Thursday 21 May 2015

Game 85 - Warriors of Chaos - 2013/11/10

Game 4 - King of the Hill - Warriors of Chaos - Marcel

King of the Hill was a modified Watch Tower scenario. Instead of the building we had a fort in the middle, which was treated as a building with the following exception:

1. The garrison is -1 to hit with shooting and close combat attacks.
2. The garrison has +1CR in combat and +1 LD but not steadfast.
3. Combat resolution is counted based on wounds and standards only.

Depending on who had the fort by the end of the game different bonus points applied:

1. 5 BP if you kept the fort
2. 2.5 BP each if fort was not occupied by any army

This time Marcel was my opponent and he brought a very interesting army that was heavily converted from Beastmen miniatures and represented his mutated Warriors of Chaos.

Warriors of Chaos - Army List

Nurgle Daemon Prince, General, 2+ armor save (I think re-rollable) and 2+ ward against flaming attacks
Nurgle Daemon Prince, General, 2+ armor save and 2+ ward against flaming attacks
BSB on Daemonic Mount, 1+ armor save, 3+ ward, re-rolls 1's
Level 2 Sorcerer, Ruby Ring - Lore of Metal
18 Chaos Warriors (I think Slaanesh), Halberds, Shields, Full Command
5 Marauder Horseman, Mark of Slaanesh
5 Marauder Horseman, Mark of Slaanesh
Chariot of Slaanesh
Chariot of Slaanesh
Gorebeast Chariot
5 Warhounds
5 Warhounds
Giant, Mark of Nurgle

One tough WoC army if you ask me. The little bonus for me was that both Princes didn't fly. But still very powerful characters and very fast too. In fact, this army was more like chaotic version of 7 Samurai rather than the army, with so many powerful individuals! :)

As usual I wanted to try and eliminate his fast support so that they don't interfere with my movement phase. I also wanted to use my shooting to hunt down chariots. They can be very dangerous to my infantry. Similarly, Giant and Shagoth are both relatively sensitive to missiles and magic. The problem was, of course, that although individually these targets are possible to destroy all together they pose a more difficult threat. It also depended on who got the first turn and who got the fort.


Marcel is a very nice and friendly guy - complete opposite of his army :)
Deployment after vanguards

Sorcerer had Plague of Rust and Glittering Robe.

As it happened, Marcus got the fort and put his only infantry unit there. I could not charge them first turn without risking heavy casualties as my assault teams, Swordmasters, would hit at the same time and with 2A per warriors it would mean a suicidal mission. I needed to thin them down before I attacked. But in a way I was ok with it because I presumed Marcel would keep them in the fort and let the rest of the army do the killing. One less unit to worry about for time being is always good.

The only thing I could be perfectly sure, however, is that I was up to a very tough challenge and that I will have to pay in blood for any success on the battle field.

Outcasts - Turn 1
Marcel focused on the game :)
High Elves opening salvo

Seizing the initiative, High Elves maneuvered on both flanks with center remaining static for better shooting accuracy. Some of the units targeted light troops and one unit of marauders ceased to exist while the other was severely depleted. Majority of shooters, however, aimed at the garrison and inflicted significant damage despite protective field fortifications.

Warriors of Chaos - Turn 1
Chaos Warriors move forward
Sorcerer protects his warriors with foul magic

Chaos troops move forward towards thin blue line of Elves. With no shooting to speak about there is nothing the followers of the dark gods can do to inflict casualties upon their enemies. But they know that time will come.

Outcasts - Turn 2
Great Eagles swoop down to stop the enemy
Outflanking continues

Outflanking by fast troops continues. As thick hides of the troops around the fort seem to be impenetrable other targets are chosen by Elven archers. The main damage is done to the Giant go roars in anger and pain but strides forward relentlessly.

Warriors of Chaos - Turn 2
Daemon Princes attack eagles but surprisingly their charges are greatly ineffective.
BSB and Giant at a spearhead of the attack

Chaotic army seemed to ignore the flanking forces and attacked at the heart of the Elven army, where its commanders where. Both Daemon Princes charged respective eagles but none could destroy the birds of prey. What is more, one of the eagles was brave enough to continue seemingly hopeless fight!

Outcasts - Turn 3
Unstoppable Daemons
Attacks on the flanks falter

Hoping that sheer numbers will prevail against Daemon Prince, heavy cavalry and White Lions charge on the Western flank. Unfortunately for Elves, their steed panic and the knights cannot land successful blows. Lions manage to inflict only one wound suffering heavy casualties and withdrawing.

On the East Dragon Princes charge the chariot that flees to safety. Yet again, skittish steeds are terrified by the nearby presence of the Daemonic entity and when it shreds to bloody pieces valiant eagle, the knights have no choice but to withdraw.

In the center Elves brace for impact and aim at the Giant with their bows but somehow this time its hide is too thick for Elven arrows.

Warriors of Chaos - Turn 3
Chaos attacks!
But Elven center holds!

Chaos army mounts an all out attack. On the West Gorebeast chariot kills the knights and the momentum of the charge carries it through the withdrawing Lions who are destroyed. Another chariot charges Swordmasters but here the Elves hold.

In the centre BSB and Giant charge together against another units of Swordmasters led by Elven BSB. Valiant Bladelord steps in and is destroyed by merciless chaotic banner wielder. However, the rest of the unit cuts down wounded Giant. By some flicker of fate that weakens the magic that upholds the physical form of the daemonic mount that simply vanishes and enemy BSB is mercilessly hacked to pieces by Swordmasters avenging their captain. (Edit: By unexpected turn of events Marcel failed his re-rollable break test and his BSB died!)

On the East second Daemon Prince tried to charge the Elves but was too far away. However, Shagoth first chased away already withdrawing Dragon Princes (Edit: Who then proceeded to flee through entire army in the longest sling shot I have ever witnessed!) smashed through White Lions as if they were not there and scattered few survivors. (Edit: This time it was me to fluff the attacks and to break with stubborn unit :()

Outcasts - Turn 4
Attempt to block Daemon Princes
Elven shooters aim at hulking form of Shagoth

Elves try to retaliate after heavy losses suffered by the powerful attack of Chaos forces. Sisters move in to block the chariot and Daemon Prince. Swordmasters keep fighting against chariot, wound it but it is still fighting. Other units turn around and shoot at Shagoth but the beast cannot be destroyed just yet.

Warriors of Chaos - Turn 4
Chaos forces continues their attack
Elves hard pressed

Chaotic forces keep pressing hard. Gorebeast chariot rides through blocking sisters and rams into great eagle. Deamonic Prince spots the exposed flank of the Elven unit guarding the Loremaster and charges in. Elves die in droves but hold.

Shagoth smashed throug yet another unit and temporarily left the battle field. Finally, magic ring of the chaotic sorcerer proved to be a doom of one unit of reavers. The only good thing that happened to Elves at this stage was bloody victory over the chariot achieved by 2 remaining Swordmasters.

Outcasts - Turn 5
Desperate Elven attack
Units in the center hold so that Swordmasters have a chance to assault the fort
Light troops and remaining Swordmasters charge Daemon Prince in hope to inflict some wounds. They manage to cut the beast but it was not enough yet to banish it from the real world. It helped to pin it down though.

In the meantime Swordmasters manoeuvre around to have a clear path for the assault at the fort. Eagle Claw aims at the second Prince but unfortunately misses.

Warriors of Chaos - Turn 5

Edit: Here is where the things are a little confused. It seems I didn't take pictures from these turns and it is quite possible that some events were not exactly how presented. My sincere apologies for that.
Elven center breaks
Second Daemon Prince charges in and Loremaster challenges it to a single combat. Somehow he survives the deadly combat. His warriors keep fighting against another Daemonic Prince. But is not enough and all flee. (Edit: here is where I am not sure about the outcome. It is possible that the combat lasted one more turn as Daemon Princes faced the other way from the fort and didn't participate in later combats.)

Outcasts - Turn 6
Swordmasters in bloody assault!

Eagle Claw crew finally managed to put last wound on Shagoth and huge beast collapsed. At the same time Swordmasters assaulted the fort. After vicious combat no chaos warriors was left standing (sorcerer fell dead too) and only a Bladelord and BSB on the elven side remained to reclaim the fort.

Warriors of Chaos - Turn 6
Last attack of chaos forces

Nobody remembers now what exactly happened. Some claim Daemon Princes claimed all Elven souls. Some claim that BSB and Bladelord defended the fort but rampaging chariot tore through the defenses and even magical shield of the BSB was not enough to save him (Edit: nothing like rolling a 1 for Charmed Shield :(). In the end both armies were so bloodied that none had enough warriors standing to garrison the fort and the enemies parted with the battle undecided.


 photo output_xNY1Pi_zpsgrlinrib.gif
Turn-by-turn summary animation

After-battle thoughts

That was indeed bloody battle. Not much have remained from both forces. Daemonic General was left on single wound! Damn! So close :) When we calculated points, added bonuses and applied the comp difference it was a draw! I was very pleased with the result! It was hard game but very enjoyable contest.

There were a lot of interesting moments, I think. Let me comment on some:

1. Dragon Princes + Lions charge. I think I made a mistake here. I should have charged with Dragon Princes only. Despite the fact they had flaming attacks. I wanted to add to the combat resolution with their flank charge but it meant nothing when Lions failed to inflict significant casualties. Hard to hit that Prince on 5+. If I charged with cavalry only I was up by 3CR points without any wounds starting. I had a good chance to hold against the Prince. Instead, I lost two units as t-stomps and attacks against Lions were much more vicious.

2. I didn't protect the flank of the knights and as a result I lost a unit and fleeing lions due to chariot charge. Very stupid mistake where I could simply charge the dogs and if they fled, block the chariot with one of the fast troops.

3. When we talked about BSB and Giant combat, Marcel admitted it was his mistake as the wounds on Giant allowed me to win combat. BSB was not great in challenge either but these wounds made all the difference really. And although unlucky with re-rolls it was probably unnecessary risk.

4. I have made another mistake when I wheeled my units to shoot at Shagoth as that exposed the flank and Daemon Prince could charge my unit with Loremaster in it. In fact, I might have considered moving my characters alone as apart from ruby ring they were not in danger of any other ranged attacks.

5. I had some bad luck too. Stubborn Lions failing their break tests. Archers did that too even with BSB nearby. Not only allowing for the enemy troops to continue the rampage but also losing points.

6. Assault on the fort was awesome! A pity I didn't hold the fort as that meant I got a draw instead of a win. Astute reader would probably have noticed we made a mistake here. I wonder if you spot it! It was again unlucky to fail that single 2++ that would have kept my BSB alive. On the other hand,  Marcel rolled a 1 for impact hits too.

Apart from above I was pleased with the outcome despite the fact many things could have been done better. My congratulations to Marcel for taking 3rd place in the end!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed the report and if yes, leave a comment or two!



  1. Great game!

    Was the mistake that chariots cannot charge buildings? I don't have the book in front of me, but that seems to ring a bell. That would probably given you the win I think though I'm not sure exactly what the victory points were at that point. I'm going to move on to the final game of this tourney before the night is over. I'm excited to see where you place.

    1. Hi Dan!

      Thanks! I really enjoyed it on many levels. We both really wanted to win, didn't hold back and it was quite a bloody encounter.

      You are correct, the fort was a building and as such could not be charged by a chariot. It cost me points for lost unit and bsb which in itself was enough to swing the balance into my favor. It also meant I didn't collect the points for the scenario.

      When I learned about it just after last game I was devastated because no one wants to lose a victory because of lack of knowledge of the rules. :(