Sunday, 25 March 2018

Monster March 2 - Part 4


It is time for weekly update on the progress on Monster March 2 challenge! Some of the participants were very efficient and finished their projects last week. But some are still busy with theirs and today I am going to present some more WiP pictures.

Please, remember that the final week is still ahead of us so if you have some work that needs to be finished or that you simply want to continue painting with whatever stage you are at - there is still time! :)

Let's check the updates for this week!


The Phoenix is already finished and Caladaris is now busy with his two other, parallel projects for Monster March, Lion God and Wraithseer. Check out his post about each of the three models and the description of painting process:

Darth Sabre

Such a large model, even when the quality is very good, still requires a lot of work in filling the gaps and removing mold lines. It looks great already and I am sure Darth will add some paint before the end of the month! :)

Ed O'Malley

Ed is not slowing down the pace either! What a great job on such a wonderful model. Check out that blade in particular, more pictures here:

Matt Gee

Matt made a very steady progress on this great model and no wonder he finished it perfectly in time! What is more, his Abyssal Archfiend is already leading his army to battle!

Well done, Matt! Congratulations on your achievement!


Trevor posted this picture of his Lekilodon for Kings of War Salamanders army on FB so I am adding it here to show that some of the painters keep supporting the challenge all the time! 

Thanks a lot to all of them who do so on Kings of War Australia!

One more week left! One more week to finish the project! Or to make some progress! Or even if you have just learned about the challenge, you can start too! It may be a good motivation to do so.

Once again, many thanks to all the participants for the updates! See you next week when I will summarize the challenge!

See you then!


  1. More awesome work from everyone! That Abysmal Archfiend looks brilliant.

    1. Totally agree. That's a great piece of work.

    2. Hi Michael! I agree, of course! Great to see people keeping up the pace. I like the Archfiend too!

  2. Final post is up on the blog!

    1. Congratulations! Awesome achievement and the model looks amazing! I think you should reward yourself by buying two more :D