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Game 2 - Daemons of Chaos - (2011/12/10)


I must admit that I start liking playing scenarios as they add to the variety of games and little changes here and there are quite fun. Blood and Glory this time, yet another scenario I have not had a chance to play yet. Let's see how did it go. :)
Army lists and pre-battle considerations

Daemons of Chaos were still of the slaaneshi kind in their majority but other chaos minions were present too. This time the list looked like follows:
Daemons of Chaos - Army List

Keeper of Secrets, Level 4, Siren Song - Lore of Slaanesh
Herald of Nurgle, BSB, Great Icon of Despair, Noxious Vapours
Herald of Slaanesh, Siren Song
Herald of Tzeentch, Level 2, Master of Sorcery - Lore of Light

20 Deamonetess of Slaanesh, Full Command, Siren Standard
12 Deamonetess of Slaanesh, Full Command
2 Fiends of Slaanesh
5 Furies
10 Horrors of Tzeentch
6 Flamers of Tzeetnch
20 Plaguebearers, Full Command, Standard of Seeping Decay

No more horde formation and instead of relatively fragile (as for a daemon) slaaneshi BSB a very resilient Nurgle BSB appeared together with his retinue of plaguebearers. This is definitely a unit very hard to grind down and I decided to avoid it if possible and engage only if I have enough units to attack it from many directions at the same time. Killing the herald would make destroying the unit much easier but T5 and regeneration means it is not an easy task. I was also concerned with a combination of Ld affecting Phantasmagoria in conjunction with Icon of Despair. A very potent combination indeed.

Outcasts - Army List

Archmage, Level 4, Annulian Crystal - High Magic
BSB, Dragon Armour, Great Weapon, Radiant Gem of Hoeth, Pidgeon Plucker Pendant

20 Spearelves, Musician, Standard, Banner of Eternal Flame
20 Spearelves, Musician, Standard
10 Archers, Light Armour, Musician
10 Archers, Light Armour, Musician

10 White Lions, Musician
10 White Lions, Musician
9 Swordmasters, Musician
9 Swordmasters, Musician
9 Swordmasters, Musician
5 Dragon Princes, Musician
5 Dragon Princes, Musician
5 Ellyrian Reavers, Musician, Bows, Spears

Great Eagle
Great Eagle

For a while I was considering taking Light and/or exchanging one unit of Swordmasters for yet another unit of Reavers but since I haven't had enough time to really think it through I decided to take exactly the same army as last time. Besides I have just started and no changes are really required yet.
Tight formation of Daemons vs. elven swarming

Keeper of Secret for this game got: Acquiescence, Succour of Chaos, Pavane of Slaanesh and of course Phantasmagoria. Elven BSB got Shield of Saphery and Drain Magic while Archmage rolled Shield, Drain Magic, Curse of Arrow Attraction, Courage of Aenarion and Fury of Khaine. High Elves chose their ground carefully and deployed South. Howling Daemons seemed to be eager to taste elven flesh and moved forward immediately.
Daemons of Chaos - Turn 1

Nurgle and Tzeentch allies seem to be herded by Slaaneshi daemons towards elven lines

Army of daemons moves forward at a steady pace as elves are yet too far away to attack. However, the distance between two forces was short enough for sorcery. First, herald of tzeentch tried to summon power of banishment but it seemed like he was unable to cast a spell from pure light lore (Edit: isn't it ironic that daemons can cast banishment? good idea Mr. Ward :P). On the other hand, Keeper of Secrets easily clouded minds of elven warriors with visions of fear and terror and high elf Archmage was unable to dispell these illusions. Taking advantage of his adversary lack of concentration, Greater Daemon focuses on Dragon Pinces straight across the battlefield. Their thoughts vanish and the only notion that remains is to get towards the enemy, no matter how stupid it might be. Horrors of Tzeentch add their powers and 3 Reavers are consumed in Flickering Fire. Flamers spotted Archers just behind elven heavy cavalry and killed 3 of young warriors. Their companions panicked and run away from the fiery daemons.
Outcasts - Turn 1

Elven units begin their dance around the enemy

Elven units moved quickly towards the flanks to envelope the enemy while Archers rallied. Dragon Princes overcame the spell that rendered them stupid for a while and seeing Flamers ahead spurred their steeds and charged, engulfed in flames but protected by their famous dragon armour. Archmage managed to add to their protection with Shield of Saphery and also reduced the amount of available energy with Drain Magic. Despite overwhelming fear, Dragon Princes showed their skill with lances but one of them succumbed to deadly flames. As a result of vicious combat Flamers almost lost their connection with real world and only one of them remained in this dimension of existence. It was enough, however, to stop impetous knights. Not wanting to be considered any worse in their trade, Archers opened fire at Furies and only single flying creature remained alive after that.
Daemons of Chaos - Turn 2
Daemons are counter charging but do not yet advance at speed

Keeper of Secrets charged exposed knights and sent remaining Fury to distract their companions. Stupid creature didn't understand simple order, however, and instead of distracting Dragon Princes on the flank simply landed in front of them not even looking at them. Fiends attempted a long charge against the Archers but they performed a tactical retreat. The rest of the daemonic host kept the tight formation and didn't hurry towards elven regiments.

Keeper of Secret focused titanic amounts of energy and elven Archmage could only watch as in result yet again resolve of his warriors across the battlefield was shaken. Greater Daemon did not contain whole of the power and in the eruption 3 elven knights fell to the ground while daemons remained unscathed. Truly a devilish attack. The last of the Dragon Princes tried to finish of the Flamer but Keeper of Secrets long reach ended his life too.

Outcasts - Turn 2
 Elves attack on the right flank

Left flank and center of elven army moves further and continues envelopment. Archmage casts a curse at last flamer and soon enough it is pierced by the arrows. Elven wizard summons more power and magical missile strikes horrors with a fury of Khain himself. But magical shields save some of them and only 3 disappear for good.

On the right flank Dragon Princes ride through single Fury as if the flying daemon was not even there and follow into fiends which were already attacked by Great Eagle. They stroke with precision but Daemons were protected by their evil energy and although wounded none of the two was destroyed. They even hurt the Eagle badly and dragged down one knight from his steed.
Daemons of Chaos - Turn 3

Daemons stop their advance

Daemon army stops its advance in order to protect the flanks. Keeper of Secrets destroys elven light cavalry while Fiends finish the eagle and kill one more knight but elves keep fighting. Magical energies are very low and an attempt of herald of tzeentch to destroy elves from afar are dispelled by the archmage.
Outcasts -  Turn 3
Siren Songs draw some units out into suicidal charges

Before elven warriors found out what is the source of the disturbing song one unit of Swordmasters could not resist the call and charged towards the greater daemon. Even an eagle was not immune and soared high towards Daemonettes who seemed to be so far away. Swordmasters knew that they are dragged into suicidal charge and tried hard to at least wound the daemon but it proved to be too tough even for their great swords. None of them survived that charge. On the nearby hill Dragon Princes and Fiends hacked each other and their fight continued although only one fiend remained and one more knight perished. Archmage in his attempt to drain the energy from the field didn't contain all of it and he and battle standard bearer were wounded by the magical feedback.
Daemons of Chaos- Turn 4

Daemons start to move back

Daemons start to move back now still reluctant to engage elven units on the left flank. Plaguebearers and Keeper of Secret turn towards the White Lions who now occupy Blood Forest. As greater daemon manages to turn one White Lion unit into dumb brutes the trees get angry and 3 Chracians from each regiment perish in the bloody forest. On the right flank Dragon Princes finally managed to destroy last fiend but only 2 knights remain alive now.
Outcasts - Turn 4

Powerful charge on the left flank

Finally in the position for a co-ordinated attack elven units on the left flank charge as one against Daemonettes. Only one unit of White Lions moves forward as if not seeing the enemy nearby. Archmage destroys 3 more horrors and casts Shield of Saphery on White Lions in the forest hoping it can save them when the daemons attack. Archers aimed carefully from afar and Keeper of Secrets roared in rage as one of them found its mark.

In the massive combat elves fought as best as they could but unfortunately both Swordmaster units could not overcome sudden fears that overwhelmed them and their efficiency in combat was greatly reduced. Nevertheless, soon only command group and the herald was all that remained from once big host of Daemonettes. Suddenly without a foe to fight, leftmost Swordmasters and Spearelves reformed to face new enemy.
Daemons of Chaos - Turn 5

Daemons counter charge

Daemons counter charge seeing an opportunity to break elven advance. Keeper of Secrets attacks exposed flank of White Lions. Another chracian regiment in the forest is at charged by plaguebearers. Finally, deamonettes follow an example of their master and attack into a single line of Swordmasters facing them. Keeper of Secrets manages to cast only one spell but does it irresistible force and again elves are not that resolute as they used to be.

White Lions in the forest fight as best they can and even wound the herald but 4 of them dies too. 3 remaining warriors refuse to give ground. Keeper of Secrets kills another unit but not before one of the Lions wounds it too. Swordmasters kill two more Daemonettes so only champion and herald remains but cannot hold and are run down in pursuit. Their companions kill no less but 6 Daemonettes but lose 5 of their numbers and flee too. Fortunately they are not pursued and survive.

Outcasts - Turn 5

Last cavalry charge

After the carnage in the center the battle is not yet finished. Spearelves hold against two reckless daemonettes and last 3 Swordmasters rally. Dragon Princes spotted lone herald of tzeentch and charge it. Archmage summons enough power to grant magical protection to white lions while battle standard bearer does likewise for Spearelves. Finally Archmage curses Keeper of Secret and two more arrows found their marks.

Dragon princes destroy herald in no time and level their lances to charge greater daemon in heroic attack to avenge their fallen companions even at the cost of their lives. Only one White Lion remains but true to his guardian duty he keeps fighting. On the left flank Herald of Slaanesh is still fighting against impregnable ranks of Spearelves.
Daemons of Chaos - Turn 6

Keeper of Secrets is finally banished!

Both armies lost many units and the battle entered its final moments. Daemonettes moved away from the line of sight of elven units and any casting attempts were dispelled. Herald of Slaanesh finally perished but so did last brave White Lion. Proud Dragon Princes pierced black heart of greater deamon but with its last sweep of massive claw it killed both knights and vanished completely. Daemons were pushed back to their realms but at a great cost.
After battle thoughts

I didn't believe I could destroy Keeper of Secrets but eventually I did it! And that also meant Daemons reached their break point so according to scenario rules they lost. However, even if DP didn't succeed I had Swordmasters and Spearelves to attack next turn. I think I might have a chance to inflict that last wound in my turn. I am of course very happy I didn't have to!

That was a bloody battle and combination of Phantasmagoria and icon of Despair cost me greatly. I had bad luck in dispelling that spell first turn then it was cast twice with IF. That was the reason I charged with 4 units against single enemy to have enough attacks to destroy it. Unfortunately Swordmasters, the main killing machine of the army, failed their fear tests and some daemons remained. At that point I could have lost the game. Spearelves passed their panic test, however and I had some tools to finish the foul daemons. Also passing stubborn tests was great to keep plaguebearers occupied (shield of saphery helped too). My mistake was to position BSB a little bit too far away from the combat near ruins but I though my opponent is going to charge White Lions in the forest with his greater daemon and then I would be on his overrun path.

I think that this army list is the best of the 3 daemons armies I faced and it can be very dangerous as it already showed. Both old schools of magic are great too. They are less spectacular than new lores but are useful in a more subtle way. We both enjoyed the game of moves and counter moves and it is great to have an army that keeps fighting despite inevitable loses.

If you have any comments about the game and/or performance of each army feel free to post. I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Thanks for reading! :)

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