Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Fast Cavalry - Links to Tactics


Once in a while I find precious gems on the websites or blogs elsewhere. They are very inspirational articles, great read and I always learned something from them. I believe it is a good idea to collect the links to these websites and/or blogs so that I can access them anytime I would like to read them again. And they are definitely worthy doing so!

I hope that in time I will be able to collect quite a number of these fantastic articles and I would like to start with these:


It is not often that you can find a good article on tactics in Warhammer. People prefer army list discussions because it is simply easier to do so and no one is wrong. Good tactics article requires different approach and often quite a significant amount of time to prepare. I would like to recommend two great pieces, both of which are on the role of fast cavalry. I have an honor to know both authors and I am very happy they took time to share their experience.

Hinge is a veteran player in US as well as tournament organizer. He was motivated to write this article after seeing a discussion on wolf riders on Da Warpath.

KillerK aka Kanadian wrote this tactics quite a long time ago but I believe it didn't lose anything of its value. In fact, Hinge also linked his article to show what can be achieved with fast cavalry and fast cavalry only. 

Both authors recommend using fast cavalry as a very interesting and powerful tool. That type of the regiment is often overlooked and assigned only a sacrificial role. Light cavalry is very often an unsung hero of any army and require subtle use. They rarely have a chance to perform charges that break enemy lines and as such they almost never bask in the light of glory hard hitters do. 

But trust me, these guys are extremely useful and the above articles are really good at explaining why.



  1. I personally feel that KillerK's article is one of the best articles written on warhammer you can come across.


    1. Hi Hinge!

      I totally agree but your article is no less impressive. While Killer was very meticulous and provided many great examples, you provided fantastic read that not only was very helpful and well structured but at the same time was very humorous thanks to all these mems! :)