Wednesday 17 January 2018

Hobby Update - 2018/01/17


With Australian Clash of Kings 2018 getting closer and closer, I try to keep up the pace with painting and modelling. Previous week was quite productive as I managed to make bases for my cavalry units. I must admit that it makes even the old miniatures look much better and moving these units on the battle field is way easier too!

However, the main painting project I have ongoing at the moment is to finish painting chariots. I quickly learned that despite being bigger models and with fewer details, they still require quite a lot of time and attention. And the amount of details to paint turned out to be more than I expected! The fact that when I started painting them I had no clear idea yet how I want them to be painted also didn't help to accomplish the goal.

Because if that I had to split the project into a few parts. I started with the base because it helped to use the unit in games and also immediately tied it with the rest of the army. Next, I painted the steeds. Instead of the small ponies that the chariots sets came with I used bigger models, to be consistent with the horses of other cavalry units.

Early stage of painting the chariots - steeds are done though.

And after that I started to paint the chariots. I went for simplicity here. I painted the body in flat, brown color as I noticed that highlighting takes way too long for very little gain. Instead, I focused on a few elements that I wanted to stand out. Such as eagles that I painted with the same colors I usually use for the "golden" armor. 

Working on the "gold" elements

I think I will leave the chariots as they are for now. Perhaps I will paint some bigger gems and I still did not attach the quivers with bows and swords. However, I think the chariots look acceptable without these extra elements. I will do my best to get them ready eventually bus I also noticed I may need to replicate them as I have only one pair of those. I would actually like to do that and see if I can make it myself.

Current stage of the progress - chariots done for now, time to paint charioteers!

I will now switch to charioteers and see how much I can do before the tournament. My goal is to paint them at least to the stage where they can be acceptable even if I do not finish all the details. And I tell you, these guys have plenty of those! 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Excellent work, I’m quite jealous of your skills :)

    What colors do you use for your “gold”? I am going to attempt NMM on some halflings and I’m looking into different paints that people have used. I’ve found a model color called “orange ochre” I believe and have a few of the citadel browns in various hues which I hope produce decent results.

    1. Hi Dan!

      Thanks a lot for your kind words! It is really about being patient and making sure the paints are of the right consistency. I also got myself a magnifying glass with LED's around it (kind of like a lamp) that helps to see the details better. I don't need to paint them, just to make sure I am not painting where I should not.

      As to the colors I start with black primer, then have Charred Brown from Vallejo Game Color as a base. I follow with Scale 75 Dubai Brown, Sahara Yellow, Tenere Yellow and White Sands (it is in their NMM set). Finally, I cover everything with a very thinned/watered down Chestnut Ink from Scale 75 as well.