Friday 24 November 2017

Armies of Australian Masters 2017 - Part 5


In part 5 of the Armies of Australian Masters 2017 we have Kingdoms of Men army with Goblin allies (yes!) commanded by Chris!

Interestingly, Chris attended eight tournaments in the last season but only once with Kingdoms of Men army! He usually played with Ratkin and twice with Goblins. 

Kingdoms of Men - Chris - Army List

40 Pole-Arms Block, Horde, Healing Brew
- 10 Militia Mob, Troops
- 10 Militia Mob, Troops
- General on Winged Beast, Hero, The Boomstick

40 Pole-Arms Block, Horde
- 10 Militia Mob, Troops
- 10 Militia Mob, Troops
- Wizard, Hero, Pegasus, Lightning Bolt (3) 

40 Pole-Arms Block, Horde
- Wizard, Hero, Pegasus, Lightning Bolt (3) 

20 Pole-Arms Block, Regiment
- Wizard, Hero, Pegasus, Lightning Bolt (3)

40 Arquebusiers, Jar of the Four Winds

Goblin Allies

10 Fleabag Rider Sniffs, Regiment
- Wiz, Hero, Fleabag, Lightning Bolt (3)
10 Fleabag Rider Sniffs, Regiment

10 Fleabag Rider Sniffs, Regiment
This army is the main contender in the "most numerous models" army competition and with 17 elements total it is definitely one of the most numerous in terms of units too. They are often lightly armored but destroying them takes time and they may be quite resilient regardless, especially if in horde formation.

Visual representation of the Army.

Let's have a closer look at the army:

3 x 40 + 1 x 20 Pole-Arms Block - Strong Men armed with halberds, partisans, fauchards and other oddly-shaped poleaxes.

The main battle line and melee orientated units. They may not hit often but when they do it will count due to sheer number of attacks and Crushing Strength (1). Lightly defended as majority of the army, they will probably form the second wave while smaller and expendable troops are providing cover and slow down the enemy.

40 Arquebusiers - A relatively new weapon, hard-hitting arquebuses are an expensive replacement for crossbows.

Main long range support unit. Jar of the Four Winds upgrade allows it to put some more distance (and more units!) from the enemy. In similar fashion as Pole-Arms Block, hitting the target may be a problem sometimes but whatever hits should usually do damage. Even against heavily armored targets.

4 x 10 Militia Mob - Hurriedly conscripted in time of dire need, these rag-tag formations never last very long.

Very cheap, expendable troops that provide cover for other units and are a living shield of the army. They can also be used to take care of the objectives. As long as they annoy and distract the enemy they are doing their job.

3 x Wizard on Pegasus - These lonesome, mysterious figures are a rare and powerful addition to any Human army.

Mobile sources of the lightning bolts they can either focus their attention on a single target or divide the shots between multiple targets. The former may be a good idea at the start of the game, the latter is very useful to finish off the stragglers. 

General on Winged Beast - Only the richest noblemen can afford to ride a Hippogryph, Manticore or similar winged beast.

The only source of Inspire for the KoM part of an army. Can aid any unit in melee and take on small support enemy regiments on his own but as he is also equipped with the Boomstick, he will probably be flying around with Wizards to blast at the foes from afar.

3 x 10 Fleabag Rider Sniffs - These mounted Goblin archers excel at lightning hit and run attacks.

More fast shooters in the form of nimble cavalry units. The allied contingent provides more versatile options for enemy harassment and helps otherwise infantry based army by adding fast and maneuverable elements.

Wiz on Fleabag - The spellcasters of Goblinkind are known as the Wiz, all of whom are diminutive
but dangerous.

Yet another source of Lighting Bolts, his only role is to add to the pool of the ranged attacks.

In general, the army has good ranged attacks abilities and a lot of expendable units that may significantly slow down an advance of any army.

Feel free to comment on this force!

Thanks for reading!


  1. A very unusual army this time! I like the fleabag regiments a lot even if it seems wrong for goblins and humans to work together in my opinion. I’m personally not a huge fan of allies unless there is a cool, army fluff reason behind it or cool conversions, so maybe his goblins fit in the list in a neat way!

    The triple lightning wizards seems interesting and if the combined could do some real damage. Not sure about the horse of arquebrusiers personally. That is a lot of points invested in something that is very stagnant and terrain dependent as well as easy to disrupt. And another list that is light on inspiring! I’m curious if that plays a role in the tournament. Good players can probably get away with using fewer sources if they are good at anticipating where it needs to be.

    Great write up!

    1. Hi Dan,

      Thanks a lot! It is indeed an unusual army with such high body count :) Allies is always an interesting and potentially controversial topic. I wish there was some more background to armies likes this but I think one can imagine that Men are very pragmatic in their approach and will do absolutely everything in their power to defeat their foes.

      With so many units one can afford to position the Arquebusiers where they can do the most damage. Of course that would also mean that they may need to shoot over the heads of their companions. On the other hand they may serve the role of scaring the enemies to the other area of the battle field where you can be prepared to face them. And still have range to reach many potential targets.

      Yet another army I have never fought against before so it will be interesting to see if I can come up with the good plan against them.


  2. Well, with their being so many men in the list it's easy to picture the goblins being coerced, I imagine they're fairly mercenary in nature anyhow.

    I love this kind of list, there's a real army feel to it and they're clearly not afraid to take multiple 'sacrificial' troops. Really intrigued to see how it fares.

  3. I didn't play against Chris at the Masters but I may have a little surprise anyway. Stay tuned!