Monday 14 March 2022

Monster March 6 - Part 3




Time for an update on the progress after second week of Monster March 6 painting challenge. It is usually the time when the first layers are painted on the models. Of course, participants have their own pace! 

Once again, it is absolutely amazing to see all the progress made and such a wonderful variety of projects and models. It is also fantastic to see that there are more people joining the challenge as well!

Let's have a look!

Azazel & Marouda

It is great to see Marouda joining the challenge, Welcome! :) And many thanks to Azazel for suggesting joining the Monster March too!

Marouda picked a Gorgon model and I must say it is an excellent choice! I love how animated it looks and there is something magical in this bronze creature.


You absolutely have to check the post on Azazel's Bitz Box Marouda wrote. There are more photos of the Gorgon there and some really nice descriptions of the colours and techniques chosen for this project.

Azazel's Bitz Box - D&D Monster Manual 70

Looks fantastic Marouda! I hope we can see more of your projects too! Keep up the great work!

Azazel is always an inspiration in terms of choice of some amazing models. I am also jealous that he is able to paint so fast :) It is a great motivation though, especially in the time when I don't have many opportunities to paint. I will keep trying too!

This time, Azazel painted a Chimera. Another fabulous, mythical beast!

You can also count on Azazel to have a dedicated blog post for his models, so make sure you check out all the details he provided!

Azazel's Bitz Box - Mythic Battles: Pantheon

Thanks again! Can't wait to see what is going to be next!


After assembling and priming the model last week, Ben was ready to start painting his Avatar of the Father for the Herd army for Kings of War. With main colours painted, the models looks great already!


I really like  how natural the transition between brown and grey fur looks. Awesome effect Ben!

Chris K.

I recall that assembling metal models was always a challenge in itself so I hope Chris did not have many problems with his Reanimated Behemoth. 


I really like this model! As always, you can be sire that Chris is going to bring the model to life with his awesome old school painting style (pun intended! :D).


If you have not seen DAM's work before, let me tell you that he is organized and methodical as every self-respecting adept of Mechanicum is! What is more, he records the progress and stages of assembling and painting of his models in a very structured way. 

It is no different this time! Which is awesome because I am sure many people would find the information he shares very useful for their own projects.

You should definitely check his dedicated blog post for some excellent tips and many more photos!

262nd Death Korps of Krieg - Week One Progress

Well done and keep up the great work!


DrearNort is well known among Kings of War players for his super clean style of painting and really cool ideas for units' bases. You can see how Kings of War multi-basing allows for creative approach to what is building mini-dioramas.


There are many more photos from various angles of this regiment for the army of Basilea DreadNort keeps adding to on a regular basis.

KoW Forum - DreadNort

Thanks a lot and please, keep them coming!  


Duncan & Matilda

Duncan and Matilda are quickly becoming masters of the Contrast Paints! They are already finishing the Griffon and had a lot of fun with the Troll. Especially Matilda, because the model has a lot mushrooms and that is a fantastic opportunity to paint them all in different colours!

Hydra needs a bit more time as it seems to be a bit more complex model to paint.




All models are looking great so keep up the great pace! The vibrant colours will ensure to attract attention and I am sure they will be great centre pieces of any army!


My apologies to Eddie, as he has posted the new photos almost at the same time I did my update last week. I wanted to update the post with these photos but before I knew it, it was the time for another update! I think I got myself in some sort of strange time bubble!

Check out the progress on his Mutant Rat Fiend!



It looks really good, Eddie! Great job! :)


Erasmus started with the base and little "spiders" before he continues to the main model of the project. No wonder, as the big Fiend dominates the base and it would be unwieldy to try and paint smaller models later.



They all look properly spooky, fitting the theme of the army perfectly!


HouseElf has just joined the challenge and not with one but three models together! They look to me as some Swamp Beasts and I am sure you would agree that the project execution is superb!

Please check KoW forum as HouseElf provided many more photos of these great models and share some tips regarding the bases.

 KoW Forum - HouseElf

Thanks a lot for joining and hopefully we will see some more models from HouseElf in the upcoming weeks!


Kristoffer always provides a very good description of his and his sons' progress so I am going to quote him directly regarding the details from the last week! 

First off, sadly Gottfrid hasn’t worked on the Aralez since last week so it’s status is unchanged, however he had a head start and will probably soon be back on track. 

As hinted last week Hektor has been working on a plan to do the flames on the Chroneas with transparent yellow spray paint – tinting them from blue/turquoise to green. The hope is to get a nice blend and a shine simultaneously. This would certainly have been a lot easier using a proper air brush, but we don’t have any, so boldly he tries out the concept without one. The pictures show before and after. (On the after picture the armour/skin has been painted dark again.) Concept works, but we could have hoped for a better result. It seems fine as a foundation for further work though. The flames are really the most prominent feature of the paint job and as such the plan is for Hektor to continue to focus on them during the next week also.


I decided early on to use oil paints for the skin of the big troll. I’ve been experimenting some with oils before and I think they will serve well on the big surfaces of the giant, and painting some base colours with acrylics first it becomes obvious that this is a huge model and the amount of paint needed is a lot more than I’m used to. I did the oil painting on the skin in two days and since it has been drying for three. Now the plan is to spray varnish it and then do an oil wash. I feel unsure to do an oil wash without first varnishing out of fear to dilute the oil already on the model, but it might be unnecessary. Pictures show application of oil paint in dots that I later blend with dry brush and the result. I’m quite pleased with how it came out, and it was very easy to do.





Finally there’s a family shot of all three models as they stand today.

I’ll be back next week. Happy painting!


Thanks a lot, Kristoffer! Great progress and all three models are shaping up to look awesome when finished! Keep up the great work!


Luca took me for another sentimental journey to the past when he decided to use some of his old, metal models of Wood Elves to be the Riders for his 3D printed Dracons. What an excellent idea to merge the old school with modern technology! 

They definitely brought back some memories!






As you can see, the Riders are already primed and ready to get painted!


It is great to see Marc joining Monster March again! This time he chose Armorcast Tyranid Dactylisand you can see the elements of this model on the photo below:


You should also check Marc's blog for some really cool models:

Old School Gaming 


Mikes kept the momentum going and used every opportunity to work on his Treeherder. Thanks to that dedication he managed to finish painting the model already! Well done Mikes!

However, Mikes decided that it is not time to stop and quickly moved to his stretch goal. Check it out!


Keep up the great work, Mikes! And thanks for encouragements to try and catch up with you :)


Sceleris finished his model as well! Excellent! I must say that this is a great example of repurposing the model meant for completely different entertainment!

And as is Sceleris' style, the next model is already on the bench, getting ready! This time it is to represent a "Mammoth". Absolutely love the idea of giant cat in that role, well done!





Snapfit has just joined the merry band of Monster March participants. Welcome on board! The model to start with is Boglar War Tortoise:

 Check out some more details on the blog:

 Da Green Horde - Boglar War Tortoise

 There may also be a chance to see another model in due course too!


Vince started strong with his monstrous project! He is painting those knights at a good pace and I am sure he is going to complete his project just on time!


For more photos and details, please visit Vince's blog!

 Vince on all things Kings of War - speedpaint those Knights



After successful assembly of the new model, it was time to start painting! You can see the effect of the first layers on: 


And of course, don't forget to visit the blog!

The Joy of Painting Badly


Congratulations to those who kept their momentum going and achieved some fantastic results with their models! To those, like me, who were not able to paint last week - don't worry! Get some inspiration from the updates and re-start this week! There is still time until the end of March to continue painting!

See you next week! 


  1. Great work all around!
    Interesting to see that Sceleris had a similar idea, repurposing a toy animal as a warbeast - looks fantastic!

    1. Hi snapfit!

      Sorry for late reply. Indeed, everyone has something unique to share! Also, regarding the similar idea you and Sceleris had, great minds think alike :)