm late for the party, but still I'm willing to pledge something. Here's my contribution: the Basilean Phoenix:

    1. Hi Vince!

      No worries at all! You are never late :) And it is a fantastic choice, I think I would love to paint such model one day myself. It is simply awesome!

  4. Second post is up on the blog!

    1. Excellent progress Ed! If you can complete two models in one month - even better! :)

  5. First post