Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Hobby Update - 2018/01/10


Although I have already had two games of Kings of War in 2018 (reports are being prepared!) I also wanted to continue with modelling and painting. In my previous post I mentioned I considered rebasing some of the old models and putting them on multi-bases, even if the models are going to be repainted or replaced with new ones.

To do so I used the MDF magnetized bases I ordered some time ago from Olympian Games and used rolling pins from Greenstuff World to create the scenic surface. I decided to do so for all four cavalry units I have as a test of an idea and to see if I like it, even with old models.

I decided to make the bases for Silver Breeze cavalry with just a few pieces of broken road surface as the poses of the models are more dynamic and suggest that light cavalry units are already speeding towards the positions to harass the enemy. At the same time, heavier and more static knights are still in the process of marching and assembling battle lines. Because of that their bases have larger and unbroken areas of the old roads.

Each unit I multi-based represents a bit different stage of modelling and painting, here are the results:

1. Storm Wind - unit 1

Before (left) and after (right).

This is one of the oldest units in the collection I brought with me. I converted and painted them in 2003! They went through a lot with me and witnessed countless battles since then. They will go to well deserved retirement when I paint new models to replace them.

2. Storm Wind - unit 2

Before (left) and after (right)

I painted this unit in 2011 or 2012 when I was experimenting with NMM approach and decided to switch to that style with any new model and unit. The models need some fixing but also a bit of repainting. I will try to limit that and will probably focus on purple clothes only as that area is where the main difference is between these miniatures and those I painted recently.

3. Silver Breeze - unit 1

Before (left) and after (right)

This is the same style I used for Storm Wind 2. In addition to the clothes, the feathers will get some attention to bring them to the similar color as the current scheme. These models do not require fixing which is great!

4. Silver Breeze - unit 2

Before (left) and after (right)

This is the first unit I painted with new paints and updated color scheme. I also experimented with scenic and individual bases for them with the rolling pins (left) but finally decided to completely move to multi-basing. This unit is now done!

I am very happy that I managed to make new bases and place all the models on them. These pictures do not show the difference properly but I like the new bases much better. In the games the units are far easier to move around which is a bonus too.

And here is the picture of the full army at this stage. 

Step by step - getting there!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Stunning work! I really like your use of the different textures on the base (mixing cracked earth, tile pattern and regular earth/grass). A guy in our gaming club a while back was talking about some great looking bases he found online, and he showed me the picture and it was your drakon riders! I told him I knew those bases well! The reasoning behind the different amount of basing material for the fast and heavy cav is brilliant! (I may steal that in the future) :D

    Your bases actually inspired me to mix texture on my bases more than I usually do for my herd list so thanks for that inspiration.

    It is very easy to see the progression of your painting skills over time, and I’m sure you will have many high painting scores in your future events!

    1. Hi Dan!

      Thanks a lot! I am glad you like my idea for the bases, it took me quite a while to decide what I really want and a few trials too. It is thus great to know other people like the idea :)

      It is fantastic that a player in your gaming club likes the bases too! I really hope you all can now create your own as the tools are there to create whatever you like. I really recommend that as it adds even more personal flavor to the army.

      And if there is any aspect of the modelling and/or painting you like to use just go ahead! It would be great to see your take on it :)

      Indeed, when you place the models next to each other you can see the differences. I am glad I can keep improving but at the same time I can still use the models and they are relatively cohesive when in the same army. Especially with unified style for bases!