Monday 20 March 2017

Monster March! - Week 3 - The Painting Part 2!


My sincere apologies for a small delay in updating. I hoped to do so over the weekend but a few things happened and I did not have enough time to do so. However, I can assure you that the painting is going very well and people keep sending their pictures! 
Here are the updates from the Week 2! Enjoy!

Chirs Benstead

Chris from the  WeeMen Blog is doing really well, in particular if you consider the size of his model! The Facehugger is getting some more paint done and becoming more and more monstrous!

Check out the progress and more pictures here:

Facehugger - Week 2


Cylde is now focusing on the wings and the saddle for the archmage who is going to ride to battle on his magnificent dragon! I really like the progress here, well done!

Check the blog entry here: Mastodontica - Monster March Week 2

Ed O'Malley

The Robots also get some proper painting done as you can see below. What is more, they have somebody to lead them to battle too!

More pictures on the blog: Kastelan Robots - Monster March

Mark Home

The Chieftain and his Pets are also looking better and better:

I must say I like this miniature even more now that it has some paint on it! Grat stuff, Mark! Please, visit his blog and share some comments too:

Monster March - Week 2

Michael Corr

Unfortunately, Michael had an accident that resulted in a broken wrist! :( It means that there will be no updates for his great Terrorgheist for some time. However, it think it would be great to pay a visit on his blog and make some supportive comment while his recovering!

Blog Hiatus

Michael Clark

Michael has just sent me the pictures of his Treewalker. She is looking really great! I really like the green eyes that add to the Tree Spirit look a lot! Great job, Michael!

Mr. Pink

Mr. Pink works on several projects at the same time but he does not leave his beloved Patriarch behind!


Sav is enjoying painting his model too, even if he sometimes changes the idea for color scheme in the process:

I believe it is something that everyone of us experiences from time to time! Keep up the great work, Sav!


Statsis painting his Glottkin and I must say that with every update the model looks more and more Nurgly! :)

Great work, Stats! The progress is amazing and the model looks very good already!

Keep painting!
Many thanks to everyone for the updates! If you have any new pictures, just let me know and I will add them for sure! Great to see more progress on the great models. But don't worry if you haven't made any last week - it is all about staying in touch with your fellow hobbyists and I am sure you will get back to painting soon!
Thanks for reading!


  1. Thanks a lot, Nurgly is a great compliment! The rate of creepy monsters is quite high!

    1. Oh no, thank you! That is a fantastic contribution and you definitely bring what is the best in that super Nurgly model :)

  2. Great post and good advances. Thak you for all the work.

  3. Looking great everyone, that is some awesome progress on the beasts.

    1. Thanks Joe! I am very happy people are contributing such fantastic updates! I am already looking forward to see what another week is going to bring.

      Btw, I plan to post an update on Tuesday due to a trip over the weekend so the participants will have a bit more time to make progress with painting this time. :)

  4. I was internet free for three days. Week three update is live now-

    1. Thanks a lot for the update! Some fantastic progress on the bases!

      Sorry to hear about internet issues but I will make sure to add your new pictures to the next update! Thanks a lot for sharing, these models are really great and your painting makes them look even better!

  5. Final update on the blog, farewell Monster March, it's been emotional!

    1. Great stuff, Ed! I am really glad you enjoyed the challenge and well done on accomplishing it before the deadline! :)_