Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Monster March! - Week 4 - The Painting Part 3!


Welcome to the next update on the progress for #MonsterMarch! We are almost at the end of the journey, with just a few days of March left and a few more until the end of the week. Some of the participants almost finished painting their wonderful models! There is still time to add a bit more to what you have done so far so don't stop! In the meantime, let's have a look at the updates from the last week!


Cylde moved on to painting the Archmage who is going to ride on a top of his might Dragon to battle. 

Check out some more pictures on his blog: Mastodontica

Ed O'Malley

Ed made a very good progress already and he stated on his blog that his Kastelan Robots are painted! Great job! 

Here is the link to the post on his blog: Kastelan Robots

Mark Home

Mark could not upload new pictures but he told me that the pets are all painted! I am sure he is now focusing on finishing touches for the Chieftain himself! Check his blog for the updates: https://backtothehammerblog.wordpress.com/

Michael Corr

Michael had to pass in terms of painting due to accident so I hope he is recovering well. Don't forget to pay him a visit anyway!


Mr. Pink

Mr. Pink has also accomplished his goal already and even wrote a great article on how he created his model!

Check it out on his blog: Genestealer Patriarch Conversion


Sav is doing very well with his Mortarch too! I can imagine one would not want to rush painting such a beautiful model, here is the photo of the current stage:


Another iconic monster of the fantasy world, Lord of Change, will be on the bench of spot1cus! Excellent choice! And here is the link to the blog where you can follow the progress: http://fortresserioch.blogspot.com/


Stats has also finished painting his model and it looks amazing:

You absolutely need to check the blog post about this model here: Glottkin - Showcase

Stats also provided a link to a tutorial for painting Nurgle models and this is the way he utilized to paint his Glottkin too: Tutorial - Nurgle Daemons


Turcadactyl provided a steady stream of updates too! Thanks a lot! I am looking forward to the final pictures soon and in the meantime, check Drycha teaser :)

And relevant blog post: Sylvaneth Drycha Teaser

Almost there!

We are almost there! if you have any more pictures, please, let me know! I plan to do the final update next weekend so there is still time to paint some more. But even if you don't finish your painting by then - don't worry! The end of #MonsterMarch is just the beginning! Keep up the momentum and simply continue painting your fantastic models!



  1. Awesome work everyone! Damn my weak human frailties! I was so close to finishing.

    1. You mean you're just giving us all a head start.

  2. Beautiful works, painting a monster is not simple!

    1. Totally agree! It requires different approach than in the case of the smaller models. Well done everyone!

  3. Apologies again for the lack of progress pics. Am aiming to get the Chieftain 'finished' for Sunday when back from the work trip.

    1. I have just noticed your most recent blog update. Well done! And don't worry for the lack of updates sometimes. The whole idea was to share the pictures whenever you have them! The Chief looks good! :)