Sunday 4 March 2018

Monster March 2 - Part 1


It is finally March so we can all start our #MonsterMarch2 challenge! I am very happy to announce that we have 16 participants at the moment! Thanks a lot for joining in, guys! It is truly an honor for me to host Monster March again and I can't wait to see all your fantastic models taking shape and being painted!

The choice of models is very interesting again and you will see all kind of monsters here. Be it of fantasy type or from the distance future alike. As mentioned in the introduction, this challenge is all about getting one of your big models and try to make a significant progress with it, hopefully finishing painting by the end of the month. 

Let's meet our participants, presented here in the alphabetical order:


Azazel has just accomplished his Squandry challenge with Nurgle models and you can check them on his blog:

Azazel's Bitz Box

His Monster March project is a secret at the moment but I am sure he will update us on the progress soon!


Blazmo has a very intriguing project where he creates conversions for the 40k army. However, his army can be defined as ... Rats in Space! And for the Monster March challenge he is to convert and paint Stormfiends that are to be used as Kastellan Robots in his games!

That's the starting point !


Chris is one of my regular opponents in the game of Kings of War and he is famous for collecting, painting and playing with really old school models for his Undead Army. I highly recommend to check his blog for different type of Undead related articles. Here is the link:

I can't wait to see what kind of Monster he is going to paint this time!

CJ Kilbride

CJ is bringing another quite iconic model from the Grim Darkness of the Far Future, i.e. Imperial Knight! I have seen these models before and I must say they look fantastic so I am sure CJ will have a lot of fun painting it!

Monster from the 40k millennium.
Cylde Ar

Cylde is participating second year in a row! Thanks a lot for coming back, I really appreciate that! Cylde is an amazing painter and you absolutely have to check his blog. In fact, he has already posted his first post about Monster March project, Baneblade! We can all agree the model is a beast!

Mastodontica - Baneblade

Such a beast of a tank!


Caladaris pledge two models for this challenge! He also posts on The Creative Twilight website and he decided to paint Eldar Wraithseer as well as a Phoenix from Kingdom Death. You should absolutely check his most recent post where he explains a lot about his projects but also adds some really nice story line!

Caladaris - The Creative Twilight

Two projects for one challenge!

Dan Cammack

Dan is a very frequent visitor to my blog, often commenting on the battle reports. But he is also a fantastic painter (I have seen his army on some events photos!) so I am very happy he is also joining the challenge. He decided to go for Halfling Iron Beast for his League of Rhordia army. This model needs to be converted from others as there is no official kit for it yet. Hence, I am also very curious about his idea for the conversion. Welcome on board, Dan!

Darth Sabre

Darth has just received new models from one the Kickstarters he backed up. And he has a fantastic model, perfect for the Monster March! It is Tianlong, a dragon!

Can't wait to see it painted! 

Ed O'Malley

Ed is also coming back for more after the first Monster March a year ago! He is bringing Ceratus Knight Castigator and he has already posted about this challenge on his blog!

The Knight has been already assembled!
 Welcome back, Ed and thanks for positing about Monster March too!


Julian is another Kings of War player I have a great pleasure to play against sometimes. He is an extraordinary painter and you can check one of his fantastic project where he created entire Night Stalkers army in this forum topic:

 He decided to paint a Giant for this challenge, can't wait to see some WiP pictures!


Ken "Chaaarge" is a very active player of Kings of War and he is currently busy painting models for his new KoW army - Orcs! He already embarked on the journey and keeps painting Giants and War Drums!

War Drums!
Matt Gee

Matt has just learned about Monster March when I updated info on FB page and promptly decided to join with a great model for Kings of War army, Archfiend! Welcome on board Matt!


Nathan is going to use Monster March challenge as an opportunity to assemble and paint a model to represent a Greater Earth Elemental for his Dwarf army for Kings of War. He is using a model for Rune Elemental.

Rune Elemental

Space Wolves Axes

Greater Earth Elemental torso!

As you can see, Nathan had a brilliant idea how to highlight the Dwarven theme for his army by weapons swap. I think it is a fantastic way of doing so and can't wait to see the model painted!


Neal is using the opportunity to finish painting his Tree Herder! I am glad to see that participants also bring the unfinished models because sometimes getting back to such projects is more difficult than to start a new one!

Tree Herder

The Kiwi

Kiwi also decided to join the challenge but I think he must be already busy assembling and painting his model! Please, let us know what are you working on so that I can update your entry :)


This year I decided to join too! I also bring the model I have started painting before. It is High Elf Prince on a Griffon from Island of Blood set. I am using him as Drakon Lord for my Kings of War army. I have put basic colors long time ago and have not progressed since. My aim is to paint the Prince and depending on how much time I have left, I will try to improve the painting on the griffon.

I would also like to mention a fantastic initiative of Ken who supports Monster March not only as a participant but also as an admin of Kings of War Australia FB Page. He asked the members to post the pictures of their monstrous models to further inspire the participants and you should absolutely follow the link to see some great monsters!

It is really great to see so many very interesting and diverse projects people are going to work on during Monsters March challenge. Thank you very much for participating, it is awesome for a host to be able to showcase your work. 

Please, let your friends know that it is not too late to join and one can do so at any stage of the challenge with the models being at any stage of assembly/painting.

In the meantime, keep your fantastic projects going and I will see you in the next week when I am going to post all of your updates on your respective models!



  1. Looking forward to seeing everyone's progress!

  2. I'm quite sad that this year I cannot partecipate, however good look to everyone, Monster March is very funny!

    1. Sorry to hear that :( But I am sure you will have a lot of fun checking on the progress everyone makes!

  3. Thank you for running the event. I'm very glad to be in.

    1. Thank you! It is really great you liked it last year and you are coming back for more. I greatly appreciate that!

  4. Hello. I have 3 Giants I want to complete for my Kings of War Goblin Army. A GW Hydra, a 'counts as' monster for any army really. I have two Giant Eagles I have had for a long time that I would really like to get to completion but they are still in the box. Cheers

    1. Hi Kiwi!

      Fantastic! Quite a number of Monsters, excellent! I am looking forward to some WiP pictures :)


  5. Good to see everyone getting involved. My motivation is a little slack after Squaduary, but seeing these updates always helps to push me along!

    1. Hi Ed!

      I am sure that getting involved in Squaduary took some energy. It is a great challenge but also quite demanding too. I hope that despite that you will find enough motivation to work on your project for Monster March too!


    2. Getting some work done, just not as much as I'd like. Progress post is on the blog

    3. Hi Ed!

      Great progress! I know we can be more ambitious sometimes but you are off to a good start! Thanks a lot for the update and keep up the great work!


  6. I’m trying to figure out the best way to show the work in progress since I don’t have a blog-type set-up. I could private message you on twitter with the pictures and a paragraph or two of what was done/what supplies were used. Then maybe you could put them in the update post?Let me know if that would work or if you have another idea!

    1. Hi Dan!

      You can send me the pictures via twitter, that works perfectly fine! I will save them and update the progress accordingly with a weekly post.

      Looking forward to seeing your WiP photos!


  7. I've just put my first post up. I still have a way to go, but the build is coming together nicely.

    1. HI Blazmo!

      Your models are truly impressive! Really great idea and I can't wait to see them being painted.

      Thanks a lot for the link to the blog too, I will update your entry accordingly.


  8. Some progress done

    1. Excellent! I expected some airbrush to be used for such a huge model :) Perhaps I missed it from the post but what is the camouflage patter? Is it some particular Imperial world pattern? Thanks!

    2. Not a particular one. I wanted a desert camouflage patter and thought would be ok.

    3. No worries! That is great part of the hobby, you can always invent your own color schemes. Well done! Keep up the great work! :)