Sunday, 20 March 2022

Monster March 6 - Part 4



We are now past the half-way through the Monster March 6! It is great to see the continuous progress the participant make. For many, it is the time to start working one some more intricate details of their models. Some are already working on their stretch goals too! 

However, please remember that it is never too late to join so if you are thinking about starting a new project, just let me know! 

Let's see what's new from the last week!


One of the things I always admire about Azazel is his ability to keep his motivation high. He continuous painting all these fantastic models at a very regular pace and his blog posts are an unending source of inspiration! 

Azazel had two posts in the last week that he contributed to the Monster March 6 painting challenge as well.

The first are Siege Engines for the Lord of the Rings!


It is absolutely clear to me that Siege Engines qualify as "monsters" :) After all, they towered (pun intended!) over the battle field. Apart from that, it is always a great idea to link Azazel's blog post as he explains this project in more detail:

Azazel's Bitz Box - Siege Engines

Azazel didn't stop there and continued with the three Monsters for the same game from Fantasy Flight - Lord of the Rings: Journeys in the Middle-earth - Shadowed Paths. 


The details regarding painting this monstrous trio can be found in Azazel's blog post:

Azazel's Bitz Box - Nameless Things

Thanks a lot for your fantastic contributions this week, Azazel!



Ben focused on some finer details of his wonderful model, representing the Avatar of the Father for his Herd army. This time, he lightened fur a little and worked on its texture on the parts of the model that are smoother. 



But the most amazing part of the update are the model's eyes! I am sure you would agree that these are awesome!


Fantastic Ben! They are painted so well and make the model so alive now!


Chris K.

Chris continues making a steady progress with his Reanimated Behemoth:


It's coming along very nicely Chris, keep up the great work!



DAM is at the stage of the project that requires time and effort as he methodically paints intricate patterns on each armour part of his Titans. 


His approach is to pain all the elements while still on their sprues. It is a very interesting method and I think a very helpful one too. It does, however, require a lot of discipline to maintain the motivation high. I am sure the effect will be awesome once the parts are assembled!

In the meantime, please check DAM's post with all the details on the progress and techniques used. It is great read, even if you paint different types of models!

262nd Death Korps of Krieg


Erasmus made some good progress and is now painting the Big Spider for his unit. Here is the result:

It fits nicely with the colour scheme of his Nightstalkers. You can check the photos of his army here:

DarkBlack's Night-stalkers



Kristoffer, Hektor and Gottfrid also focus on the details of their respective models. As usual, Kristoffer provided a very nice description of what has been achieved since the last update.

Gottfrid and Hektor have both been working on, but not that much. Gottfrid has chosen a gold/bronze armour for the Captain that he’s been painting and he has put effort on the wings while Hektor has been painting further on the flames.  



Regarding my model I haven’t put in much time this week either (life and all that), but I’ve made some progress: I’ve done the oil wash I intended to more or less finish up the skin, as shown in the pictures. Then I painted the rocks on the back and spine white to make them ready for other colours – I (quite dimly) had the plan to paint them up as crystals but hadn’t decided on the colour, purple or pink or some mix of that was what I was closest to deciding on. Then, when I was to start painting them I changed my mind and made them grey, natural rocks instead. The thinking behind that being that I’m very happy with the skin and don’t want to draw to much attention and light away from that. In the end I think the stones came out a little light and I might add a red-brownish wash later, but that’s basically the current status of the model.


And last but not least, the family photo!


Luca dedicated his time to basing and preparing the army for a local tournament. While he did not work on his Drakons, I think it is definitely time well spent and here are the photos of his Elves for Kings of War:

Looks great, Luca! I hope the tournament went well and you had great games too!


Marc is painting his old school style Tyranid Dactylis, using the style that was so popular all these years ago!

Looking great already, Marc! Please, visit Marc's blog if you are interested in more old school models and painting style like this:

Old School Gaming


Michael S.

Michael also focused his efforts on preparing a nice base for his model. I find this approach very good for Kings of War in particular, where you have multiple models on the same base. But even with a single model, it feels good to have a proper based done and waiting for the model.

Michael sent me a very good description of how he painted the base and some progress on his model too.

That week I completed the base. I use wood putty and some stones from the yard to give the mdf base some height and variance. I then add a few grass clumps ensuring they glue hard to the putty surface and some sand and small rocks from the yard to add some extra interest to the base.

Once this is all dry and use a black paint to prime the base (careful not to paint the grass) and then use Army Painter Chaotic Red to give the base it's first colour. From there I wet brush Army Painters Wasteland Soil to add some purple to the high points of the base and some colour definition in other areas that are lacking. I wait for it to dry and then then use Army Painters Dark tone to define some of the recesses and lower parts of the base.
Final stage of the base is a dry brush of Army Painters Arid Earth and finishing the stones from black primer, Necromancer Cloak, Wolf Grey and highlight with Ice Storm all from Army Painter.

This week started with the fur on this Mammoth Rhino.  Using Wet blending my base coat with a use of Chaotic Red in the recesses and Fur Brown in the highlights using the zenithile prime as my guide.  Love the look that coming together and will be looking to finish the rest of the base coating next week with adding some recess shading to the fur and some highlights to make it pop.

Great effect on the base Michael! The fur comes along nicely too. Well done, Michael! Keep up the great work!


After completing his main project, a second TreeHerder for his Elves for Kings of War army, Mikes continues with his stretch goal. Last week, he worked on painting base colours on the dragon:


Indeed, having the main project completed, makes it for much more relaxed painting as, quoting Mikes, everything he can achieve now is a bonus!


As expected, Sceleris was very efficient with painting his second model that is going to represent a Mammoth in his Kings of War army. Well done indeed!

They look really good together!


Vince has already painted all his knights last time, so he could now focus on the proper base for such a huge and powerful unit. 

It is not finished yet but I encourage you to check Vince's post as he has some good ideas on how to build one:

Vince on all things Kings of War - Building the Base


Many thanks to all who contributed their updates last week! It is fantastic to see them coming and I am sure everyone was able to find something particularly useful for their projects!

 Keep painting and see you next week! 


  1. Wow! Some very cool models coming along very nicely indeed. I'd name a few of my favourites, but I don't want to leave anyone out, especially with so many really inspirational models being painted.
    I've also got one other that was missed from a couple of updates ago - the Teumessian Fox

    1. HI Azazel,

      My apologies for missing the Teumessian Fox. I am going to add this model to this week update.


  2. And my newest entries:

    1. Excellent! We will have two updates of yours! Great models indeed!