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Game 30 - Warriors of Chaos - 2012/06/25


Battle 7 was played with the use of modified Watchtower scenario where whoever controlled the the tower by the end of the game received extra 500VP. Other rules applied as normal. This time I had a great pleasure to play against Chris and his Khorne Warriors!

Army List and pre-battle considerations

Watchtower scenario can be tough one but thanks to the modification it was actually an interesting one. 500VP is a nice bonus but do not make you win by very large margin just by keeping the garrison in the tower. On the other hand if you ignore the enemy unit defending it then you can still have a chance to win the game regardless.

Chaos Warriors are always a tough army to play against, no matter what is the list. Tough units, well armored units, cheap units, hard hitting too. My previous experience from CanCon was definitely helpful but then I lost twice against them. Can it be the time for a rematch?

Khorne Warriors - Army List

With apologies to Chris for any inconsistencies and missed magic items .

Chaos Lord, Barded Chaos Steed, Chaos Armor, Shield, Mark of Khorne, Talisman of Preservation
Battle Standard Bearer, Mark of Khorne
Sorcerer, level 2, Infernal Puppet - Lore of Tzeentch
Sorcerer, level 2, Dispel Scroll - Lore of Tzeentch

15 Chaos Warriors, Halberds, Shields, Full Command, Mark of Khorne
15 Chaos Warriors, Halberds, Shields, Full Command, Mark of Tzeentch, Banner of Rage

18 Chosen, Halberds, Mark of Khorne, Full Command
4 Chaos Ogres, Chaos Armor, Great Weapons, Mark of Khorne
5 Chaos Knights, Banner, Mark of Khorne


As you can see all army is frenzied with an exception of Warshrine. One or two bloodthirsty units can be lured out and surrounded but whole army? That is different kind of a challenge! Addition of 2 sorcerers might seem odd for Khorne theme but who knows what kind of unholy alliances followers of the dark gods can strike? It meant that I had to be careful about magic too, especially if there is a gateway to be cast.

The army is small but very tough. No easy targets for longbows, no panic checks and very dangerous regiments in combat which cannot be engaged from the front until it is with overwhelming odds and a chance no one can hit back. It will require a lot of maneuvering from my army to win the day.

We rolled-off to see who controls the tower and Chris won. It was good news in a way as I had first turn and intended to use that rare opportunity to my advantage.


Strong center versus double envelopment - which tactics is going to prevail?
Deployment after vanguard moves
One warrior unit deployed in the tower and one of the sorcerers joined them. My aim was to use the fire base in the center to shoot down Ogres as the only unit with "only" 4+ save, bait flanking units with eagles and then surround them with my own combat regiments in nice charges from 3 directions. I also wanted to use a river and a lake to drag them into the water in case they might have enough numbers to have steadfast otherwise. Other than that I wanted to avoid the enemy or sacrifice the units if that would be necessary.

Respective wizards had following spells:

Sorcerer 1 - Flickering Fire, Treason of Tzeentch
Sorcerer 2 - Flickering Fire, Gateway

Archmage - Drain Magic, Shield of Saphery, Curse of Arrow Attraction, Courage of Aenarion, Vaul's Unmaking

Outcasts - Turn 1
High Elves move at the flanks
Fire base aims at Chaos Ogres

Both assault task forces of the elven army, comprising Dragon Princes, Swordmasters, White Lions and Great Eagle each, moved on the flanks to the positions agreed by the army tacticians. Light cavalry didn't move closer to the enemy as they knew they were already spotted but to make sure chaos warriors are tempted even more all bow armed troops opened fire. And all targeted Chaos Ogres. Despite the protection one of the huge brutes fell down pierced by numerous arrows.

Khorne Warriors - Turn 1

Chaos Warriors move forward at full speed
Although eager to engage the enemy Chaos Warriors keep the strong center
 Chaos army runs forward but under the steel gaze of their Lord they maintain formation and do not charge too early. Chaos gods smile upon their children and Chosen got their armor improved as well as better protection against enemy magic. (The former  thanks to the warshrine, the latter obtained before the game ) One of the sorcerers cast magic missile at the Archers with the Archmage and 3 elves were consumed by fire.

Outcasts - Turn 1

Double envelopment continues

Setting up the traps

Assault task force West moved to positions in order to surround the enemy if it attacked an eagle and pursued into the treacherous waters. Assault task force East opened the path for enemy knights and were ready to surround them too.

In the meantime light cavalry harassed the enemy while firebase continued shooting at Ogres. With shorter range to the target Elves took much better aim and two more beasts lied dead. The last survivor, however, true to the nature of a Khorne warriors, didn't even notice that and was ready to finally charge his enemy.

Khorne Warriors - Turn 2
Chaos warriors and knights took the bait
Chaos warriors charge!

This time Chaos Lord led by example and he was first to charge. He knew it was a trap but his lord didn't care for such things at all. What mattered was that it ensured that close combat is about to start and that was what pleased dark god. Chaos Knights run towards their enemies but their momentum was not enough to carry them to the foe just yet.

On the West Chaos warriors did likewise and run towards White Lions but were slowed down by the strong current of the river. Bloodthirsty Ogre tried to charge Reavers but when they refused to offer it a fight it changed direction and run at Swordmasters. Stoic warriors of Hoeth didn't give it a chance to strike, however, and last Ogre was dead.

Even the unit which garrisoned the tower moved out and formed a phalanx next to Chaos Chosen.

Outcasts - Turn 3
Powerful counter-attack

Both assault task forces charged their dangerous foes knowing they have only little time before other enemy regiments come to the aid of their companions. On the West the attack came from three sides and Elves hit with such a fury that only Sorcerer survived the fight and no warrior stood alive to hit back. He fled being closely pursued by Dragon Princes.

On the East Elves had to attack from the front and only heavy cavalry hit the flank of the enemy. This time Chaos armor proved very hard to break through and many deadly hits were deflected. 2 knights and their lord stood still to return the hits and White Lions took the punishment. Only three brave Chracians remained fighting and Elves were a little shaken that such a powerful attack they made was almost thwarted. They closed their ranks though and kept fighting.

In the center Archers sacrificed themselves to force the enemy away from the tower while sea guard units moved towards it to control it later.

Khorne Warriors - Turn 3
The retinue of Chaos Lord is destroyed
Chaos Warriors break thorough the encirclement

Chaos Warriors and Chosen attacked the Archers and quickly destroyed their adversaries. Unfortunately for them fleeing sorcerer turned out to be a coward and run from the battle.

In the combat in the East White Lions fought bravely and managed to kill remaining knights. But their Lord enacted vengeance upon them and Lions died to an elf. Can they be avenged by Swordmasters and Dragon Princes?

Outcasts - Turn 4
High Elves retake the Watchtower
Chaos Lord is dead!
Sea Guard entered the Watchtower and units from the Western flank run towards the center to help to defend it. Archmage, when not challenged by two enemy sorcerers at the same time, managed to cast protective spell over his unit but what is more, broke through magical defenses of chaos wizard and destroyed talisman protecting chaos lord!

Just in time as Swordmasters hit him as hard as they could and to their relieve they stroke so precisely that even magnificent armor of Chaos Lord could not save him!

Khorne Warriors - Turn 4
Chaos Warriors do not give up!
Despite such heavy losses and even the death of their general, remaining units turn back to enter the fight once more. Both regiments head towards the Watchtower to regain control over it and it was clear Elves need to push hard again to prevent that. Chaos Sorcerer manages to cast Treason on Sea Guard with Archmage and BSB and some of the elven warriors fell down before their companions returned to their senses.

Outcasts - Turn 5
High Elves locked in combat against Chaos Warriors
Another set of charges by High Elves

Determined to protect the Watchtower High Elves attack again. Sea guard and reavers charge warshrine. Light cavalry takes the punishment as protective shield deflects any blows aimed at the infantry but elves manage to break their enemy and run it down in pursuit. Another elven light cavalry attracts the attention of Chosen so that they can be diverted from the Watchtower.

White Lions and Swordmasters hit the flank of Chaos Warriors but although they win the fight they cannot break the enemy and all three regiments are locked in combat.

Khorne Warriors - Turn 5
Remaining Chaos Warriors scatter elven defenders
Warriors hit harder this time
Chaos Warriors took some more casualties but this time dark gods watched over them and even sorcerer survives despite many blows directed at him. Warriors hit at the Lions and kill them all what breaks Swordmasters and Warriors mercilessly cut them all down.

Chaos Chosen destroy light cavalry and nearby Swordmasters lose their nerve too. Elven defenders took a heavy blow but it is possible they will keep control over the Watchtower.

Outcasts - Turn 6
High Elves consolidate their positions

Bloodied Elven army consolidates as there is not much they can do now, some units try to shoot at the Warriors but it is not going to change much.

Khorne Warriors - Turn 6
Chaos Warriors turn towards the tower once again but it is already too late
Chaos Warriors finally have a clear path to the Watchtower but it is too late and remnants of the Khorne army withdraws from the battlefield. High Elves sacrificed a lot for that victory.

After-battle thoughts

That was a bloody battle indeed. Chaos Warriors proved to be a very tough army to beat. Only with overwhelming odds I managed to win combats and against Chaos Knights I even lost first fight! I am very pleased with the result, however, who would not be! I am glad the plan worked but I had to sacrifice 5 units to do so and lost 3 regiments in combat too. In that fight against Chaos Warriors I was simply short of a single casualty to break steadfast but unfortunately it didn't work. I though that despite that next round I should be able to win against Warriors but with so many attacks to the front they can produce (their banner helps a lot here) this time I simply lost. In the end it actually was for the better as Chris had his moment of glory too and despite the fact he lost he told me he enjoyed the game regardless. And that one fight made up for all his previous unlucky rolls, in particular for his Lord saves.

I would also like to congratulate Chris again for his Best Painted Army award ! I am sorry I didn't take any better photos as the two below do not give his army justice at all.

Khorne Warriors in their steam roller formation
Khorne Chosen

Thanks for reading!

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