Sunday 11 March 2018

Monster March 2 - Part 2


The first week of the Monster March 2 challenge has just passed by and the participants are busy with assembling and painting their models. For those who entered with a completely new and not assembled monsters, the first week is for preparing the models, including assembly stage. However, it is really up to the participant at what pace the progress is happening. 

Below are the examples of what progress was made for some of the models. Well done for those who started strong and are ahead of the assembly stage! For everyone else, check the progress of your fellow participants, take some inspiration and motivation and cheer up everyone! We need our mutual support to keep going!


Azazel is still busy with finishing some projects from the previous months and I am sure that as soon as it is done he will provide some further updates. In the meantime, he told me his plan is to paint two Reaper Bone Giant and the Dracoliche from the Castle Ravenloft.


Blazmo is very busy with his Space Rats for sure! You absolutely need to check his blog for some updates as well as for the pictures of other units for his 40K army:

40k Stormfiends
Cylde Ar

Cylde is also doing great with his Baneblade, he has already started painting and I must say his approach to creating unique, his own camouflage is very effective!

Dan Cammack

Dan came up with a very unique idea for his model. He is using Earth Brewery designed by Dicey Ventures  as a core for his model (it was 3D printed). It is very intriguing how the finished model is going to look like and what 3D printing can do to help players and modellers!

First stages of conversion/modelling.

Darth Sabre

Darth has assembled his model. He tells me that the quality is great and that the models would only require some filling of the gaps here and there with green stuff. 

Ed O'Malley

Ed is busy testing his new color scheme and you can check his post about this stage of the painting here:


Julian is painting the Giant and he reminded me it is the model from the Mierce Miniatures. Here is the picture of it with some progress in painting shown too!

Jules the Giant

Matt Gee

Matt has just sent me the update picture and it is great to see his model is being assembled. Archfiend!


Nathan aims to paint his model in a way that does not immediately tell from which game system it originally comes from. In order to do that he chose a painting scheme to represent Red Ruby "body". He is also very interested in some feedback on the model so let him know what you think!

The Kiwi

The Kiwi has a very ambitious plan to paint: 3 Giants for his Kings of War Goblin army, a Hydra and two Giant Eagles! That is quite a lot but why not aim big, right? :)


I have already started working on the gold armor of the rider for my Drakon Lord model but I have not taken the pictures yet. I will update the blog post as soon as I have some!

Once again, well done for all the participants! Don't worry if you did not have time to make a significant progress just yet, we still have 3 more weeks! 

It is never too late to join so if you want to get involved, the more the merrier! 

I am already looking forward to seeing new progress being made in the next week.

Thanks for reading!



  1. Looking great so far gents! Keep up the good work!

    1. Totally agree, Dan! Fantastic work everyone, keep it coming!

  2. Three weeks to go! Sounds like plenty of time but I have a busy month ahead of me. Keep plugging everybody!

    1. Ha! That is always a paradox, isn't it? On one hand, if one commits and plans well, 3 weeks can produce wonders. On the other, let it slip and time flies fast! But I am sure all the participants will do great!

    2. Lots of good work so far. Another progress update on the blog here

    3. That's fantastic progress, Ed! Thanks a lot for sharing the WiP pictures to motivate other participants :)

  3. Great jobs, I really like the variety of the models and ranges.

    1. Definitely! One of the things I really enjoy about such challenges is seeing what amazing ideas people have for choosing the models and then painting them in a very unique way!



    Another update. I'm making some decent progress with the painting.

    1. Well done, indeed! I really like these models in their 40k version. Great idea, even better execution and congratulations on fantastic progress!

  5. My weekly update, and model finished

    1. Really, really great looking model! Thanks a lot for the update, I have added the picture and the link to your post to the update part 3!