Sunday 4 April 2021

Monster March 5 - Final!


Welcome to the last update on the Monster March 5 painting challenge! As always, the time flies and we have April already! 

This year's challenge turned out to be truly amazing, with a lot of participants and some fantastic models. It was my absolute pleasure to host the challenge again. It was really inspiring to see all your projects! Some of you painted models that waited for their chance for decades, some of you painted a lot more than a single monster. Whatever your personal choice was, whatever the progress and whether you completed it by the end of March or not, it was all a success because you did some painting! That was the main goal!

In this post I am going to round up the contributions from every single participants over the period of March as a way of saying "Thank you!" for posting photos of your models. Without you, there would be no Monster March! I hope that this is also just the beginning and that you are going to continue with your fantastic project throughout the year!

Ok, let's have a look at all these beautiful models that were featured this year!



Azazel is always an inspiration and on many levels too. First, I am amazed by his ability to discover some really great models! Very often, I did not even know they exist before he showed them on his blog. Second, the ability to paint fast and to a great standard is awesome. And third, every model gets a great blog post! 

Family Photo!

The photo above shows all Azazel's contributions this year and his own summary of the challenge can be found here:

Azazel's Bitz Box - Azazel's Monster March Round-Up

I highly recommend that you check his blog and posts about all his models! It is absolutely worth it!

Many thanks for participating this year and I hope to see you in 2022!



Ben also brought up a model that not only fits the theme perfectly but is something I have never seen before. I think this is a very unique design for the game many probably have heard about but did not necessarily played - Beyond the Gates of Antares:

Thanks a lot for your fantastic contribution, Ben! 

If you are interested in Kings of War, I highly recommend the podcast that Ben and his friends are hosting - Direct Misfire! You can find the link to it here:

Direct Misfire Podcast


Blazmo painted two fantastic models this time, a Dragon and a Stegadon! Both classics in their own right. And then he also added some Skaven to the mix, because why not? :)


Many thanks, Blazmo! It was great that you joined the challenge with such great models!

I am sure many of you would love to check Blazmo's blog:

Tabletop Apocalypse

Boss Salvage 

Boss did a fantastic job as he also painted a few models for the Monster March 5. Have a look!


Well done indeed! Some really cool models and I hope they will be featured in your games and battle reports too!

Thanks a lot for your fantastic contributions!



I always liked DAM's blog posts as they are full of great ideas on how to get the most out of his models. In particular, I am impressed how he can make use of all the options for weapons for his Titans and tool them up accordingly before any games. Make me want to get some them too!


Many thanks for participating this year again, DAM! And for your excellent blog posts with updates. 

Weather you are into Adeptus Titanicus or not, I highly recommend DAM's blog. Check out his final post for many more photos of his Titan, tooled up with all the various armament.

262nd Death Korps of Krieg - #MonsterMarch5 TO DONE!

Eddie Bar

Eddie had to wait for his chosen model a bit but I am sure he would agree it was worth waiting for! And he did fantastic job in painting it, despite having a bit less time:



 Keep up the great work, Eddie!

Ed O'Malley

Ed went from the initial project (wonderful model of Dark Elf Hydra) to some really cool stretch goals. Excellent models and great painting indeed!




Thanks a lot for joining the challenge this year, Ed! It was great to have you again and I hope to see you next year too!

Make sure you pay Ed a visit on his blog too!

Berserkerblade - Blog



Findol have just finished the fantastic model of a Dragon for his Dragon Kindred Lord for Kings of War army. He is now working on the rider and as you can see, he is very close to finishing it!


Well done, Findol! The model looks fantastic and I am sure will be a great center piece for your army! Many thanks for joining the challenge this year!


It was a great pleasure and honor to have Gav joining the painting challenge! I still have to pinch myself now and again as I have never thought he would be among the participants! Gav painted a fantastic model and I am sure you would agree it looks awesome!


Thank you very much for your contribution and I hope you enjoyed the challenge. Same time next year? :)

Marc van Holst

Marc chose another awesome and classic model of a dragon. One of those I often think about getting and painting myself just for the sake of doing so! 


I also think that the idea and execution of modelling and painting for the rider is simply awesome! Thanks a lot for participating and helping in spreading the word about the challenge!


First of all, I own Marouda an apology! She joined the painting challenge by the end of March and she was posting on Azazel's blog. Unfortunately, I did not notice it initially - I am so sorry! I guess I need to use magnifying glass not only for painting models but also for reading the blogs.

Marouda had three fantastic posts about three different models, where she provided a lot of details on how she painted each one of them. Check them out!



You absolutely have to check each post for these models, they are very well written with the perfect balance of details on how they were painted and photos from different angles!

Here are the links:

Bad Squiddo Games - Giant Iguana

Ripper Bones Maggothcrown Bonesack  

Nolzurs Malverous Miniatures Treant 

Thank you so much for participating in this year's Monster March! You show that one can join at any time but what is even more important, your models are simply awesome! Thanks a lot for excellent posts and I hope we will see you next year!

 Keep up the great work!  


It was great seeing Mikes' Stormwind cavalry getting new members of the regiment! He is getting there slowly but surely. I am very happy to see that the painting challenge helped Mikes to get closer to his goal!


Well done Mikes! I am very happy that you joined the challenge and can't wait to see the full regiment assembled!



Morofang brought something completely new to the challenge. Fully 3d printed model from Raging Heroes range:


Thanks a lot for this unique contribution!



Nav had a few projects going in March and it was great seeing a very nice diversity of models too!


Thanks a lot Nav! Keep up the great work!



Niall painted some awesome models from Mantic range for his Kings of War army. They all fit the theme of Monster March perfectly!


 Thanks a lot for joining the painting challenge this year and I hope to see you next year!


Sean chose another classic model for this year's painting challenge. A Treemen! And he did great with painting it with some great use of washes to highlight the texture of tree bark!


Thanks a lot for participating in the challenge Sean! I hope you enjoyed it and that you will come back next year!



Sceleris also presented an interesting selection of models and projects that added to his army for Kings of War. Some rally good ideas to convert models!

Well done indeed! Thanks a lot for your contributions!


WoofBird chose an amazing model of Mantic Chimera for his project. Unfortunately, health problems put it on hold for time being.

I really hope you are recovering well and will be able to continue with this great model! 

Take care and thanks a lot for joining the challenge this year!


Vince decided to participate with the model that he needed to build first and then paint. Another great example of using the parts from your Bitz Box!


Don't forget to visit Vince's blog too!

Vince on all things Kings of War

Thanks a lot Vince! See you next year! :)


Yan chose a wonderful model to participate with this year and the effect he achieved is awesome! I am sure the fact he painted it just in time for the tournament helped him to do very well in the event too!


Thanks a lot Yan! It was great having you participating in the challenge and I hope we will see more of your work next year!


I hoped to progress my own project a bit further but I am still happy with the fact I started it. I had to test a few colour options in the process so I hope painting of the next batch of the models will take less time. 



Many thanks to every and all participants of this year's Monster March! It was great to see all your projects and models, especially on 5th anniversary!

I am glad the challenge helped you all in keeping the motivation for your projects high and I hope it will continue for months to come! I was certainly inspired by all your models and it was my absolute pleasure hosting the challenge again.

I hope we will also meet, perhaps even in a greater numbers, next year!


  1. There were so many amazing projects this year, I love how this challenge draws upon such a diverse collection of models, from different gaming systems. Beautiful work everyone! Thanks for hosting Swordmaster; same time, next year ;-)

    1. Thanks a lot for taking part and bringing back so many fond memories with such a wonderful model!

      Absolutely, let's do it next year again!

  2. Well done everyone! That's an awful lot of painted monsters.

    Thanks for running Monster March again Swordmaster and very well done for keeping up the quality posts. I'll definitely be back again next year.

    1. Thanks a lot for your contributions Ed! It was my absolute pleasure hosting the challenge. Collecting the photos and posting each update was always a highlight of the week for me :)

  3. Yep, I'll be back! Great work everyone. Thanks very much for hosting, Swordmaster. So many excellent projects. I enjoyed seeing some of the old models getting some attention.

    1. Thanks so much for joining again, DAM! If by the same time next year they are going to release some Eldar Titans, who knows, maybe I will finally take the bait and get Adeptus Titanicus too!

  4. I'm going through a bunch of blogs right now, and finding that I missed replying to so many great posts - Well done to all involved in getting so many great models done - and thanks again so much for running this challenge in 2021 and I hope to be able to leverage it to finish some more stubborn monsters off my desk again this year! :D

    1. HI Azazel!

      Indeed, there were great models and ideas presented last year. I will be running another Monster March in 2022 (quite soon!). It would be fantastic if you could participate again!