Thursday, 4 December 2014

End Times Khaine - Review - Introduction


This year Christmas came early for me. A very good friend of mine, a painting buddy and a fellow blogger, Lead Farmer, decided to be a Santa Claus this year. I don't know how but I guess he must have used his secret contacts to secure a copy of End Times: Khaine for me, part 3 of the ongoing campaign in the warhammer world. It is an amazing thing in itself as online copies in many countries were sold in something like 15 minutes and some of the providers didn't even get access to the books either. 

Lead Farmer, however, succeeded and you should have seen my face when he showed up in his personal version of reindeer sledge in front of my home and with customary "Ho! Ho! Ho!" presented a fresh, hardback copy of ET: Khaine! It is sufficient to say I was smiling as any kid would when given the gift they dreamed of :)

Many thanks, my friend, that was a fantastic thing to do and I greatly appreciate it! And here is a poor quality photo as an evidence :)

End Times: Khaine - The cover

I must admit I was both excited and concerned about what I am going to find out in the book. Excited, because let's face it, it is always great when a story line moves on and new things are added. It is always great to see the game itself is not stagnant. But I was concerned because I didn't wait for the books to come and started reading all these rumors on various forums. And the magnitude of change as well as the direction they seem to take were not exactly what I expected. There is nothing wrong in being surprised and that is part of making people excited but I wonder where these changes are going to lead us and what kind of game Warhammer is going to change into in the following months. I will come back to that topic later!

ET: Khaine follows the same pattern as previous parts in ET series, meaning it contains two books, one entirely dedicated to background and the other about the rules.

Book I - Background, Book II - The Rules

I have finished reading Book I so far and I intend to continue the review with this one. However, there is a lot to cover so I will do so in separate parts soon. I will follow with the review of the new rules as well.

What I find strange with the release of this part of End Times is that there are absolutely no new models with it and we got only one week release. Part one and two have some amazing new models and their releases were spread over three weeks. I am not sure what that means but I find it surprising for the company that claims their main goal is to create, produce and sell models. 

See you soon! :)

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