Sunday 27 March 2022

Monster March 6 - Part 5



This week passed away really fast for me so I am very happy to see that many of the participants continue making a very good progress on their respective projects! 

We are getting close to the final update and the end of this year's Monster March challenge. It means that many of the participants have completed their projects already, and some continue with their stretch goals. In general, models are often look almost finished and it is fantastic to see all the accomplishments already. 

Well done everyone! Let's see what did everyone paint last week!


I would like to apologize to Azazel as I forgot to mention one of his earlier works he completed in early March. He painted this fantastic Teumessian Fox!

As always, there are many more details in Azazel's dedicated blog post!

Azazel's Bitz Box - Teumessian Fox

Azazel continues with painting some gorgeous models every week and for this update he prepared Fell Beasts!

Please, check his most recent post where you will find more photos of these great models:

Azazel's Bitz Box - Fell Beasts


Ben took a break from his project to help his friend with the preparation of his Basilean army for the upcoming tournament. Ben did all the basing, models preparation and assembly, as well as priming them for painting. Check out the effects as I think the models look great even without the paint on them yet!

I like the models representing Basilean Elohi in particular! Although the mounted Paladins are great too!

Chris K.

Chris is very close to complete his project! His Reanimated Behemoth looks really good indeed!


I can't wait to see it finished and as a part of the army! Who knows, if I am lucky, I may have a chance to admire the Behemoth personally :)



I really admire DAM's patience as he meticulously paints the intricate patterns on armored plates for his Titans! Check out an example below:


There is no doubt that both engines are going to look fantastic! And while we are all waiting for them to be assembled and ready to march to war, why not check DAM's another excellent blog post?

262nd Death Korps of Krieg 


Duncan and Matilda

Dad and Daughter team is now working on the bases of their awesome models. What is equally important, the mushrooms received some much needed dots! I am sure you would agree they look even cooler with the dots!




I really like the vibrant colours you chose for your models! It is great to see they are almost finished too, well done! 


Ed O'Malley

Ed is one of the regular participants of Monster March painting challenges. It is no different this year, although real life interfered and Ed was not able to post the usual updates on his blog. However, the massive Hive Tyrant with Wings was painted and that's all that matters!



Erasmus has just finished his project for this year! His Night Stalkers army has now a new unit ready for battle!

I think this spider is so cute that from now on I am going to call it Itsy Bitsy :)


Kristoffer has just send me some updates on his and his sons models progress. Gottfrid has already completed his project but we would need to wait for the photos for the next week. Hektor is working on his Chroneas and you can see it in the family photo below.

As always, Kristoffer has some great things to share:

I managed to get one good painting session when I did all the details on my big Troll. The pictures show the result. Worth mentioning might be that I ended up making the eyes black and I’ve added some lime tones to highlight the skin. I’m pretty sure it can be pushed and refined further but this will have to do. I intend to do the base during the final week, and I think that will make the model come together. My main purpose of the strange sandy cliff he’s standing on was to elevate and angle him better for gameplay – now I’ll have to see what can be done to make it look right. 


The models look great and I am already looking forward for the next week to see the final stages of each project. Well done guys, keep up the good work!



Luca has just returned from a local tournament and got really inspired by the armies he has seen there! Way to go Luca! 

The model is almost finished! Well done!


To break up the routine of painting one model, Mikes switched from a Dragon to a Drakon instead! That is often quite a good idea to keep the motivation high and momentum going!


You are making a lot of good progress this month Mikes! Keep it up!

Michael S.

Michael also has just completed his Monster March 6 project! His Rhino (acting as a Mammoth for his Ogre army) looks absolutely fantastic!

I think the model looks fantastic! I like the eyes in particular, very fitting for the model and the army! Michael is now finishing preparation for Briscon tournament which, if I remember correctly, should take place in the second half of April.

Michael has already sent me some photos of his army but I will show them next week for the final update. You will see then how well the Rhino/Mammoth fits in his army!


I have a feeling that Sceleris accelerated last week and painted even more models than usual! Here are some examples:

Well done indeed! Please, keep them coming!


Snapfit converted and painted the model for Gorgrim Bloodjaw, his Orruk Megboss!

Make sure to visit his blog where he explains what was his inspiration and here you can find more pictures too!

Da Green Horde - Orruk Megaboss



Telchar converted and painted a model to represent the Exemplar Redeemer on flying Unicorn for the Brotherhood army for Kings of War:


The flying monster looks very familiar :) More pictures of Telchar's model on KoW Forum!

KoW Forum - Telchar



Vince planned his project very well and thanks to that he has just completed his Horde of Knights for Kings of War army!

There are many more photos and a dedicated post on his blog, so make sure you visit!

Vince on all things Kings for War



Wilberforce made a significant progress on his model despite being sick. I hope painting helped you to fight off the sickness and we all wish you a speedy recovery!

He even made a short blog post to document his progress! 

The Joy of Painting Badly


Many thanks to all who sent the updates for the last week and congratulations on your progress! We have only one week left but please, remember it is never too late too join! It may be a good opportunity to start something new as well and use the momentum to continue with another project.

See you next week! 


  1. Hi. How do I join in please?

    1. Hi Agtfos,

      Thanks for reaching out!

      Just send me the photos of your model with a short description of your project to and I will be very happy to add you to the next week update!


  2. Finally completed my Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaurs for Blood Bowl. Only took 28-odd years.

  3. I finally got this pair of Sheidlwolf Yetis over the line yesterday, April 1st.

    1. Excellent choice to finish the series of fantastic projects for Monster March!

      Thank you very much for your amazing contributions, Azazel! So many fantastic models were showcased by you. I am really happy you joined us this year again and kept inspiring everyone!


    2. Thanks, Swordmaster - it's always an enjoyable challenge to participate in - and so rewarding to get stuff finished off that's often been "stuck" for some time (years, usually!) as well as models that have been sitting around upopened! :)