Sunday 8 March 2020

Monster March 4 - Part 2


The first week of the Monster March painting challenge is about to end and I must tell you that all the participants started strong. In fact, there are a few more who have just joined as well! It simply shows it is never too late to get that big model you wanted to assemble and paint started!

Just check out the progress participants have made so far, get inspired and motivated and join us! You know you want to! :)

As in previous editions of Monster March, I am going to show progress each participant has made so far. Some of us had more time to use, some of us did not but the main goal is to keep moving forward! 

Boss Salvage - Murguba

Boss carefully inspected the size of his model and decided the best fit would be to use it as a Knucker in his Trident Realms army. And what a better start for the model for the force of creatures from the deep Seas than a proper bath before the assembly!

All parts ready - nice and clean!

Christo - Slasher

Who would have thought that Goblins also like bathing! But that is what Christo tells me as his pet Slasher was also neatly washed, assembled and prepared for painting!

Ready to Roar!

Christo started documenting his progress here:

Craig - Abyssal Archfiend

Craig mentioned that this week was quite difficult in terms of time availability but what is the most important is that he made progress regardless! That's the spirit Craig! Keep up the good work!

A bit more definition on the nicely detailed model.

Cylde - Eldar Void Dragon Phoenix

As you can expect, assembling a model of a size of Eldar Void Dragon Phoenix takes time but Clyde started strong with this beautiful model. He also managed to add some first undercoats! Well done!

Such a beautiful model!

You should definitely check Cylde's blog for more details on this project as well as other featuring beautifully painted models!

DAM - Legio Ignatum Warlord Titan

DAM prepared not one but two blog entries that are related to his project! The first post was about magnetising the model and selection of weapons so that it can be used flexibly for his games with different type of armament. Way to go in order to utilise the model to the fullest potential!

Assembly stage and selection of weapons.

Second post was about assembly and painting. It is really worth checking as DAM has a special approach as to which parts are assembled and painted and which ones are painted while on a sprue. Clever!  Check it out here:

Ed O'Malley - Adeptus Custodes Dreadnought

Ed started very strong as well! To the point that he is already considering painting a stretch goal model! :)

Great progress on this Dreadnought!

Here is the link to Ed's blog where he posts about the details:

Michael - Lord on Chimera

Michael is working diligently on his Northern Alliance army for Kings of War and he has a perfect model for the Lord to lead it:

Assembled and ready to paint!

This model has been recently released by Mantic and I would love to see it in real life as it looks really good on the photos!

Rory - Daemon Prince

Rory has just finished hosting painting challenge called Squandry and painted his squad for that too! He is joining Monster March as well with yet another classic model he intends to paint for his Iron Warriors army.

Deamon Prince sculpted by Juan Diaz

And you should absolutely check the beautiful models people painted for Squandry!

Sav Gaglio - Daemon Prince

Sav made some good progress on his model and as many of us, assembled and prepared his Daemon Prince for some painting!

Looks cool even when not painted!

Vince - Phoenix

Vince chose another beautiful model from the most recent releases - Phoenix! I must admit that it is one of those I consider buying and painting just for that reason! Excellent choice, Vince!

Phoenix - the beginning!

Vince is documenting the progress on his blog and you can check more pictures here:

Swordmaster - Drakon Lord(s)

I must admit I was lucky to have some more time to paint but I also was very happy to see I can make faster progress than anticipated! Even if I had basic colors painted on the model already.

Progress so far.

I started with feathers and since I enjoy painting details, I decided to paint each one of them instead of drybrushing. It was a good decision as I had a better control over the highlights. I worked on griffon's body next and I kept it simple. I am still learning how to achieve nice transitions on bigger surfaces. I will paint claws, beak and eyes next to have the griffon finished.

I then proceeded to painting the gold armour of the rider. It was done in multiple stages where I combined many layers with washes. I am quite happy with the effect!

I will most likely continue with the cloak and other purple elements. After that there will be plenty of details to attend to. The most challenging will be painting the face I think. Let's see how much I can paint this week!

Many thanks to all the participants! Great to see progress and more people joining the challenge! There is still a lot of time to do it!
Until next week!


  1. Some excellent progress already! That Drakon Lord is looking great.

    1. So true! Some really good starts and great overall progress. I find it very inspiring and motivating personally.

      Thanks for kind words! I am quite happy with the effect at this stage. Need to keep the momentum going!

  2. I have finally got around to picking my project; 12 days down already and I have only just constructed it! This weekend is going to be very busy... here's my first post (after this I'll email a photo when I have some progress)

    1. Hi Marc!

      Thanks for posting and sorry for delay in replying. Welcome on board and thanks a lot for a great blog post! That's a great choice for a model for sure and I am sure you will bring it to live!


  3. This week's entry

    1. Wow! Some really cosmic painting there Cylde! Awesome!