Sunday 12 March 2017

Monster March! - Week 2 - The Painting!


We are about to enter Week 2 of the challenge and today I would like to present some updates from the participants. If you have some delays in painting don't worry! I will update your entry whenever you have something done!

If you are reading about Monster March for the first time, here are the links to the previous posts:

Let's check the first updates :)

Chirs Benstead

Chris is undoubtly dealing with his Facehugger. It must be a tough challenge to paint something that covers your entire face but I am sure Chris will manage to do it and here is his blog post about it:


Cylde is painting High Elf dragon! I had a chance to paint that model some time ago as a gift and I really like it! Cylde decided to choose High Elf Archmage as a rider too (the model kit offers three options, Elven Prince, Archmage or Dragon Mage for a rider). He has made a great progress on his dragon already!

You can check Cylde's post about Monaster March here:

Ed O'Malley

Ed was considering two options for the challenge, Bio-titan and Kastelan Robots. I was happy to include any or even both as while the theme is about Monsters I also want people to pick up their models and paint them. If the challenge motivates them to paint something different, I am happy to include their progress too. Besides, these robots do look like mechanized "monsters" with cold logic and no emotions behind their masks!

Here is Ed's post about Monster March on his blog:

Mark Home

Mark pledged certain bad tempered chieftain on an even more tempered mount accompanied by some favorite pets too! I really like the look of the models and here are some WiP pictures!

Mark is also updating his blog with the progress so make sure you pay him a visit too:

MonsterMarch at Back to the Hammer Blog - 01

MonsterMarch at Back to the Hammer Blog - 02

Michael Clark

Michael pledged a fantastic model of a tree walker and I have just received the first WiP picture from him:

The model is assembled and primed in silver color. I find it very intriguing as it suggests Michael is going for a more shiny look rather than typical toned down colors of trees. Well done, Michael! Keep up the great work!

Michael Corr

Michael started very strong with his Terrorgheist! It is a fantastic model, no doubt Michael is so happy to paint it now and you can see some great pictures of the beginning of the painting process when he focused on the bones here:

Michael has just emailed me some more of his WiP photos and you can see how nicely the model is coming along!

The rotten flesh parts seem to be finished and the work on wings has just begun. Well done, Michael!

Mr. Pink

Mr. Pink pledged his Genestealer Cult Primarch and here is an updated photo of the miniature:

Much more dangerous with these extra arms :D


Sav has just sent me the picture of his model being assembled! Neferata as a Mortarch of Nagash is an outstanding model and I am looking forward to seeing what kind of color scheme Sav is going to use. Great start!


Stats is very busy with his Glottkin and the work is coming along very nicely! I am very impressed by the nice blending between the colors visible already and it is not easy thing to do on such a big model.

Check out his blog for more pictures here:


Turcadactyl pledged Drycha for his great looking Slvaneth army. I really like the range of these dynamic models and here is a WiP picture of the model:

Another great example of a great painting in the making! For more WiP pictures, please, visit Turkadactyl's blog:

OMG! - It's been a week already!

Don't worry if you don't have any updates yet! It is perfectly fine to send them whenever you have them. My posts serve as a reminder only and as a way to see the progress from your fellow participants. So check their progress, comment on their work and get inspired to do some painting of your own whenever you find time!

Well done to everyone who sent me the pictures! Great to see progress being made. Keep painting and I will see you next week! :)


  1. How many nice works! Painting a big monster is a challenge,I really like that such a group of painters are doing it -and to partecipate of course-!

    1. Thanks stats! Great to see that many painters decided to participate!

  2. Great work for all. waiting for mor next week.

  3. Latest update on the blog!

    1. Cheers Ed! The robots are simply great! :)

  4. That is a lot of awesome work from everybody!

  5. New post with Drycha update!

    1. Thanks for the update! I see the progress is great, you really add a lot each week! Well done!

    2. Cheers. When's the next update? I'll try post my next WIP before that update.

    3. I wanted to update yesterday but I had a bit of a delay. Let me know when you have new pictures and I will add it to this week update on Monster March! :)