Saturday, 22 October 2016

KoW Game 28 - Varangur - 2016/10/22


It's been a while since I had a pleasure to play against Eastern Barbarian. Fortunately, he finally managed to find some time for Kings of War on Universal Battle and we scheduled the game. 

This time he decided to test Varangur army. He told me he almost has all the miniatures he wants for this force but a few games would allow to finalize the shopping list. 

Yet again I was about to play a game against a very well known player but using the army I have never had a chance to fight against! This is what he decided to field for his first game with Varangur:

Varangur - Army List

40 Bloodsworn, Horde, Headstrong and Fury - 240
- 5 Horse Riders, Troop - 115 
- 5 Horse Riders, Troop - 115
- Cavern Dweller, Monster - 205 
- Magus Conclave, War Engine, Famulus (Elite) - 110
- Skald on a Mount - 75

10 Mounted Sons of Korgaan, Regiment, Headstrong and Fury, Maccwar’s Potion of the Caterpillar (Pathfinder) - 280
- Skald on a Mount - 75 

10 Mounted Sons of Korgaan, Regiment, Headstrong and Fury, Brew of Strength (+1CS) - 290
- Cavern Dweller, Monster - 205 

3 Direfang Riders, Regiment, Headstrong and Fury, Blade of Slashing - 180
- Magus Conclave, War Engine, Famulus (Elite) - 110 

Sunday, 9 October 2016

KoW Game 27 - Forces of Nature - 2016/10/09


I had a chance to catch up with Mr. Laribold and we managed to find suitable time to play a game of KoW again. I had a pleasure to play against him before, once against his Salamanders and once against his Brotherhood armies. Laribold has quite a nice collection of models that allows him to play with multiple forces. I was very curious about the development of his Twilight Kin, for example. But this time he is focusing on Forces of Nature. That is fantastic from my point of view too because it is one of the armies I haven't played against yet. 

Lardibold has a few topics dedicated to his armies on Mantic forum so if you are interested (and you should, because he has some very interesting things to say about them!) check the armies dedicated sub-forums. Here is the link to his Forces of Nature army:

I always find his armies very interesting and you can be sure the composition is well thought out. The above topic is a good proof for that. What I find the most intriguing is that we always have different approach to army building, even taking into account the fact we compose them in the frame of different army lists. Here is the army list I faced this time, labeled by Darth Sabre from wargamerau as Multiple Horde Units (MHU)! :)

Forces of Nature - Army List

40 Naiad Ensnarers, Horde, Brew of Strength - 260
- Beast of Nature, Monster, Lightning Bolt (6) - 160
- Druid, Hero, Bane Chant (2), Surge (7), Heal (2), Amulet of the Fire-heart - 130

6 Naiad Wyrmriders, Horde, Brew of Courage - 255
 - Winged Unicorn, Hero, Heal (7), Lightning Bolt (5) - 190

6 Water Elementals, Horde, Amulet of Thorns - 255
- Greater Fire Elemental, Monster - 160
- Unicorn, Heal (5), Talisman of Inspiration - 140

6 Water Elementals, Horde, Brew of Haste - 235
- Pegasus, Hero  - 80

3 Sylph Talonriders*, Regiment - 135

Friday, 30 September 2016

KoW Game 26 - Undead - 2016/09/30


It's been a while since I played with real miniatures so when I had a chance to play against Chris, who was returning to miniature wargaming after a very long break, I was very happy for that opportunity! As I have never played against Chris before and neither against Undead army he was commanding, it was a real treat! 

Chris is also blogging about his battles so I really hope he will post a new chapter of his great story, this time featuring some Elves in the eternal struggle of Good vs Evil. In the meantime, I really recommend visiting his blog:

We played in a very friendly local store, where I hope to be a more regular and frequent visitor:

I really like their tables, lots of space for everyone and fantastic terrain. All you need to do is simply go there and have fun! 

We wanted to try a few things in that battle but before I elaborate on the details let me present the army Chris commanded that evening. He had some really cool old school models and his entire army was painted!

Undead - Army List

20 Skeleton Spearmen (Thorned Wall), Regiment - 105
- 10 Skeleton Archers, Troop - 75
- 10 Skeleton Archers, Troop - 75
- Necromancer (Grimgul the Wise), Bane Chant (2) - 100

20 Revenants (The Nightmare Legion), Regiment, Undead Giant Rats - 130 
- 10 Ghouls, Troop - 65
- 10 Wraiths (Black Harvest) - 140
- Revenant King on Undead Wyrm (Lord Charnel and Pla) - 235 

40 Zombies (Grave Mistake), Horde, Undead Giant Rats - 140
- Cursed Pharaoh (Arkan the Bleak) - 145 
- Balefire Catapult (Skull Chucker) - 100

3 Zombie Trolls (Flensers), Regiment - 115

3 Werewolves (Night Hunters), Regiment - 160
- Lykanis (Shadow Stalker), Ensorcelled Armor - 180

6 Wights (Brutal Justice), Horde - 235

Sunday, 25 September 2016

KoW Game 25 - Trident Realms of Neritica - 2016/09/25


It's been a while since the most recent report but fortunately I had a fantastic opportunity to play against a great player from Oxford, Mr. Edzig, over Universal Battle . Ed has a few armies but his most recent project is about Trident Realms of Neritica, one of the forces that are featured in the Uncharted Empire supplement. He also has started a topic at Mantic forum detailing his progress with the army, I highly recommend checking the pictures, as he has some great ideas, here is the link for your convenience:
Coral reef Trident Realms Neritican Army

Trident Realms of Neritica is not a popular army yet so it was not easy to find some examples of how this army fights. Fortunately for me, however, Ed took part in a most recent tournament at Universal Battle and I could check all his 4 games thanks to posted battle reports. Here are the links to the games:

Round 1 - vs Forces of Nature + Elves
Round 2 - vs Twilight Kin
Round 3 - vs Dwarves
Round 4 - Neritican Civil War

On of the local players from Canberra, Mr. Wedgetail, has also started similar project and he posted some updates on his blog. Check it out, as I hope we will see more from him as he prepares his army for CanCon2017:

Wedgetail - on Wargaming

Ed is practicing intensively for Clash of Kings tournament in England, that is going to take place in October so we used the players pack for this tournament. Because of that he also made some changes to the army list in order to be able to field fully painted army. Here are the details:

Trident Realms - Army List

40 Naiad Ensnarers, Horde - 230
- Kraken, Monster - 230
- Naiad Centurion, Hero, Harpoon Gun, Ensorcelled Armor -  165

6 Depth Horrors, Horde, Fire-Oil - 190
- Knucker, Monster - 145
- Naiad Envoy, Hero, Kevinar’s Flying Hammer - 65

6 Depth Horrors, Horde, Maccwar’s Potion of the Caterpillar - 205
- Knucker, Monster - 145
- Placoderm Defender, Hero, Wings of Honeymaze - 150

3 Gigas, Regiment - 125
- Coral Giant, Monster - 200

3 Tidal Swarms*, Regiment - 75
3 Tidal Swarms*, Regiment - 75

Monday, 29 August 2016

Hobby Update - 2016/08/29


As I expected, getting regular updates on the hobby front is not that easy. :) Time tends to fly quickly and not every evening can be dedicated to the hobby. It does sound like a lame excuse but fortunately I did something last week, so it is not too bad! 

I do wonder, however, how other people organize their time. Do you have a strict plan? Do you focus on one thing at a time? For me, between writing battle reports and reading them I found the amount of time left is running out fast. Hence, I tend to do the hobby (if at all) when I am not writing. If you have any suggestions how to be able to do everything at the same time I am all ears! :)

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Hobby Update - 2016/08/21


Wargaming for me is not only about battles and following battle reports. It is also about painting miniatures and modelling too. Unfortunately, I have not given that part of the hobby enough attention on this blog (and in general). 

I tried to change that a few times but it seems like a not steady or constant focus but the period of times when I get something done followed by long periods of doing nothing. However, one of the things blogs are for is keeping that motivation at a level that allows you to get things done. I was in particular impressed by this series of articles:

It would be absolutely fantastic to do something similar. An update once a week covering what I have done during the last seven days hobby-wise. I hope I will be able to follow the example and do something each week. I just needed a slightly different name and came up with the simple Hobby Update to take into account things that may not necessarily fall into the category of painting or modelling but would definitely aid me in my hobby. I hope you will enjoy these articles too!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

KoW Game 24 - Kingdoms of Men - 2016/08/14


I had another opportunity to play against my friend, Michael, who used his Basileans last time. We played over Universal Battle again, although knowing what Michael is assembling and planning to get for his KoM army, I can't wait and see it in real life!

I noticed that armies of Men in various systems often are portrayed as average. On the surface they don't seem to have any particular strength or eye catching center piece. Somehow, however, I always found them a very difficult enemy to defeat. It may be due to their numbers or maybe simply to the fact that in order to make the best out of these forces one has to play very well! 

At the same time I was always jealous about the fact that they have such a huge range of choices available, also in terms of models. That's why I was curious what Michael was going to choose for his army and here are the details of his list:

Kingdoms of Men - Army List

20 Foot Guard, Regiment - 135
- 5 Mounted Scouts, Troop - 100
- 5 Mounted Scouts, Troop - 100
- General on Winged Beast, Hero - 190
20 Foot Guard, Regiment - 135
- Wizard, Bane Chant (2), Lighting Bolt (3), Scarletmaw’s Fenulian Amulet - 90
40 Berserkers, Horde, Chant of Hate - 255
- Wizard, Bane Chant (2), Lighting Bolt (3) - 65

40 Arquebusiers, Horde, Brew of Keen-eyeness - 270
- Beast of War, Light Balista - 220

10 Knights, Regiment, Maccwar’s Potion of the Caterpillar - 215
10 Knights, Regiment, Brew of Strength - 225