Sunday 18 March 2018

Monster March 2 - Part 3


Welcome to the Part 3 update on the progress in Monster March 2! I must say that there are some wonderful looking models again and some of the participants did so good that they have already finished their projects! 

That is truly awesome and you guys need to tell us all what is the secret to such efficient painting, I am sure we will all benefit from your suggestions. :)

To those who are still working on their models, do not worry! There is still time to make some progress and the reason I have weekly updates is to keep you all inspired and motivated. If you don't have any updates now that is perfectly fine. I am sure you will get some next week! :)

All right, let's see those great updates then!


Azazel makes a nice progress on both monsters as you can see on the above picture. Please, make sure you visit his blog, he has a lot of really cool models there too!


Blazmo is working hard on his 40k army of Rats in Space and this week he started painting his models. I really like their look already and I am sure you would agree he made a great progress this week. Check out his blog for pictures of other models for this unique project!

Cylde Ar

Cylde is the first participant who has already accomplished a goal and finished his fantastic project! He deserves a round of applause for sure! His Baneblade looks absolutely fantastic and here is one of the pictures of it:

You will find many more pictures, including close ups on various elements of this huge tank on his blog. A must see for sure!


Celadaris is also doing great, especially considering he took not one but 3 models now to paint! Here is the picture of the Phoenix he is working on:

However, there are many more updates to check on Creative Twilight website so make sure you pay a visit to see them all!

Ed O'Malley

Ed's Ceratus Knight is getting some nice and shiny colors on and that makes the model look really good! Great progress, Ed, well done!

Ed also posted about the progress in this week so pay a visit to his blog too!


Julian has just finished his fantastic model and here is the picture of it together with other models to compare the size:

We have already discussed a bit the possibility of fielding this model for Kings of War Historical army. It would definitely look great for Greek army as Colossus!

Matt Gee

Matt is working on the great model for his Archfiend and I really like how it shapes up! Here is the picture showing the progress made:


Nathan has also finished painting his Greater Earth Elemental:

But he decided to keep the momentum going and he has already started working on a new model. Here is what he says about the idea:

I've decided to turn a Reaper Bones Iron Golem (with the help of some kitbashing from my spares box) into a Steel Behemoth for my Dwarf Army. The model is inspired by Dwarven Tech used in Skyrim. His arm/gauntlet is equipped with two Ogre Boomer guns, while he has an ironbelcher cannon mounted on his shoulder.

And the picture of the new model!
Well done, everyone! Thanks a lot for your contribution, I am sure it is a great motivation for us all. I feel a bit guilty I got distracted by some 10mm models for a historical army. I thought I will be able to make progress on both but I do not give up and will do my best to present something next week. After seeing all these fantastic models and the progress you guys made, I feel much more encouraged to get back to bigger models again! Thanks a lot for that and see you next week!


  1. One more week and great projects and progress. Waiting next week to see more.

  2. Great progress all around. Really inspiring stuff!

    1. Next post is up on the blog:

  3. Really great stuff from everybody. Cheers