Sunday, 10 March 2019

Monster March 3 - Part 2


Welcome to the update on the progress in our Monster March 3 challenge! The participants chose their models and we have already has some examples of the work done. For those who picked the models they started painting some time ago but have not finished yet, it was a week of reconsidering the painting schemes and to get back to painting! For those who has just started a new project it was the exciting time of opening the boxes and assembling the models!

Please remember you may join the challenge at any stage, it is never too late. The goal is to make some progress with your projects. In the meantime, let's see what the participants were up to!


Blazmo pledged a super heavy tank and just see how great his model is looking already!


Makes me want to get an airbrush too! Blazmo explains the process of painting of such a model on his blog. Apparently, the real work starts now when he is about to begin working on details:


Caladaris pledged a few projects at the same time and I was very curious how he is going to tackle such an ambitious plan. He is definitely a very good planner and efficient painter as you can see on the example below.

Warlord Titan

He made an excellent progress on that model alone but you should definitely check his other models as he did not forget them at all!

Here is the link to the blog post he wrote to detail the progress. He also provides information on painting techniques and colors used.

Creative Twilight - Week 1


Chris is known for his love for rare models in addition to the fact he collects armies comprised of quite old school miniatures. For Monster March he picked a very interesting beast from the times of Mordheim game. It is called The Thing in the Woods! He is going to use it as Lykanis for his Undead Kings of War army. Check out the old catalogue page first:


DAM was very busy in his first week and he also documented each step of the progress in great details. Many thanks for such a fantastic contribution! You are well on the track to complete the model in time!

Warlord Titan

Check out DAM's wonderful blog post here:

Ed O'Malley

Ed is making a very good progress with his chosen monstrosity too. The Bio-Titan is getting well deserved attention.

I think it has grown bigger since last week :)

Check out Ed's post about the progress on his blog too!


You could tell that Nick is clearly enjoying painting his model by the progress he has made so far! He sent me a few WiP photos and I chose the one that shows the current state of the project. The model is shaping up very nicely, well done Nick!


Stats went for careful assembly and some conversion for his model. You can read on his blog that he is taking the opportunity Monster March offers to slow down a bit and re-focus on the single model to paint.Very good approach to keep the fire burning and slow down to avoid burn out!

Please, check more details on his blog:


Vince neatly prepared his model to remove old paint, fix what needed to be fixed etc. It may not be the most exciting part of the project but is extremely important. Vince is already applying some base colors and I am sure the Vampire Lord is pleased with the attention his new mount is getting.

Please, check Vince's blog post about his progress:

I would also like to thank Vince for his updates on Monster March on Dakka Dakka forum, it is greatly appreciated. I am sure the news on the challenge will reach more people thanks to that!


I am happy to say I assembled and primed my models too. I even took them to a small local tournament on Saturday. Assembling and playing with these models raised my motivation even higher. I am sure the public holiday on Monday will see them being painted for sure!

Forest Shamblers and Forest Wardens

For those of the participants who could not provide updates from the last week - don't worry! Take some inspiration from others and come back to painting this week. 

Thanks a lot for all the photos. I can't wait to see the progress after this week!



  1. Great work from all, congrats!

    1. I agree! Great start everyone, keep up the great work!

  2. Nice to see so many people getting involved and good progress all round!

    1. True! It definitely motivates me and helps to keep going!

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  4. Stuff is coming along really nicely here!