Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Valley of Kings 1 - Summary - 2017/04/05


Here is the short summary of the Valley of Kings 1 tournament. Once again, I am sorry for a delay in recent reports updates. 

First of all, many thanks to Matt, Tas and Three D6 for organizing and hosting yet another great event for Kings of War enthusiasts. It was great to meet new players and see new faces as it means there are more and more people playing this game in Canberra. Having such events on a regular basis definitely helps attracting players and I think one day, 4 games format at 2000 points is a great combination. I know that there are going to be more events like that and hopefully I will be able to attend.

Here are a few things I wanted to highlight about the tournament:

1. Players Pack

It was good idea to incorporate some new options that were suggested in the new supplement, Clash of Kings 2017 for Organized Play. As the book was not yet available at the time of the event, TO's decided to implement what is already known. 

First main thing was Unit Strength concept and I must say that it simplifies things nicely. Players know all the time what is the tactical situation on the battle field and can respond accordingly. I definitely used that in game 3 to adapt as I knew what the possibilities are. Personally, I didn't see the need to change the army list to take into account how Unit Strength affects the scenarios. The main advantage for me is easier way to evaluate what needs to be done to claim the scenario objectives.

Second was the fact that some artifacts were not available anymore while some units gained additional special skills. I also liked that change because, in my opinion, the players noticed there are other good upgrades that may be as useful but at the same time introduce more variety. 

It will be interesting to see how the armies are going to evolve when new artifacts/spells are going to be introduced and new scenarios will be played.

2. Armies and Results

Once again the players brought a very nice cross-section of armies and that is always a great thing to have. I prefer the event where I am playing against a variety of armies, also coming from the same army list. There were also 12 players in total which is a very nice attendance for a local event. I am sure this number will grow in the future.

Here is the table with the end results, also showing each army represented:

As you can see there were no two armies from the single faction with an exception of Orcs!

I was very happy with my own result as I finished 2nd! This is my best result so far and I certainly didn't expect to place so high. Interestingly, Matt won the event due to attrition points meaning these Placoderms were holding the line not only for their own army but also for the Dwarfs! :)

In general, I am happy to continue playing with the army in the current composition. However, I noticed that I can introduce third Army Standard with Bane Chant instead of my Mage and get few upgrades too. I have already had a game with it so watch this space for another report, hopefully soon!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great job Swordmaster!

    2nd place is a fantastic accomplishment, and I look forward to reading about your latest list tweaks!

    1. Hi Dan!

      Thanks a lot! I am very happy with that achievement! As to the changes I can tell you that replacing Mage with mounted Army Standard with Bane Chant let me buy two upgrades. Let's see if you can guess which upgrades and for which unit/hero :)


  2. Congratulations for your second position!

    1. Thanks a lot! I also started fixing previous reports, hopefully I will be able to fix all that need that soon.

  3. Congrats on the placing. The army seems to be coming together nicely in the new game.

    1. Thanks Michael! Indeed, things seem to work nicely now, the army just needs a bit of more regular painting in order to bring the units to the same standard. I am really enjoying this game! :)

  4. Hmmm, I'll guess brew of haste on the chariots or a drakon unit and griffin banner on a BSB.
    Or perhaps pathfinder for the chariots due to the large footprint. I really like helm of the ram and blood of the old gods for 15pts as well. So many options!

    1. You got something correct! I am in the process of writing a new battle report so it will be revealed soon! But yes, quite a few options to use indeed :) The plan was, however, to further emphasize the focus on speed and maneuverability I am trying to utilize with this army.