Wednesday 22 November 2017

Armies of Australian Masters 2017 - Part 3


Welcome to the part 3 of Armies of Australian Masters 2017! Today another Undead army is going to be featured but this one is of a completely different flavor. 

This undead force is commanded by Adam who currently holds the "Best in Race: Undead" title. Adam is a regular tournaments participant and in four out of six events last season he took his Undead Army. And while Josh puts his faith in Mummies and War Engines, Adam brings all mounted force of Undead Cavalry!

Undead - Adam - Army List

10 Soul Reaver Cavalry, Regiment, Maccwar’s Potion of the Caterpillar
- Revenant King on Undead Winged Wyrm, Hero

10 Revenant Cavalry, Regiment
- 5 Revenant Cavalry, Troops 
- Revenant King, Hero, Mounted
10 Revenant Cavalry, Regiment
- 5 Revenant Cavalry, Troops
- Army Standard Bearer, Hero, Mounted, Lute of Insatiable Darkness

10 Revenant Cavalry, Regiment
- 5 Revenant Cavalry, Troops
- Necromancer, Hero, Mounted, Bane Chant, Inspiring Talisman

6 Werewolves, Horde
All mounted Undead force is an army that has a very good charge range, even if majority of the units Shamble to battle. But that also provides very interesting opportunities to intercept some careless fliers. Defense 5+ on almost all models is also a great thing to have and while this force does not have regenerative or healing abilities of Mummies it should make up for it in the speed and maneuverability.

Visual representation of the Army.

Let's have a look at the units Adam chose for his force:

10 Soul Reavers Cavalry - The Soul Reavers are composed of Vampire knights, the most formidable living dead warriors – few enemies are brave enough to stand their ground against one of their devastating charges.

Powerful unit of mounted Vampires, this unit comes upgraded with Pathfinder rule that takes care of the issue of hindered charges for the knights when they attack through difficult terrain. The units is almost unstoppable when charging but defense 6+ also helps to stuck in melee and grind the enemies to dust.

3 x 10 Revenant Cavalry - The knights that have fallen fighting the undead are often condemned to renege their vows in the most odious of ways, feasting on the souls of those they had sworn to defend in life.

These units form the core of the army and are quite unique regiments. On one hand they share the characteristics of the knights with their Speed 8 and Defense 5+ as well as Thunderous Charge (2). On the other they hit "only" on 4+ and Shamble so may not advance the enemy lines as fast as other units. However, Shambling provides a lot of unique opportunities and potential nasty flank charges for careless opponents.

3 x 5 Revenant Cavalry - Smaller units can still be very dangerous and provide more flexibility in the maneuvering due to smaller size, an option to send them against enemy support units. Very reliable too as they cannot be wavered. 

6 WerewolvesThe curse of Lycanthropy turns its victims into huge wolf-hybrids, nigh-invulnerable to most weapons and fighting, with speed and strength beyond the limits of mortal flesh.

Looks like Vampires brought their pets to join them in the hunt! Werewolves form the fastest and the most maneuverable unit in the army. They are capable of dealing with enemy units on their own but if they add their strength to a combined charge even bigger formations may crumble in no time.

Revenant King - Buried in their barrows together with their most precious weapons and armour, the Revenant Kings make superb officers for the legions of Skeletons and Revenants.

The Revenant King is a very flexible and versatile hero. He is the source of Inspire, important also for Undead, can Surge the units into melee but can also add his own might to combat, be it along the units or on his own. Defense 5+ and Nerve 14/16 make him as resilient as any Knightly unit too!

Revenant King on Undead Flying Wyrm - A Great King of old buried together with its most mighty and faithful war-steed.

The most powerful and the most resilient element of the army. A Great King is both a leader and a warrior, inspiring his minions and animating them but ready to take on the enemy personally whenever the opportunity arises.

Army Standard - Most undead are uninterested in honour and duty, but the sorceries that imbue the gory standards of their armies are a source of unliving energy that sustains the minions of the Undead Lords.

This hero is here in order to further inspire nearby units but the Lute will also help in dealing some damage, especially when the cavalry cannot avoid hindered charges.

Necromancer - Twisted wizards who have dabbled uncautiously with the dark lore of necromancy, these individuals have turned into unliving servants for the lords of the undead.

Another source of Inspire but also Surge and Bane Chant, depending which is more needed. Very important support even if it is probably the most fragile model in the army.

It will be very interesting to see this unique army in action and I actually hope Adam and Josh will meet on the battle field to sort out whose approach to Undead force is superior!

Thanks for reading!


  1. When I was reading through the lists for this event, this one caught my eye. Not the most maneuverable force in the traditional sense but access to surge shenanigans can’t be ignored. Good defense with access to long charge ranges and tricks. I hope you get to play this list as it’s a report I’d like to read!

    1. Hi Dan,

      It is indeed a very interesting army, I haven't seen one like that before! As to the game ... who knows, maybe I will be able to do something about it :)


  2. Revenant cavalry, I think, are hugely underrated. Resilient, have the surge thing and at movement 8 shambling isn't such an issue. Used well this army could be lethal.

    There's a few all cavalry lists running around, as an undead player this is my favourite :).

    1. I got to play that list so wait until the report ... or two! :D