Sunday 15 March 2020

Monster March 4 - Part 3


It is half of the month already meaning it's time for another update! The participants worked really hard to progress their respective projects. As you are going to see soon, they made some really stunning advancements and the effects are already awesome!

What is also fantastic is that we are still getting people joining the challenge! That's amazing because it is really about starting or resuming that great painting project of yours. As long as you do so, the goal is automatically achieved! 

Without further ado, let's see what are the updates this week!

Cylde - Eldar Void Dragon Phoenix

Cylde chose a very ambitious painting scheme for his model but what he has already achieved is simply mind blowing! Check this example:

Cosmic Painting!

Or better, why don't you just visit Cylde's blog and let him know how much you like his painting :) He says he needs to finish painting the weapons now and the model is done!

Mastodonica - Monster March update

DAM - Legio Ignatum Warlord Titan

DAM is painting all he parts for the Titan while majority of these are still on a sprue. I find this method quite tempting and definitely smart. After all, it is often hard to access, if not impossible, to access all the details. And while the model is not fully assembled yet, you can see how close DAM is to finishing it!

An example of color scheme.

DAM has many more photos on his blog. I highly recommend to pay him a visit and see how much progress he has achieved this week!

Marc - Tyranid Brood Lord

Marc has just joined the challenge so welcome on board! He chose a fantastic model of Tyranid Brood Lord from Space Hulk:

Perfect choice for Monster March!

I am sure Marc will do great with this model and you should definitely visit his blog to have a taste of what his Tyranid color scheme is like:

Rory - Daemon Prince

Rory shows a lot of dedication to the powers of dark gods as he needs to embark on the journey of filling the gaps after assembling his old school, metal model. 

There are some big gaps to fill there!

Which reminds me how easy it is to get used to the plastic models which are far easier to assembly and usually, the parts fit better anyway!

But I do believe in Rory that he is going to pass this tough test of will and determination! In the meantime, check out his other fantastic project on his blog:

Sam - Mindstealer Sphiranx

Sam found out about Monster March on Twitter and asked if Mindstealer Sphiranx would be acceptable for the challenge. Of course it is! What an amazing model! Can't wait to see it painted!

That's a very intriguing model for sure!

Welcome on board Sam!

Sav Gaglio - Daemon Prince

Sav is another participant who chose great model of a Daemon Prince and he made some progress this week too.

Daemon Prince in the making!

That's good progress Sav! Keep up the good work!

Vince - Phoenix

Vince is also doing a few projects in parallel so I am very happy he finds time to make some progress with his Phoenix. It is fantastic model but painting flames is definitely a challenge.

Looking better and better!

In my opinion, Vince is doing really great with such a demanding model. Well done, Vince! Please check his blog here:

Swordmaster - Drakon Lord(s)

I must admit I did not expect I would be able to finish this model but I have done it! Drakon Lord is done! I think I will keep up the momentum going and continue with painting his twin brother :)

A quick photo of the finished model.

This time I had to add some finishing touches to the griffion but I mainly focused on cloak, lance and gems to finish the model. I hoped to achieve color shifting effect for cloak and pendant where the colors shift from purple o turquoise. It was very challenging on "floating on the wind" elements. I am happy with the effect in general but at the same time it is one of the areas I will need to work on.

I am considering painting the cloak for his twin in reds instead as this another type of color I find personally challenging to paint well on cloths. But if done right, it can look really, really well.

If you have not managed to make any progress this week - don't worry! That's why the challenge is done for the whole month so that you can come back to it the following week. 

And if you are thinking about starting a project that requires assembling and/or painting a bigger model - come join us!

I will see you next week!


  1. Hear, hear! Great work out there.

  2. Some fantastic progress from everyone! I've just posted a project update here:

    1. Thanks Ed! Great to see the model done and that you are already getting to your stretch goal :)

  3. The Drakon Lord looks fantastic mate :-) I have only just undercoated my Broodlord :-@

    1. Thanks Marc! I am glad you like it! And don't worry, there is still time to make some progress :)

  4. Finished