Sunday 5 March 2017

Monster March! - Week 1 - The Beginning!


The time has finally arrived to officially begin #MonsterMarch challenge! The idea is to assemble and paint that one big model of yours that you always wanted to paint and make it the center piece of your army or collection. I briefly outlined the details in the introduction:

My initial idea was to collect pledges from the participants  that could fit the theme of "Monster" type of a model. I received a nice number of replies and I am happy to announce that people decided to bring a very nice variety of models. What is more, I didn't want to be too restrictive and "Monster" theme is treated in a very relaxed way. It is also first time I am hosting such challenge so I wanted as many participants as possible. 

In my opinion the diversity of models pledges is amazing! And here is the list of participants, in the alphabetic order. You can see what kind of models they pledged but I also added some links to blogs or twitter accounts of the participants so that you may follow the progress on their own sites too!

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, here are our #MonsterMarch participants!

Adam Jones

Adam is the person behind the famous  Golden D6  magazine! I am very happy that he found time to join #MonsterMarch and he pledged Ironback Spitter from the Warmachine range. Here is the picture of the beast:

You can check Adam's progress on his website: Golden D6 
or on Tiwtter: @spruegrey

Alistar Clough

Alistar contacted me on my blog and wanted to assemble and paint mysterious Lent! I haven't received any photos of that monster yet but I am sure he will update me soon!

Boss Salvage

Boss decided to join Monster March as a part-time participant :) He was not sure if he can update regularly but I think it is good to join anyway and see how things develop. He considered Vrok as his pledge:

Hopefully we will see some of the photos of the model Boss will paint and you can always pay him a visit on his:

Instagram: @ boss_salvage

Chirs Benstead

Chris is one of the contributors of the  WeeMen Blog He decided to go with a ... life size model of Alien Facehugge!

Now that is a very interesting kind of a Monster, don't you agree? :)


Cylde is joining us with High Elf Dragon! Yay! Always nice to have a contribution from a fellow Elf player. Here is the picture of already assembled Dragon Cylde is going to paint:

You can follow the progress on Cylde's blog here:

Dan Cammack

Dan often comments on my blog about the battles but he expressed the interest in joining the challenge so I am leaving this spot for his contribution :)

Ed O'Malley

Who said grim dark of the 40k future does not harbor some terrifying monsters? Ed is bringing his magnificently monstrous Hierophant bio-titan! 

You can also pay a visit to Ed's blog here:

Greg Hess

Greg told me on the blog that he is currently finishing his Deathguard models and was concerned he may not have time to do a big beastie but I am happy with people adding their contributions at any time! Greg, this spot is waiting for you! :)


Jimmy is my long time friend and we shared a lot of good wargaming stories from the past. At some stage our hobby focus diverted to different areas. He is now a very active X-Wing player but when he learned about MonsterMarch he decided to dust off (or should it be dust on? :)) his model of magnificent Settra! 

I highly recommend checking his blog for some really cool X-Wing content and hopefully he will add some pictures of Settra soon!

Mark Home

Mark emailed me just after I posted the first official post about the MonsterMarch so I am updating the post with his entry too. He is going to paint this model to act as his Chieftain on Chariot for his Herd army:

Mark is also adding a pack of his pets to the pledge, just in case the Chieftain is not monstrous enough! Check them out on his blog:

Michael Clark

Michael, also known as Darth Sabre, is another of my long time wragaming buddies and we still battle against each other (check out my last battle report). For this challenge Michael decided to bring Treewalker model:

You can follow Michael's progress on his:
Twitter: @darth_michaelc

Michael Corr

No other but the author of the famous St. Andrews Wargaming blog is also joining us! He chose a Terrorgheist to paint:

You can follow his progress on his blog (of course!):


Ming is another of the participants that I happily added just after the announcement that MonsterMarch is a go! He has built a very nice conversion of what looks to me as a Chaos Sorcerer on mutated Monstrous Mount:

You can follow him on twitter: @Thornshield

Mr. Pink

Mr. Pink enjoyed his most recent Squandry challenge so much he is about to continue with Monster March. Now that is a commitment! He is going to paint another monster from the future, Genestealer Patrirarch:

And his progress will be documented on this blog:


Norm participated in dereatober before and this time he is considering either Rat Ogors or Skullcannon as his pledge. He also mentioned that if he gets something else in the meantime he will let us know! Can't wait to see which models are being picked for Monster March!


Sav is going to go for these wonderful Mortarchs of Nagash model and he actually has just received his order:

You can follow his progress on his twitter account: @sav10g


Another iconic monster of the fantasy world, Lord of Change, will be on the bench of spot1cus! Excellent choice! And here is the link to the blog where you can follow the progress:


Stats brings another daemonic monster to the merry crew, his choice is Glottkin! As you can see he has already started!

You can follow his progress on his blog:


Somehow I missed Turcadactyl when he replied to the tweet about Monster March. I am terribly sorry for that! :(

Fortunately, he reminded me about the fact he pledged Drycha for his Sylvaneth army! You can follow his progress on his blog:

I joined - what now?

First of all, I would like to thank all the participants for answering the call. I am very happy to have so many of you on board for my first ever painting challenge online event. I will do my best to host it as smoothly as possible.

The goal for the week 1 is to assemble and prepare the model for painting but do not feel that you need to stick to it strictly. As you can see, some of the participants have already joined with built models.These are Monsters and require a lot of time so feel free to start/continue painting!

If I made any mistake in the name, blog link or anything else - please let me know! I apologize if that happened, I did my best to check but I want to make sure all is correct. 

I missed the start - can I still join?

Of course! The challenge is to help people focus on painting their monsters but we know that life happens. If you want to join the participants you can do that at any time. Just drop me an email on: and I will gladly add you. 

Let's paint!

Ok guys! MonsterMarch has officially started so have a lot of fun painting your models! Feel free to update me with the pictures at any time. I will collect them and add them to the weekly updates! 



  1. Awesome stuff, can't wait to see what everyone gets up to! Already got some paint on mine.

  2. Nice group of monsters is arriving! Great idea MM!

  3. Hey, count me in as well. I pledged on Twitter in February. Painting Drycha from the Sylvaneth. My first post will be up shortly. Glad to see all the participants. Looking like a good bunch.

    1. Hi turkadactyl!

      Please, accept my sincere apologies! I am really sorry I missed you in the group initially. Thanks a lot for a reminder and I am looking forward to seeing your Drycha!

    2. No worries. First update is up!

    3. Thanks for understanding! The model looks awesome! Really good progress :)

  4. Sorry to say I'm doing my Kastelans instead of the Hierophant (or will I manage both???). First update is available over on the blog

  5. Cheers for the add SM, hopefully I can produce something worthy of the include :)

    1. I am sure you will! And thanks for joining! :)

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  7. Hey hey hey, here we go. Sorry, i bought the dragon on second hand and it was already assembled. On the other hand march is a great but hard month. My wife's birthday, my son's birthday and also mine and a week of founding celebration of my town will let me few time that i need, so this extra time is welcome.
    see you soon with advances.

    1. That's perfectly fine! Seems like you have quite a month of celebrations but I am sure a little time for your new dragon can be found :)

  8. Awesome start! I'm really looking forward to seeing the progress everyone makes on their monsters and great job on putting this challenge together.

    1. Thanks Joe! I am glad to see so many participants on my first challenge as a host! I have already seen some nice WiP pictures and I am looking forward to putting it all together for the first update this weekend!